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    itch.io is offering a 743-game bundle including night in the woods, oxenfree, and overland, for as little as $5! just skimming the list, i also see tons of lgbt+ and poc-centric games available. 100% of contributions go to NAACP legal defense and educational fund and community bail fund. if there’s a game you were already thinking of buying, spend that money here instead and get an extra 742 as a gift! 


    Everything is DRM free, meaning its not attached to steam, or any third party launcher. Instead your account (or recipt email, if you opt out of making an account) contains links to direct downloads for each game.

    Some highlights I saw on a quick scroll through:

  • Oneshot
  • Night in the Woods
  • LANCER ttrpg
  • Oxenfree
  • Catlateral Damage
  • And many many more that I’ve never even heard of, however look incredible.


    There are now 1700+ works and June 15th is the last day to get them for $5 (or more, the money goes to good causes)!




    I’ll see you all in a few months


    There’s 3 hours left!!

    Having just finished my first year of my screenwriting masters program, i wanna share this thing that I was told at the very start of the year that I have not been able to stop thinking about

    they got all 28 of us screenwriters in a room on like the second day and straight up told us—

    “you will suffer for your entire career if you make this into a competition.” 

    they told us that, while we might like the write similar things, like in the same genre, or same settings—we’d never be in competition, simply because we were all different people.

    from our big differences in life experience and in personality, down to our smaller differences in story preferences and writing style, it all made everything we all did unique.

    and while we were all one of a million people trying to achieve the same goal of making writing a career—individually we were the only ones who could tell our stories. 

    You are the only one who can write like you, who can draw like you, who can cosplay like you, who can sing like you, who can make art like you. Don’t ruin the love you have for your craft by comparing yourself to others, by putting yourself in competition with them just because you want to be “the best”.

    And finally, here’s the tough love part that we all got reminded of constantly—

    The moment you decide you are better than everyone, is the moment you fail. Because you will have closed yourself off to valuable critique. You will have inflated your ego so big that the second you get rejected you’ll spiral. You will have become so high and mighty that one day you’ll look around and realize you have pushed all of your peers, and your entire support system, away. 

    There literally is no “best”. There is only growing with others as artists, supporting your peers, and telling your story in the way only you can. That’s how you succeed.  


    A growing body of evidence shows that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves creativity and that skipping breaks can lead to stress, exhaustion, and creative block.

    The ideas you have while commuting, or in the shower are not coincidental. They’re a result of you taking a step back, whether you’re aware of it or not. The brain is built to detect and respond to change. Prolonged attention to a single task actually hinders performance.

    From For a More Creative Brain, Take Breaks on Purpose,” by Thomas Oppong

    ⁠— ⁠— ⁠—





    Never be discouraged by your first draft!

    If you work it long enough, it will bend and mold into your hands until it transforms into whatever you wish— don’t give up!

    Also: Never compare your first draft to someone else’s final draft!

    There’s a ton of revisions, rewriting, and editing that goes on that readers never get to see. Nobody’s first draft comes out looking like their final draft!


    planning your stupid shit-ass fucking novel:

  • you can know the ending or the beginning but if you know both then you will never ever sort the middle out
  • why do i need more characters can’t this plot resolve itself without me introducing more characters
  • i am going to kill literally everyone in this chapter here and then i can just ride the trauma wave through to the next act
  • there isn’t room for the romantic subplot
  • there isn’t room for this subplot either
  • this was meant to be a minor point why is it taking over the entire second act
  • [research this] *never researches it*
  • stop obsessing about your framing device and sort out the plot holes
  • stop obsessing about the likely reaction of tumblr to individual characters and sort out the plot holes
  • fine just fucking live in a plot hole you piece of shit
  • is this the same team dynamic as the last four books
  • yes
  • it’s my fucking novel i’ll write what i want
  • oh god what if no one likes it
  • stop writing imaginary reviews from people who hate you and sort out the plot holes
  • right i’ve sorted out the middle but now the ending doesn’t work
  • kedreeva

    Okay, time to explain some things about writing as I’ve experienced them, ymmv.

    When you know the beginning (hard stop), and you know the end (hard stop), then the middle sometimes becomes impossible because it has to follow strictly from point A (the beginning) to point B (the end). Plot holes usually exist because a writer is trying to force a story to travel from Point A to Point B, but that journey may not be a logical journey, so you’ll almost inevitably reach a point where you can’t figure out how the characters move from A to B reasonably.

    So here’s where I give you the best advice anyone ever, ever gave me: when you can’t win, redefine winning.

