Ride 638: Ambition

    Pag 1

    1: Two previous club members

    Pag 2

    1: Are rejoining the club!! The competition to become a regular intensify!!

    Pag 3

    2: First years

    We're your seniors who came back, so look after us

    7: I'm a second year, Kawada

    And this is Sakurai

    8: We'll count on you to help with things like tidying up the clubroom and going out to buy stuff

    You understood, so...

    Pag 4

    1: You can follow such easy instructions, right?

    2: Ugh....

    This guy....!!

    On.... these second years who suddenly joined the club...

    Imaizumi-san and the others know them...

    What a difficult guy

    3: Your answer?

    4: Yes



    5: Which lockers are still free?

    Let's use this

    6: This one's empty

    I'll take this

    Ah, wait- that's

    Pag 5

    3: Onoda!?

    Pag 6

    1: That was Makishima-san's locker

    2: Could you not open it so violently?

    3: Ah-

    4: Uhm...

    Even if I tell you so quickly you won't understand, sorry

    I also asked Teshima-san to leave him empty

    Pag 7

    1: It was after you quit, Kawada-kun...

    I guess it's permanently empty because I selfishly decided not to use it


    2: Wha.... what was that pressure....!?

    Is he not the usual smiling Onoda!?

    3: Did I misjudgment?

    4: Ah....

    Ahhh, Makishima-san.... he was... one of the old third years

    Yes, that's right!!

    5: That gross guy with the long limbs!? With the green hair....

    6: Makishima-san....

    7: What? I heard that around fall there was a problem or something and he had to run to a foreign country....

    Pag 8

    1: It's better not to touch it now...!!

    2: Ah, and what about Kinjou-san and Tadokoro-san's lockers?

    Imaizumi-kun is now using Kinjou-san's locker, and Teshima-san took Tadokoro-san's

    Huuh, I see

    3: So it's like a tradition? It passes between those who have a connection

    Hahaha yeah, in a way

    4: But I can't use the one that was of the amazing Makishima-san

    6: What a bunch of bullshit

    Pag 10

    3: Sugimoto-san

    Surprisingly those two

    4: can follow our speed

    5: I thought those two were just words, but


    6: Kawada and Sakurai did tennis and baseball

    That means their bodies have strong basis

    Pag 11

    1: Because actually the basis of bicylces is “sense”

    People who can do other sports are often fast right away when riding a bike

    2: To be fast riding a bike, a lot of coaches promote ground training as a first thing

    3: Honestly, I'm also a little surprised

    4: They're suddenly participating in our practice....

    I thought it would make them cry fr sure, and yet....

    5: Today's practice menu is decided, so we'll practice as usual. Is that okay? Kawada-kun, Sakurai-kun

    Yeah, let's go

    6: I feel like that Kawada guy will be trouble

    He said it before we started

    Pag 12

    1: By the way, I'll be counting on you during practice

    First year Kaburagi

    2: Kawadaa!!

    3: It's “san”, isn't it?

    4: Ya know, maybe I


    Will steal your place?

    6: Ya know, I didn't come here to be friends and have fun, I'm prepared

    Whatever I do

    7: I'm seriously aiming for it

    Pag 13

    1: Your place as a regular!!

    2: What d'ya think, Sakurai

    3: Even at their cruise speed, we can easily keep up!!


    4: Shall we go?

    Pag 14

    1: You were in the baseball club

    2: I was in the tennis club

    3: We suffered for two years!!

    4: It's time to put to use that experience now!!

    While we suffered, we built our physics!!

    5: In the hardships, we found the strength to survive!!

    6: We're not the same we were back then!!

    Pag 15

    1: Those who have just comfortably been racing and don't know the frustration they're like greenhouse-grown potted plants

    2: Let's steal their jerseys!!

    4: We'll show you our weed-like strength!!

    Pag 16

    2: We're entering the mountain now

    3: Us and Danchiku-kun will climb ahead as the A team


    4: Next, team B will follow Sugimoto-kun's instructions

    Please climb at medium strength


    5: Sugimoto-kun, please match also Kawada-kun and Sakurai-kun's pace


    6: Alright, let's go!!

    Pag 17

    1: Aaaaaaaaaagh



    Yes, garuaaaaa

    2: Why am I not on team A!?

    Woooah they're so fast!!

    3:We'll also climb at medium strength

    This Motomineyama's slope is pretty gentle, but along the ridge there are a lot of up-and-downs

    Pag 18

    1: We know, we know

    We don't need an explanation, Sugimoto

    Teshima-san and the others often brought us on Motomineyama, too

    3: Oh, he also knows Teshima-san....

    Thinking about it, it's obvious.... that he knows them... Aoyagi-san and Koga-san, too...

    4: After the various up-and-downs along the ridge there's a place where the slope becomes steeper, right?

    5: Yeah, that's right

    In case you didn't remember

    Just in case, just in case

    6: I'm itching to do it

    Let's start quickly

    8: Alright, let's go

    Follow me!!

    Pag 19

    1: As much as you can!!

    3: Let's leave them behind!! Sugimoto-san!!

    Well at this pace, it will probably happen even if we don't mean to!! Compared to runnin on a flat road, climbing requires the strength in riding a bicycle

    4: As expected, you shouldn't be able to keep up with only your physical strength!!

    Pag 20

    1: Nii-chan!!


    2: Ahh, even you left behind Kawada and Sakurai?

    …. no....

    3: Ah! There are tow other people behind us!!

    4: Even Gorizou and Sawada left them behind

    Ahhh... well, it can't be helped, they'll have to slow down a little and wait....

    5: N-no


    The ones.... coming behind us now.... are...

    Pag 21

    1: Kawada-san and Sakurai-san!!

    Pag 22

    2: Wha.... those guys!?

    E... even though we're on a climb....

    3: They passed

    4: Gorizou and Sawada who are always working hard in this club...!!

    5: Sugimoto....

    6: It's a good chance, isn't it?

    Why don't we have a race til the peak of this Motomineyama?

    Let's bet

    7: your jersey!!


    hi! i was wondering which chapters were typesetted? i did scroll through the blog a bit and saw that at least 630-633 are but when i click other chapters in the google drive link they arent typesetted. i definitely dont mind reading through them if they arent typesetted i just figured id ask just in case i was missing something! thank you for all you do to help spread this awesome series to more people!!

    Hi! Sorry it took me a while to reply!

    Okay so, basically all chapters from 602 on are a typesetted! And since now I have some fantastic people helping me out with that, we'll keep that up.

    As for the old chapters, some are typesetted and some aren't - mostly aren't, except for the very first ones (I think they're typesetted until 435 or something, frankly I don't remember lol).

    Ride 637: A new distortion

    Pag 1

    2: This one, please!

