emery, 24, white, they/them or else. i post about ffxiv and splatoon and some other stuff and i have maybe like 12 followers total that follow me for this instead of the thousands of others that follow me for occasional funny jokes and nothing else

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2021-03-02 02:05:06

    I think possibly the most pathetic thing about my life is that sometimes I’ll lay in bed until way past midday despite waking up long before that and the only thing that gets me out of bed is that I’ll have an idea for a stupid image post that I can’t make on my phone. I don’t even know if this is a cry for help or not


    Just kidding. This post owns

    number one in the turf war wow yeah splatoon we bout to get down (get down) ten splats with my roller now team wipe in walleye warehouse my friend’s across the map but i got to the rainmaker fast now were in the humpback pump track look at the map and super jump back take me to ur nintendo switch to play splatoon today u can take me to moray towers but not ancho-v games i really want to squidbag with u we can be pro splatfest gamers