    If you work out the middle and the ending or the beginning no longer works, don’t be afraid to toss it out the window and give the story the new ending or beginning it needs. There’s a phrase I’m sure lots of you have heard: “kill your darlings” well guess what? That beginning and ending you KNEW had to be a certain way? Those are your darlings, too. Sometimes, improving the story means culling parts you like or thought you knew to replace them with things that work better.

    When you can’t win, redefine winning.

    I once spent 10+ years writing and rewriting a story over and over and over, I must have gone through 20 partial drafts of this fucking story, only to have an epiphany one day about why I could never get it right; I was telling it from the wrong character’s perspective. Did that require a huge reassessment of the entire story? yes. But it’s a better story now.

    When you can’t win, redefine winning.

    I have, for the past two years or so, been struggling with starting a story I had already written once. It already had a beginning, middle, and end. I had literally already written it once as fanfic, and I wanted to write it as an original, and for some reason, it would just NOT start for me. Two days ago, I finally let go of the story structure I had used, and instead of starting the story at the beginning, I am now starting it at the end, and it’s solving all sorts of problems.

    When you can’t win, redefine winning.

    I spent the last 5 years or so thinking a long, long fic I’ve been working on ended a certain way. I had quit writing the story for years because I Knew that was how the story ended and I didn’t want to write it. A year ago I started sorting out the middle better, and I realized that although those events still happen, the ones I don’t like, the story didn’t end where I thought it did. The story kept going, and ended somewhere else, beyond the things I didn’t like. The story ends in a way better place, and now I’m well on my way to finishing it.

    When you can’t write the story you thought you knew, redefine the story.

    Sometimes you just have to let go of what you know, and let the story try something else. Let that minor plot point take over the second act just to see where it goes (and don’t be afraid to throw it all out if it doesn’t go anywhere interesting). Cut the romantic subplot out. Cut that other subplot too, even though you really liked it. If the middle is giving you guff, throw the middle off its game and let the story start or end somewhere else. Nothing is set in stone, even after it’s typed.


    Do you have any advice for a writer who's constantly getting discouraged? I love writing fic, but I never post or even finish most things because I always end up feeling like my writing isn't good enough, that I don't properly *get* the characters/ship/source, and that no one will actually enjoy what I put out there. I've even stopped reading fics because I kept getting really upset comparing myself & thinking I'd never be as good so why even try. It's frustrating and I don't know what to do.

    Ah, the eternal struggle. It’s a tough one and i’ve postponed answering it for AGES, i’m very sorry.

    i guess the struggle is that although you might KNOW, theoretically, that you can only get better through practice, that fanfic is for fun, that everyone’s style is different etc, but you still FEEL as if your writing should be great from the start, and you can’t shake off the feeling. I know it is for me, and it does stop me from writing more often than not.

    Maybe. Maybe trick yourself. Make a new account for your “shitty” fic. With zero expectations. Deactivate the comment notifications, and publish your fic as if you were tossing a bottled message into the ocean, never expecting anyone to read it. Post it that way, or let a friend do it for you. And then forget about it. Let a few weeks or months pass before checking that account again, and then let yourself be surprised by the answers it may have gotten. i think this could be a way to remove pressure.

    Other advice and experience, dear followers?


    I got really excited seeing this ask because finally! Someone that feels exactly like I do!! Then I realized this might actually be the ask I sent forever ago. I could be wrong, but it sounds scarily like me so, perhaps.

    I know for me at least, it’s very much a disconnect between knowing those facts– that different readers like different types of writing, that it’s just for fun, that there’s not really a *wrong* way to write fic, and so on –and then actually, believing them when it comes to my own writing. It always feels like unless it’s perfect, it’s not good enough at all, and since it’ll never be perfect then it can’t be good. A cycle of nightmares. The feeling like I don’t understand the source “properly” is an especially big issue I struggle with, though I’ve started to be better about adapting a “who cares! I like my view!” attitude, as much as I can.

    It’s nice to know though, that I’m not the only one who gets hung up on that feeling and can’t write because of it. Just seeing this ask, before I thought it might be mine, was such a comfort because hey, they get that feeling too! Not just me! I like that idea though, of just throwing it out there and eventually seeing what happens. I would very much like to see, if people might actually like my writing. Now I just have to actually finish something so I give that a shot. 

    Thank you for this answer though, it was, encouraging to read actually. And made me happy. 