    Yeah, okay

    Miss, is there any cheese bread!?

    They still have it!

    Three melon bread, please!!

    Here, three

    Damn, they took it

    3: Hurry up, Danchiku!! The special yakisoba koppe bread with a lot of sweet sauce will be sold out!!

    Yes, Issa!!

    4: I brought a box lunch, but as expected I have to eat that to have the energy for practice!!

    That's true, Issa

    Ehi, first years, don't run in the hallway!!

    5: Sorry, but it's an emergency situation!!

    Is that so.... then.... no!!

    Pag 2

    1: There it is, Danchiku, there are exactly....

    2: two of them!!


    4: Two special yakisoba


    6: We finally got it, hahaha

    They only have it on Thursday


    Last week I missed it.... hahaha

    7: Ehi, you guys

    Pag 3

    1: you're first years in the bicycles club, aren't you

    Pag 4

    1: You're in high spirits

    3: High spirits? Who're you

    4: Eating bread in the middle of the hallway

    That's wild, he has no manners

    5: “Captain Onoda”

    6: Ah, you're a fan of Onoda-san?

    Did it sound like that?

    Do you want me to get you his autograph?

    Not at all


    Pag 5

    1: Are you an idiot?

    3: Ah?

    4: You mean a genius?

    5: I thought road racing wasn't a sport for idiots

    But in the current Sohoku racing club even guys like you went to the Inter High

    6: Ah!?

    7: What does he mean, Danchiku

    Seems like he doesn't like it



    Pag 6

    1: Well, whatever, it's only stupid for those who are stupid


    Oi, Issa, what you're saying out loud and what you're whispering should be the other way around

    Why, Danchiku

    The special yakisoba bread is more important than you, I wanna eat it quickly

    Oi, you!

    Is that okay?

    2: Being so cold to me

    It's no big deal

    Let's go, Danchiku

    3: I'm Kawada Takuya

    A second year

    And this is Sakurai Gou

    4: Well, I don't know you


    5: When we were first years, we joined the club with Onoda and the others

    6: Kawada, Sakurai.... Imaizumi

    Pag 7

    1: We competed ruthlessly with Imaizumi and Naruko, too

    3: We're from “the original”.....

    6: The original bicycles racing team

    Pag 8

    1: He'll know interesting stories!!


    Really? Is that true!?

    2: You knew Imaizum-san and Naruko-san when they were first years!?

    Sugimoto, too

    Yeah, that's not important


    3: This guys is really a huge idiot

    Wanna know about it?

    5: If possible, I wanna know stuff that makes me catch their weaknesses!!

    6: Well then, answer a question for me


    7: The level of the recent Minegayama race

    It was low?

    9: Well....

    Except for Hakone Academy....

    Yeah, it was definitely low

    Pag 9

    1: Just like I thought

    After all even someone like Danchiku, who wasn't a first year regular in the Inter High, could win

    3: What are you.... saying!?

    4: What I said?

    5: That he's “nothing much”!!

    Danchiku worked super hard and he did his absolute best, and he won!!

    6: Sports' world isn't so kind that you can get first place through hard work

    7: I know that first-hand

    Pag 10

    4: Lemme tell you one thing

    Onoda is like that too

    5: Especially Onoda!!

    6: During P.E. he's the guy who always crushes into the vaulting horse

    7: He won the Inter High? And two times? Isn't that incredible?

    Isn't that a big deal? The guy who played dumb with a smile on his face is a big deal

    So I thought

    8: That guy is really

    Pag 11

    1: “Lucky”

    3: Ugh....!!

    Pag 12

    1: Ahhhhhh, ughhhhh

    He made me so angry!!

    2: That Kawai guy!!

    It's Kawada

    Yeah, Kawada!! He looked down on Danchiku, too!! And then he even...

    3: He even laughed at Onoda-san and aid he's lucky!!

    Does he even know how hard he works!?

    Well, that's a disaster...

    It really is a “disaster”

    Pag 13

    1: I was holding my yakisoba bread with my right hand and I was crushing it

    Ughhh.... dammit!!

    Is that so important, that yakisoba bread

    2: Huh!? Sugimoto-san, you don't know the special yakisoba bread with sweet cream you can buy here at school!?

    Well, I always choose my mum's lunch box, so.... Sadatoki, too

    3: To be honest, I was also annoyed by his attitude

    Do you know that guy, Sugimoto-san?

    4: Well, Kawada has always been a little like that

    Wanting to compare people, and things like that

    5: But he joined the tennis club

    Actually, he even got to the prefectural semifinals in the autumnal beginners tournament

    Pag 14

    1: He lost in the semifinals and was very disappointed

    Ohh... he's unexpectedly a cool guy

    2: Sakurai, too

    He stayed with us until after the training camp, then joined the baseball club

    3: Our baseball club isn't that strong in the prefecture, but he became a regular as a catcher right away


    5: So don't beat yourself up about it

    Forgive and forget, right?

    6: That's right

    You're too kind, Sugimoto-san

    7: Why are you talking about Kawada, Sugimoto



    Pag 15

    1: Ah, we didn't come here together, eh, I just happened to meet him here

    These two are really good friends, huh

    That Kawada.... a few weeks ago

    2: He quit the tennis club


    3: He violated the club's rules so he got in a fight with his senpai

    Ahh.... so there's that... Kawada-kun is especially touchy

    4: We've been teammates for a while, so I don't want to say anything bad about him, but

    Pag 16

    1: Ahhh, I'm sorry, I'm a bit late

    2: Onoda!

    The captain arrived



    I had to go to Pierre-sensei for something...

    3:  What was it?

    4: Is it something good!?

    Yes, yes!!


    5: Actually, today during lunch break, someone who wanted to join the club came to me....!!


    Pag 17

    1: Someone who wants to join the club!? Huh?


    That's unusual

    2: Ah, well...

    I was a bit nervous when they came to give me the application form

    I wanted to tell them “please give this to Teshima-san”

    3: What kind of first year are they? Do they have a bike?

    4: It's alright!! He has one!!

    You'll be very surprised when you hear who it is!!

    5: It's someone we know

    Actually, it's of them!!

    6: They said “we want to try again”

    I was very happy

    7: Huh?


    8: I'll introduce you again

    Pag 18

    1: Second years, class 8, Kawada-kun and

    Pag 19

    1: And class 6, Sakurai-kun!!

    3: Kawada!!

    4: Ugh....!!

    5: Sakurai!!

    Pag 20

    1: You helped me for many things back then

    I'll be counting on you again, Imaizumi

    4: You arrived later and crushed it flashily, Naruko

    6: Let's become good friends

    I look forward to work together!!




    Asdfghkljkkll I know right???? I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves

    Before and After (clearly an extreme makeover took place in the last year for them lmao)


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    An honor!! Omg, you’re too nice!! ** Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll definitely check it out!! <33


    First of all I want to thank you for giving us a chance to continue follow the story of Onoda, been in love with the series since I watched the first episode of the anime 😍

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    been a fan of cycling since

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    Im curious tho, have you heard of a manga/ anime called Over Drive, ?

    Hi! Sorry it took me so long to reply!

    Thank you for the nice message, it means a lot ;^; few things make me happier than people loving this manga and appreciating my work, so <333

    And nope, I don't think I've ever heard of Over Drive? What is it?

    I uploaded the typesetted chapters from 630 to 633 on the drive folder! HERE

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    Ride 636: That day's three people


    Pag 1

    3: You're not gross

    4: You wanna see? I still have something up my sleeve

    5: I caught up!!


    Pag 3

    1: Look it was awesome!

    The others caught up!

    So fast!!

    6: It's a shame, we were neck and neck

    So, for a race until the finish line

    8: We'll have to wait!!


    Pag 4

    1: After overcoming the Minegayama Hill Climb, Sakamichi gazes up at night sky on his own. In his heart.....


    Pag 5

    3: Is that such bad news? The Midosuji-san thing

    You ran in the Inter High too, didn't you? This guy....

    4: Well I didn't talk to him....

    Well even if you talked to him you wouldn't know how he is as an opponent

    Yeah yeah, either way, he's amazing in many ways. He's always thinking about winning

    5: He's use whatever last minute trick

    He's the kind of person who fights until his limit

    7: It's not the kind of thing you understand with a conversation

    So that's why.... after practice, Onoda-san, when he heard that that guy has become captain, he went to stand outside staring in the distance


    Pag 6

    1: All three of us became captains....

    2: Manami-kun, Midosuji-kun....

    Even now sometimes I remember the first Inter High when we ran together on Mt.Fuji

    3: I had also met Midosuji-kun the previous day, on the evening of the Inter High's second day

    And we ran together


    Pag 7

    1: We raced until the pharmacy

    . gross

    2: We met by chance....

    3: I don't know why, but when I heard that Midosuji-kun is captain, I was so-

    4: When I heard that Manami-kun has become captain i was excited, but

    Now.... I'm

    5: I'm even more excited


    Pag 8

    1: I wonder if we'll meet again and run again, all three of us, at the next Inter High

    2: He's making a fist and looking at the sky

    It's his resolution, the resolution to fight as captain!!

    Do you really think this is appropriate?

    3: Ah, that's right

    4: He took out something

    Yeah, it's time to go home so he's calling his mum

    Your commentary is annoying

    5: He's making a call

    Why you sayin it's annoying when you're commenting too

    Yeah it was bad, so it was annoying

    Shut up, Hotshot!

    Pag 9

    1: He seems pretty nervous to be calling his mother

    He's going to tell his mother something, but it's bad if she finds out

    So you also want to play!!

    2: Ngh..... I pressed the button with so much enthusiasm, but.... I wonder if it's okay

    3: Onoda-kun, I got that guy's number

    Ehhh, really?

    By force

    4: I also gave him your umber, is that okay?

    Ah, yes, I wonder if he'll keep it

    Thank you

    Naruko-kun gave me his number this summer

    5: I mean, will he even pick up?

    Maybe he won't pick up....

    He won't pick up.... as expected

    6: A call from me.... I just wanted to congratulate him

    Pag 10

    1: Midosuji-kun.....!!

    What is it

    You.... suddenly

    Pag 11

    1: Sa ka michii

    3: Wa- he appeared!!

    Ah- um

    Midosuji-ku.... this summer- um

    4: “He picked up”, like some kind of monster

    Ah- no, sorry, I didn't mean it like- ehm, but

    5: I'm glad I can talk to you

    6: Ah?

    Pag 12

    1: Con-congratulations for becoming captain

    2: Ah?

    Pag 13

    1: Puku, that title doesn't matter

    What... you wanted to be cool and be nice to your enemy?

    2: No no, that's not it, I just really wanted to congratulate you

    3: Um, when today i heard that you had become captain, Midosuji-kun, I was very happy


    4: The other day, after a race, I asked a guy from Hakone Academy called Takadajou

    5: To take a video to show to Manami-kun

    Uhm, Manami-kun, congratulationsfor becoming captain

    6: Conratulations?

    Pag 14

    1: So- somewhere... once again.... during a race... or maybe somewhere else

    2: I wonder if we'll run together again


    3: We won't be able to talk much but, maybe after the race

    Ehm.... I- um

    4: I was thinking that we could become friends

    6: Ah?

    Pag 15

    1: The night of the second day of last year's Inter High

    2: Are you stupid?

    If you were to compare me to crimson I would be... “the royal army”

    Humanoid battle weapon” unit 02

    3: You talked about crimson number 2.... I was so happy

    We said that if I won the race to the pharmacy we could talk about anime, but I lost

    4: That time we didn't get to talk, but some day I still want to talk about anime

    I want to do it with no rush!!

    5: Ah? Ani....

    7: I- um

    I went to see the new movie version of The Royal Army, that came out at the end of summer

    Pag 16

    1: I went three times and they gave a humanoid battle weapon keychain to those attending

    I got two of crimson unit 02!!

    2: I'll send you one, Midosuji-kun!!

    3: Gross....

    4: Ah, have you already seen it? So you already have unit 02?

    Ah, you saw it? The movie version, it's very popular, uhm

    If you don't have it I... I'll send it to Kyoto

    5: I got the unit 3

    6: He'll give it to me? The unit 2 he got?

    7: Frien...ds?

    Pag 17

    2: Is that the true meaning of the towel?*

    (NdT. He's referring to the things he said last chapter when he was talking to himself)

    3: Huh, towel?

    5: Ah.... he hang up

    6: Ahhh.... so we really still can't talk about anime

    Midosuji-kun is so cold

    Pag 18

    1: Looks like they hang up

    He's muttering

    But I'm glad I could congratulate him....

    2: Was it a girl....?

    Wh- ehhhh.... seriously!?

    4: Did you hear?


    5: It seems that that Onoda who played dumb

    Is now captain

    Yeah, I was surprised

    6: And it seems that he also won on Minegayama

    Is he for real? Is that guy for real!?

    Pag 19

    1: As expected.... It's just like we imagined


    2: It's dropped.... the level

    3: Onoda is not great, the level has dropped

    Of all the racing teams

    With Kinjou-san, practice was like demons from Sparta!!


    4: Kinjou-san....

    5: It really can't go on like this

    We'll infiltrate the club, and we'll also go to the Inter High!!

    6: The senpai in the tennis club sucked

    I just dyed my hair a little and they flipped out

    And I quit, son of a bitch

    7: Let's do it, Sakurai. We're not the same anymore

    Let's steal the title of regulars!!

    8: Once more....

    Pag 20

    1: Let's re-enter in the bicycles club!!


    Let's go, Sakurai!!

    Ride 635: Charisma

    Pag 1

    1: The discussion about Kyoto Fushimi's racing team's.....

    2: captain....

    Pag 2

    1: It'll be mee.... Midosuji Akira-kun!!

    Pag 3

    2: No... Huh!?

    3: Wait....


    4: Huh


    It's Midosuji-san!?

    5: Seriously!? The new captain

    I see

    Nice!! Makes sense!!


    6: Oi, wait, guys

    7: Midosuji!!

    8: Amaaazing!


    Oi, wait

    Pag 4

    1: Midosuji-san!

    I agree


    2: You.... you.... first years

    Pag 5

    2: Midosuji!!

    3: Huuuh..... Midosuji

    Uhm.... the captain has been decided....

    I've announ....ced it....

    4: Wait, what does that mean.... that I'm the captain, right!? Mizuta-san!!

    Ah.... well...

    I even thought about today's practice menu, cause you tole me to

    Give up, Funatsu


    It's me!?

    5: Why's that!? Even though it's a great chance!?

    Your time as captain was short....


    He's really..... different

    6: He grasped the atmosphere in a moment

    With only a few words he persuaded the first years and the other second years

    Pag 6

    1: Midosuji came in this club when Ishigaki-san was a third year and the captain, and I was a second year

    2: Back then that guy

    3: Changed this club completely

    He was “the man of calamity”

    I'll definitely win!!

    4: But now with the first years it's different....

    5: Midosuji has been a strong presence in this club from the start, with has leadership and is unshakable

    6: And now he has become “captain”

    7: For the first years, that's a bright future they had imagined!!

    8: They don't stop clapping

    9: And look at him with anticipation

    Pag 7

    1: Right now, those are the feelings of the first years!!

    2: Kyoto Fushimi might have changed!!

    3: Unmatched leadership

    4: Overwhelming strength


    5: Perfect strategies

    And the way he implements them

    Pag 8

    1: Overwhelming charisma!!

    2: Midosuji understood that and declared himself captain?

    Did he plan that from the start!? No..... it doesn't matter now

    3: My body is also shaking from anticipation

    4: If Midosuji wears the captain's crown

    5: Pulling together and leading the team..... Maybe Midosuji, in the third year of Kyoto Fushimi....

    6: The dream.... could finally become reality...!!

    7: We could

    Pag 9

    1: Become the team that's the closest to the Inter High's victory!!

    Pag 10

    1: Purity and strength are in proportion, right!?

    2: The impure guys can follow me.... only those who are ready... should we go?


    3: We're gonna practice

    We're gonna practice right now

    Let's go!!

    4: You'll follow me

    and follow my orders

    5: Yessir

    I'll follow him

    I'll do everything he says!!

    Pag 11

    1: The emotional strength of moving forward no matter how many times he falls!!

    2: Midosuji Akira!!

    3: Should we go?

    To the final victory

    Pag 12

    1: Of the third year!!

    Pag 13

    1: Hiroshima Prefecture. Kure city

    3: Kureminami Techincal School

    Move, move dammit

    Waaa they're third years!

    4: Higashimura! Is Higashimura of the department of electrical engineering here?

    5: Third years.... in a second year class

    They barged in

    They're in some kind of fight?

    They're having a fight

    Pag 14

    1: Shiono-san, Sanzaki-san

    2: Did you hear the rumor? The Kyofushi one

    You can't take it easy, Higashimura!!

    3: Yes, Niwazuma-san came here earlier....

    The captain of Kyoto Fushimi, the Kyoto representative, is....

    4: That Midosuji!!

    5: We cooperated with him and moved the pack

    We were tightly linked to them during the Inter High

    Damn, that Niwazuma is too much, and here I thought i was the first with the news

    6: Yes

    7: He's a pretty troublesome enemy

    Think of how to contrast him....

    Pag 15

    1: As the new captain of Kureminami's racing team!!

    Second year, Higashimura Sondai!!

    2: Niwazumaa

    That's true

    I'm already starting to move

    3: In chess, the first move is the most important

    4: In order to make the “king” fall....

    6: It's checkmate!!

    Please don't worry, the voyage is going well

    Pag 16

    1: Kanagawa Prefecture

    2: Hakone City. Hakone Academy

    3: Hii Class Rep!!

    4: Sangaku

    I always tell you to not swing from there!

    5: I have something important to tell you, will you listen?

    I just found out!!

    6: What new big insect he found? Is that what he wants to tell me?

    Yes, yes, I'll listen

    What is it?

    Pag 17

    1: You know Kyoto Fushimi, and Midosuji-kun

    2: Ehhhm... Kyoto? Fushimi?

    Ahh, you're talking about bikes

    Ahhhh, the guy at the Inter High!?

    3: He's super strong and warlike

    And yet very clever

    4: Izumida-san told me earlier

    6: He became captain

    8: Captain, like me

    9: Ehh, is that so



    10: “Like me”!?


    Pag 18

    1: Sangaku.... you

    You.... you're the captain of the bikes club!?

    Oh? I didn't tell you?

    2: You didn't tell me, I didn't hear

    Huh!? Captain!?

    Ehmm... you wanna talk about the new bike?

    I know, the disc-something

    3: It's disc brake

    4: Talking about you being captain is more important than the disc-brake..!!

    5: Ahhhh, Sangaku captain1? Even if he's such an airhead!? No, I mean.... congratulations, really.. uhm


    I'll pick up these prints you dropped

    First, congratulations!!

    Pag 19

    2: I'm so.... happy

    Eh? Why are you crying, Class Rep

    3: Sorry, I suddenly started to cry.... Sangaku... it was so hard so.... I'm so happy

    Why? For me? Not Midosuji-kun?


    I don't get it...

    Which one!?

    4: Chiba Prefecture

    5: Sohoku High School

    Pag 20

    1: Seriously!?



    2: That guy.... I definitely didn't think someone like him could manage a team

    3: So it's him....


    Midosuji-kun is

    4: Captain

    5: He was when he ran on Mt. Fuji on the first Inter High

    Back then all three of us were first years

    6: And now we're all captains!!


    Hiii!! First of all thank you so much for translating YowaPeda ❤️❤️ Im currently watching S4 Glory Line and I wanted to ask if they will show the ending of the Inter High? If not should I continue to read the manga at which chap? Thank you 😊🙏

    Hi! 💜

    S4 finishes with he start of the IH's third day! So to continue, you have to start from chap 422 (it's the first one I translated, you can find it in the google drive folder linked in the pinned post at the top of this blog)

    Chap 422 starts right before the start of the IH's third day - bc there are a couple scenes that happen before the start and that aren't in the last ep of the anime).

    Ah, and you'll see that there a chapter missing (425 or 426, I honestly don't remember) - no worries, I just didn't translate it bc it shows exactly what happens in the last ep of the anime


    hye !! gosh thanks for always translating the manga i look up to it every week😭😭💖 do you perhaps translate spare bike too?? i wanted to read the recent one but couldnt find it anywhere🥲

    Hi!! I'm glad you appreciate my hard work 🥺🥺 yowapeda deserves all the love it can get

    And no, I'm sorry!! Mostly because I can't find the raws, so I too am unable to read it 😭 there was someone who was translating it, even if slowly, tho :/

    If anyone knows where I can find the raws, maybe I could think about doing it, I don't know! I would love to be able to read it because spare bike is an absolute gem, and if I had the time I could start translating that too!

    Ride 634: Modosuji and the road

    Pag 1

    1: Take a picture!


    Kyoto, Mount Arashi

    2: Located in west Kyoto, it's a popular tourists destination where you can enjoy the four seasons in historic sites and canyons

    A lot of people comes to visit both from inside and outside the country

    3: The Takaou Route way is a sightseeing road that starts from Mount Arashi, where you can enjoy various scenery

    5: The prefectural road n.50 that crosses it, goes deep into the mountain, proceeding like a mountain stream on the mountain's side

    6: The road is old and steep

    Pag 4

    1: Rely on someone

    2: “The thing you're lacking”

    3: “Is the strength to rely on someone”

    4: Rely on someone

    5: The strength to.... rely on someone....

    6: The thing I'm lacking....? Ha? Rely on someone?

    Strength to rely on someone? Ha?

    7: What's that even mean

    8: Don't you rely on someone because you're not strong?

    Who should I ask for help?

    Pag 5

    1: That's how weak people think, and those who lack effort and don't work hard enough

    Enjoying the road with help of someone else

    2: Only ruins the purity!!

    3: What comes from relying on someone, huh, Ishigaki-kuun!?

    5: You just have to do as I say

    Isn't that so!! Yamaguchi-kuun!!

    Pag 6

    1: Corner yourself until the vessel is destroyed, shave off everything until only the strength is left

    2: Pursuit the goal!! Pursuit!!


    3: I can do it alone!!

    5: I'll do it alone....!!

    Pag 7

    1: But still!!

    Pag 8

    1: You tell me to throw away the strength like this towel

    4: Twist my body by force and dodge it....

    5: And then move forward?

    Pag 9

    1: And then I'll finally be born....?

    The body is cold

    Like a young bird or a puppy

    And then warm up? Warm each other up?

    Ha? Makes no sense.....

    Pag 10

    1: Feelings are the most unnecessary thing

    What the hell would be born....

    3: “When it's something important, hold it gently”

    4: Something.....


    Pag 11

    1: Kyoto Fushimi High School

    2: The school racing team's clubroom

    Sorry it's a bit late, but

    3: Me, the current captain, Mizuta Nobuyuki will announce the new captain!!

    4: Mizuta!!

    5: Second year Funatsu Kazuho!! I'll count on you!!

    Ah.... ye-yes!!

    Pag 12

    1: Ohhh Funatsu

    Huh, why Funatsu-san....


    Ah, sorry

    Do your best, Funatsu


    Yeah, Kuriya

    2: You okay?

    Ah... yeah, well, it's a good chance

    3: It's a good chance!!

    Also when I told my parents yesterday they told me it was a good chance and that I should try

    4: Come forward!!



    5: Wha-aaaaa

    6: Oi, Funatsu!

    Our bikes!

    Ouch, sorry

    That guy.... he's the type who runs his mouth behind the scenes, but then he can't do anything in the open....

    Pag 13

    1: It's really not good, Mizuta

    3: We decided the captain... on our own....

    4: Then what should I do, ask Midosuji-kun and decide?

    But the person in question

    5: hasn't shown his face in this club since the Inter High ended!!

    6: After class I asked Funatsu and Kiriya, who are second years like him, and they said he'll be back soon

    Are you okay?

    I scratched my elbow


    7: It's my choice

    Ouch ouch, I scratched my elbow

    Honestly, Midosuji-kun.... no, that damn Midosuji

    Pag 14

    1: Do you think at this point he wants to quit the club?

    3: After all he lost the same way two years in a row

    He talks like he knows everything, he made us cut our hair

    4: And he doesn't have the guts to face us!!

    6: But he won the second day, didn't he?

    7: Practice was so strict many first people called it military and quit

    We desperately followed him and yet in the end he was the only one left and he collapsed!!

    Pag 15

    1: That's because we.... no, because I didn't act as his “conscience”!!

    2: You'll be Midosuji's “conscience”

    3: Huh

    4: Yamaguchi.... what's with this intensity

    5: In tennis or basketball during a match one of the two teams will win for sure

    The chance of victory is 50%

    6: But in road racing there are 200 people and only one person wins

    The chance of victory is less than 1%!!

    7: But he promised us he'd win

    8: And then on the second day he won

    And basically with only his own strength!!

    9: He ran out of strength on the third day.... the team may have lost but

    Pag 16

    1: Have you heard even a single word of excuses out of him!?

    5: He's always fighting on his own

    6: We were given our orders on the third day

    We carried them out and in the end even I understood

    7: How much he prepared and worked hard for that race!!

    8: Prepa....

    9: When I understood, it was too late

    He was already alone....

    10: The fact that we lost is our fault

    Always complaining and discontent.... we

    Pag 17

    1: Didn't try even once to get closer and help him

    2: Ah...yeah but.... we owe him

    3: So you mean we should wait to decide the captain? Hear his opinion?

    4: I waited long enough!! He pushed me and I manged to keep up, and even at the monthly school clubs meetings for the new captains, the bicycles club was the only they made a complaint about

    5: Even in the race's venue!! I supported him

    I'm done waiting!!

    6: Oi, Funatsu


    7: Ah wait, my elbow

    Ah, alright, you, Kiriya!!

    Huh, me?

    8: No, wait, that was a good chance...

    Ah, yes, alright I'll do it


    9: Kiriya, you

    Pag 18

    4: Now....!?

    7: What's going ooon

    Pag 19

    1: You guys....

    Arguing shouting.... I could hear you from outside.....

    Pag 20

    1: Mi

    2: Midosuji!!


    3: You finally came, Midosuji!! I knew you would!!

    His head looks like a sea urchin

    4: As expected, you still haven't given up!!

    6: They were fighting about who should be the next captain

    7: Komari-kun

    Gross.... something like that

    Anyone's fine

    Pag 21

    1: By the way, Komari-kuun


    Nothing happened when I wasn't here

    Yeah, nothing much

    2: Wait.... wh.... Komari


    He knew that Midosuji would come back!? But he didn't say anything when I asked him

    3: His body....


    4: is even more toned

    5: He's been.... training?

    6: The captain is me

    No, it's me

    7: Puku

    The captain.... if that's the problem

    Pag 22

    1: How about I do it?

    Pag 23

    1: Mi....


    2: Ehhhh!?

    4: Alright

    The next Kyoto Fushimi racing team's captain will be me....

    5: Midosuji Akira-kun!!

    Ride 633: After they crossed the finish line

    Pag 1

    1: The school team who won

    2: the Minegayama Hill Climb

    3: is Chiba's....

    Pag 2

    1: Sohoku High School!!

    Pag 4

    3: He beat Kanagawa by a slim margin


    Good job!

    You did it!

    Sohokuu, Sohokuu

    Pag 5

    1: Sohoku is the winner!!



    I knew they would take it!

    As expected by the two times Inter High champions

    It was so exciting!

    2: “Sohoku”...!!

    4: … dammit!!

    5: Everyone's saying “Sohoku high school”

    Sohoku! Sohoku!

    Good job!

    I'm so happy I came to see this

    Does that mean we won!?

    6: I don't really remember what happened....?

    At the end.... I was only thinking “catch up, catch up to Shinkai”

    What happened at the end!?

    Pag 6

    1: Ah.... I see

    Right!! At the end Onoda-san caught up to us from behind....

    4: He's behind us

    5: Onoda-san!?

    I'm so happy~

    6: Huh

    That means

    Pag 7

    1: That I won?

    3: Against that Shinkai Yuuto

    Pag 9

    2: I did it!!

    3: Issa, Onoda-san, Sadatoki, Imaizumi-san, Naruko-san, everyone....

    Me!? For real!?

    I did it!! I did it!!

    4: I took the peak

    5: Ah.... I did it?

    The peak? Ah... once again

    Pag 10

    1: It feels like a dream!!


    Pag 11

    6: Jou-san

    7: Yuuto

    8: 'm sorry

    Right at the end, I lost

    Pag 12

    1: Ahh they're all very excited out there

    As expected, since it's their hometown, and they also won two times here on Minegayama


    Sohoku did it!

    It was so cool at the end!

    Let's watch the video? One more time

    2: At the end, should have I told you to be wiser?

    4: Against any opponent, bring your skilled partner ahead using your legs

    To get worn out and win... that's an established tactic of road racing


    5: It seems that they didn't give up the lead

    6: They were fixated on “a way to win”, huh?

    7: I'm wearing this jersey

    I can't run in such a cheap way, right?

    Besides, I

    Pag 13

    1: I'm Shinkai Yuuto, right?

    3: With an opponent of that level, I have to tar him off with my strength.... right?

    It's not something you should do in a situation where you're at a disadvantage, two against one

    4: Well, that Danchiku was a no one, but the truth is that at the end he ran better than I had imagined

    6: But don't worry

    If he'll ran in the Inter High next year

    7: I'll crush him at the start

    Pag 14

    1: Because the Inter High is different from the easy competitions of this place


    It's Onoda!

    Look this way!

    2: First and second place are first years


    First years!? Amazing

    The guy on the right is super nervous

    He's not a first year


    3: At first glance, he seems to be at a disadvantage, but he still managed to grasp the victory

    4: A basically unknown member chosen as the ace....

    A change of member right the day of the race...

    Being an assist himself....

    Pag 15

    1: That's Onoda Sakamichi, Sohoku's new captain....

    2: That's

    3: Manami's rival?

    Pag 16

    1: Ohhh.... so they won like that

    Pag 17

    1: Sakamichi-kun is really amazing

    Huuh... he can even be an assist?

    2: Ah, here?

    We won, yeah, by a wide margin

    3: Yep, we made a course record

    4: The winner of Hakone Hill Climb, Manami-san, please come quickly to the award ceremony stage, please. I repeat....

    Ah, they're calling me again, I gotta go

    5: Give a message to Sakamichi-kun from me

    6: Understood

    Pag 18

    1: Sorry we meddled in the race

    I thought I could come there to say hi, but... I couldn't go

    Because Izumida-san told me to participate seriously in this race

    2: Maybe we'll meet next time at some other race....

    3: Ma....

    4: Manami-kun!! Yes- uhm, until then, take care

    No, this is a pre-recorded video!!

    He won't answer, Onoda-kun

    By the way, uhm-

    This is Manami's rival...?

    Pag 19

    5: Huh?

    6: I was watching, you were crazy, Onoda-kun!!


    Huh.... Naruko-kun.... Teshima-san!?

    …. new captain


    Congratulations for braking through your first race

    Aoyagi-san.... Imaizumi-kun!?

    Ah, no, well

    Pag 20

    1: You worked hard

    4: No no, that's not it, the one who worked hard was Danchiku-kun and Kabura....

    I congratulated Danchiku too

    And Kabu, too

    Ahhhhh, but I

    5: You worked hard

    …. ah

    6: …. okay

    Thank you

    Pag 21

    1: Wa-

    2: Ah.... I don't know why but all of a sudden....

    Kakaka, it's okay, it's because you're relieved now

    Your body is pretty tired

    I was in the same state last year

    ….. take a rest

    5: Kyoto

    Pag 22

    1: Kyoto Fushimi High School

    2: The school's racing team clubroom

    3: Huh.... we know it's a bit late but today I, third year Mizuta Nobuyuki, the current captain, will announce the next new captain!!


    Hello Translator-san, do you think the final member of Sohuku’s inter high team will be either Chaser-kun or Kiji-kun? I think Watanabe introduced them into the story for a reason. What do you think? If so, I would prefer Chaser-kun to be in Sohoku and Kiji-kun will go to Hakone. This way Chaser-kun can beat Kiji-kun in road racing. Sorry, my English is not perfect. 😢

    Hello! Your english is perfectly fine, don’t worry about it!! (also, how could I judge, my english is definitely not perfect either lol)

    Ahhhhhh, my friend, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself since the beginning of the MTB arc! And, the short answer is that, sadly, I highly doubt either Kiji or Yoshi are going to switch from mtb to road bikes :/

    Frankly, at first I thought they could somehow become part of the team, or maybe so that Onoda would want to pursue both sports; but now I don’t think so - i think that arc was there for Onoda’s character development, both as a person and as a cyclist (and we can see in the last arc, that that experience really changed him and made him the captain he is today).

    So, even tho I’m hella sad to say this, I really dont think we’ll ever see Kiji and Yoshi in a road race *crying* even tho, you never know! Did we even expect a mtb arc? Nope, we def didn’t, and we still got it! So, maybe Watanabe will surprise us again!

    Also, and this may really be just my wishful thinking, but that whole MTB arc really looked to me like it could be the setup for a spin off or something? With all the characters and their backstories introduced, you know... i mean, it doesn’t seem likely that Watanabe would spend so much of the story focusing on those new characters if the only goal of that arc was to make Onoda grow, am I right? But still, I can’t find them a place in the main story, so my brain went to the possibility of a spin off.

    Anyway, I honestly don’t know xD What I do know tho, is that i miss all my mtb babies and I want to see them again as soon as possible (Please, Watanabe ;^;)


    Regarding your opinions in the last chapter I totally agree with you The loss doesn't make sense but in real life we experience those unexpected results. I really admire this manga even though Sohoku wins almost every important races it really shows those possible scenarios and outcomes. The writing is just phenomenal and this chapter was a great one, it shows that you mustn't underestimate others because there are certain factors that can leave you stunned.

    I knoooooow, the writing is absolutely amazing, I really feel so blessed everytime I read a new chapter, I’m so grateful to Watanabe-sensei for giving us such an amazing story! Like, it really has everything, doesn’t it - it’s exciting, it’s super duper funny, it’ so positive, the characters are simply amazing! Idk, for me it’s really on a whole other level than other sports manga (even tho i do know that I’m biased xD)

    In other news: I still love Yowapeda like the first day xD


    Hi again, translator-san! Thank you for always giving us updates on our beloved manga. Please do share us your thoughts on this chap? Did you expect the outcome of the race? 😅 Have a nice day! ❤️

    Hi!! Thank you so much for always asking me what I think, you know it makes me so happy to share my opinions and talk about yowapeda with you all!! This blog is my output for all my yowapeda feels xD

    I LOVED this chapter, it was so exciting!! Yes, frankly I did expect the outcome (if you read the tags under my posts I’ve been saying it haha), but only because I think after 632 chapters I can mostly understand how Watanabe-sense thinks - meaning, it seems he has no intention of making Sohoku losing (at a finish line, I mean, bc we’ve seen some of the characters lose, after all) like, ever.

    Even so, even though I know that that’s most probably what’s going to happen, he still leaves me with the what if???? so every race still feels so exciting and it makes me hold my breath waiting for the outcome. 

    Frankly, if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have said that Danchiku would win - like, he was against Yuuto, who we know and we’ve seen is super strong, so much that during the second day of the IH (i think it was that one, at least, correct me if I’m wrong), he went head on with Onoda, and he even went for the finish line during the same day. Yuuto is strong. And, with all due respect for our lovely boy Danchiku, I would have never have bet a cent on his vicotry if it wasn’t for Watanabe’s history of making Sohoku win lmao

    That isn’t to say that his victory doesn’t make sense, because actually (and that’s the fantastic thing about Watanabe’s writing) even despite all this it still makes sense. I think we can blame Yuuto’s loss on the fact that he underestimated Danchiku so much, and he was too sure of himself, he lowered his guard; things could have been different if Yuuto hadn’t been so dumb that he forgot a whole Onoda Sakamichi was right there being the bestest assist to ever assist (I’m still not over this, how could he be so dumb aasadfgdghfd). Also, obviously it’s thanks to how much Danchiku practiced with Onoda, and he got so much better in a short period of time - but that’s something that Watanabe has been telling us for a while, that you can do everything with hard work and effort.

    It was a great race, we saw so much of Danchiku, we saw so much of our fave captain (he was amazing, I’m never going to stop crying over captain Onoda), we saw a surprising side of Kaburagi that I’m extremely grateful for, and we also so a lot of Takadajou - it was a fantastic race that served the purpose of character introduction and development, and I had so much fun reading it!! I admit my fave part was probably Kaburagi (not counting my captain related feels xD)

    I’m especially happy about the side of the relationship between Kabu and Danchiku that we’ve been shown!! We always saw it the other way around, with Danchiku being the support and Kabu being the primadonna, but!! I think I’ve probably said this before, but I loved how we finally saw how requited the support is, how happy Kabi is to step aside to let Danchiku shine. And the last chapter!!! That flashback was so cute, my heart melted, I love supportive best friends ;A;

    My replies always end up being long, thank you for letting me rambling, few things make me as happy as talking about yowapeda does!! 

    What do you think?? 

    Ride 632: Wish upon a star

    Pag 1

    1: Don't understimate me!!


    2: I'll catch up!!


    3: They have 100m left!!

    They're between the final barriers!!


    Pag 2

    1: Kanagawa's Hakogaku wants to shake him off

    2: And Sohoku wants to catch up!!

    3: Before their eyes

    4: They can already see the big goal gate of the Minegayama Hill Climb!!

    Pag 3

    1: Goooo Sohoku


    Do you best!!

    Catch up!!

    They're both stepping up with their dying breath!!

    Pag 4

    1: Garuaaaaaa

    I'll catch up, I'll catch up!!

    2: Rushaaaaa

    I'll tear you off!! I'll tear you to pieces!!

    Pag 5

    6: To that finish line!!

    Pag 6

    1: They have 60m left!!

    2: Seriously? You're persistent, you're really persistent, Danchiku!!

    3: You're weak and yet

    You're so lucky that you're managing to follow me

    Pag 7

    1: So close-

    Sohoku is still clinging to him!!

    So fast!

    2: You don't have to keep doing your best

    It's time

    3: …. you off

    Tear you off....

    4: I'll tear you off!!

    Pag 8

    1: Lose with honor on the greatest stage!!

    3: Kanagawa switched to a higher gear!!


    He wants to....

    Pag 9

    1: Danchiku Ryuuhou!!

    2: Accelerate again here!!

    3: What about Sohoku!?

    4: Sohokuu!!

    Pag 10

    1: He's accelerating too and keeping up!!

    Pag 11

    1: No!!

    2: He caught up!!

    4: Ha!?

    Pag 12

    1: He caught up!?

    2: 30m left!!

    Pag 13

    1: The finish line is right before their eyes!!

    4: Garu

    5: What's with this guy

    He's not looking this way!?

    6: Garuaaaaa

    Pag 14

    1: Ruaaaaaa

    I'll catch up !!

    2: I caught up

    To Shinkai Yuuto

    3: Catch up

    Catch up

    Pag 15

    1: The finish line is close

    2: Catch up

    3: Catch up!!

    4: I should be able to do it, I practiced so much

    5: I received so much courage

    6: So much.....

    Pag 16

    1: Ah.... I'm anxious

    2: Come on, Danchiku, again with that?

    Issaa.... but I'm the ace.... the mountain's....

    3: I've never really won a race....

    Morover, I'll wear Sohoku's jersey.... the members' jersey

    I can't help but being I'm anxious

    4: Ahhh... will I be okay?

    5: I told you, do a simulation before going to sleep. Imagine yourself winning

    Are you doing it?

    6: I'm doing it... every night

    7: Hmm, then we have no choice but doing that

    8: That?

    Open the window before going to sleep, hahaha

    The window!?

    9: Make a wish

    Upon a star

    Pag 17

    1: I wished upon a star!!

    2: Garuaaaa

    3: Rushaaaaa

    Pag 18

    8: I wished that I could

    Pag 19

    1: do my best and give my everything in this race!!

    Pag 20

    1: The finish line

    The finish line of the Minegayama Hill Climb!! By a narrow margin

    2: The winner is.... Chiba's

    4: Sohoku High School!!

    Ride 631: Danchiku howls!!

    Pag 1

    1: Standing in their way, a formidable enemy!!

    Pag 2

    1: The race entrusted to the young ace!!

    Pag 3

    1: Garuaaa

    Pag 4

    1: One guy from Sohoku moved forward!!

    Pag 5

    1: Woah!!

    He's chasing the guy from Hakogaku!!

    Chase him!!

    2: Gooo!!

    Go, Sohoku!!

    Huh, it's not Onoda!?

    3: Danchiku!!

    Pag 6

    1: He started moving when there were 300m left!!

    2: He wants to race me!?

    3: For real!?

    4: Bring it on!!

    5: Still

    6: What... I know this feeling... this pressure....

    Pag 7

    1: From you!?

    You're different from earlier....

    2: Just like the pressure of a man whose movements have been blocked by chains until now

    Pag 8

    1: And is set free!!

    Pag 9

    2: Garuaaa

    3: Tch

    4: I'm filled with it!!

    5: It's overflowing!!

    Pag 10

    1: Power!!


    In my whole body!!

    2: I'm not afraid of anything!!

    3: I'm not afraid!!

    Pag 11

    1: I'm not afraid!!

    Shinkai Yuutooo!!

    3: I'll overcome you now...

    Pag 12

    1: I'll take the peak!!

    Pag 13

    1: There are 250m left!!

    2: There are 250m left and they're.... neck and neck!!

    3: Ha!? Ah!?

    We're neck and neck!!

    5: No!!

    Pag 14

    1: I won't let you take it!!

    2: Hakogaku is accelerating again!!

    He'll leave Sohoku behind at any cost!!


    Pag 15

    2: Do your best!!

    3: Garuaaaa

    4: ruaaaaaa

    I'll take it!!

    Pag 16

    1: 200m left!!

    Pag 17

    2: Ah!? Who's this guy

    3: I thought he would suddenly lose momentum after being so vigorous only at the beginning

    And yet

    4: He's not losing momentum!?

    Pag 18

    1: I got those words from Onoda-san

    2: It's true that that day I asked him to say it like that


    3: I clearly felt it, with my ears... and through my back!!

    4: Just now

    5: Onoda-san spoker from his heart!!

    Pag 19

    3: Danchiku-kun....

    4: It's the end...

    5: Please!!

    Pag 20

    1: Garuaaaa

    Sohoku is still fighting!!

    Pag 21

    1: Go!!

    Don't give up!!


    2: Aaaaaaa

    3: Oi, wait, could it be that you

    4: You seriously, at your level...

    5: To me!! You really

    Pag 22

    1: Want to catch up to me!!

    Pag 23

    1: Don't underestimate me!!

    I told you!!

    5: Wait

    6: Wait....

    Pag 24

    1: Wait, Shinkai!!

    2: I'll catch up

    Pag 25

    1: Garu

    I'll catch up!!


    2: Garu

    I'll show you!!

    Pag 26

    1: I.... I will!!


    2: Garuaaa

    Take the peak!!

    Pag 27

    4: They're here

    5: Until the finish line, there are

    Pag 28

    1: 100m!!

    They're both between the final barriers!!

    Sohoku is clinging to him!! They're almost neck and neck

    2: They're facing the finish line, the sprint is starting!!

    Ride 630: The final countdown

    Pag 1

    2: I see them


    3: …..Danchiku!!

    4: Huh

    What did you see!?

    They're already coming?

    No, I still don't see them....

    Pag 2

    2: They're already at the 500m left point!!

    As expected, Shinkai is a little ahead!!


    3: Yeah, I got a glimpse of them

    It seems that the situation is at our disadvantage

    4: I don't think they can catch up with you when it comes to pride

    5: Shinkai Yuuto!!

    Pag 3

    1: Rushaaaaaaa


    Sohoku, do your best!!

    Pag 4

    1: Aaaaaaaa

    Pag 5

    1: Aaaaaaaa

    3: We'll get closer in the next 40 seconds. When i give you the signal, go out

    4: We'll get closer in 40 seconds!! At that point

    5: The finish line will be left to me alone!!

    Pag 6

    1: 400m left until the finish line!!

    2: Calm down, heart

    Calm down!!

    3: Uaaaaa

    Pag 7

    2: It looks like the two Sohoku guys are running super close to each other

    Aren't they scared?

    That... they must have practiced a lot

    4: It's alright, Danchiku Ryuuhou

    You practiced, you practiced for this day

    5: Prepare yourself!!

    Pag 8

    1: Swallow your nerves, Danchiku Ryuuhou!!

    3: We see them!! Three people came in sight on the straight road

    Pag 9

    2: The participant from Kanagawa is riding in the lead!!

    3: They're here

    They're heree


    Pag 10

    3: Aaaaaaaa

    4: Until the finish line there are

    Pag 11

    1: 300m!!

    Pag 13

    1: A signal?

    Yes, the last signal

    2: Maybe at the last moment... I want to push your back but there may be things I won't be able to do

    We should decide something for when you go out from behind me

    3: Something you would like?

    4: Ah... anything is fine....

    5: Then, I'll raise my right hand?

    Yeah, that's fine, it's decided...

    7: Can I.... be selfish?

    8: Huh

    Saying that!? Me!?

    9: Ahh....

    Thank you, that will fire me up

    I want you to tell me that, Onoda-san

    10: Okay... I see, let's practice

    Pag 14

    5: It's your orders

    Pag 15

    1: Take the peak!!

    Pag 16

    1: Danchiku Ryuuhou!!

    2: …. kun!!

    Pag 17

    2: Yessir!!

    3: What, what's this

    Every hair on my body is on edge....

    Pag 18

    1: Power is overflowing!!

    2: Garuaaaa

    Enthusiasm is gushing forth!!

    Pag 19

    2: He's getting closer!!

    To me!?


    3: What... it's strange

    I'm not scared at all

    5: I'm having fun, Issa!!

    Pag 20

    3: Roar, Danchiku!!