    (looking at the notes and at my own experience - it’s def not just you ;) )


    Just throwing it in there, but I let perfection kill a good majority of what I wanted to do. Painting not perfect? Toss it. Can’t sing that high note? So long music. Writing not as good as my favorite author? Give up and never try again. It took me a lot of talking, I mean a lot, to finally accept these three words:

    Let it suck.

    Let your work suck. Let it be below that Anne Rice level, below Davinci, below every creator you look at with envious eyes. Why? Because they used to suck, too. They let themselves become great by letting themselves fail. You will become great, too. This is the first step. Let it suck.





    Part of how badly-written fanfic helps children and young writers:

    Kids in school are given endless examples of well-written stories, of excellent literature that has survived for decades or centuries, that hits all the right emotional beats, that has words that evoke exactly the feelings the authors intended.

    And it’s intimidating. The kids read stories and later novels and think, “Wow, that’s great, but of course, that takes great talent and I could never do that.”

    Introduce: FANFIC. And here’s writing about the characters they adore, and some of it is as well-written as the published-for-sale stuff, and some of it is… not. Some is badly-paced. Some overuses adverbs. Some switches POV accidentally. (A lot, sometimes.) Some messes up verb tenses. Some is awkwardly phrased.

    And the kids think, “OH WOW STOries ABOUt whAT I LOVE!!!” and they also think “I could do this too! I want to play this game!” (I’ve heard several reports of kids whose writing skills got dramatically better when they discovered fanfic - because they found out that “write what you care about” is more important than “follow this list of grammar rules.”)

    Your stories don’t need to be perfect. Fanfic is a community thing, and communities are full of people who don’t have perfectly trained skills and don’t have amazing natural talent.

    Fanfic is not the equivalent of major league baseball try-outs. Fanfic is tossing the ball around at the park with your friends. It’s not more fun if everyone who’s not great at it, sits on the bench and watches. 

    Anyone who looks over at you and says “hey you suck at that so you should get out of the way of the talented people” is DOING FANDOM WRONG.

    AO3 is not short on storage space. Your stories aren’t reducing the capacity for “more talented” writers, whoever those are. And writing gets better with practice; you can’t reach the level you want unless you get the stories out of your head and onto the page.


    yes yes YEEEES

    “I have to write to be happy whether I get paid for it or not. But it is a hell of a disease to be born with. I like to do it. Which is even worse. That makes it from a disease into a vice. Then I want to do it better than anybody has ever done it which makes it into an obsession. An obsession is terrible. Hope you haven’t gotten any. That’s the only one I’ve got left.”

    — Ernest Hemingway

    Library Ask Game

    Library card: What’s the first genre you wrote?

    Bookcase: Of all your WIPs, which one do you think would sell the best?

    Ladder: What’s your main goal as a writer?

    Leather-bound: What are your feelings about antique books?

    Hardcover: Do you keep book jackets on or take them off when you read?

    Paperback: What’s a writing habit you hate?

    Special edition: Which OC holds a special place in your heart?

    Audiobook: When was the last time you were read to?

    Classics: What’s one thing that always comes up

    Just in!: What’s your most recent idea?

    Reference: Is there a writer you want to be associated with?

    Help desk: Do you have a favorite piece of writing advice?

    Archives: Post a snippet of your oldest work that you can find! (Or, the oldest bit you’ve posted here if that’s too embarrassing)

    Picture book: Would you ever want to write a book for kids? If so, what age group?

    Computer lab: Do you write best on loose leaf, in a notebook, on a laptop/desktop, a tablet, or your phone?

    Encyclopedia: What writing or book related topic could you happily never shut up about?

    How-to: Any advice for new writers?

    Late fees: What genre or trope are you hoping makes a comeback?

    Waiting list: What project would you work on, if you had the time?

    Lost-and-found: How do you deal with being stuck on a story?


    Some words to use when writing things:

  • winking
  • clenching
  • pulsing
  • fluttering
  • contracting
  • twitching
  • sucking
  • quivering
  • pulsating
  • throbbing
  • beating
  • thumping
  • thudding
  • pounding
  • humming
  • palpitate
  • vibrate
  • grinding
  • crushing
  • hammering
  • lashing
  • knocking
  • driving
  • thrusting
  • pushing
  • force
  • injecting
  • filling
  • dilate
  • stretching
  • lingering
  • expanding
  • bouncing
  • reaming
  • elongate
  • enlarge
  • unfolding
  • yielding
  • sternly
  • firmly
  • tightly 
  • harshly
  • thoroughly
  • consistently
  • precision
  • accuracy
  • carefully
  • demanding
  • strictly
  • restriction
  • meticulously
  • scrupulously
  • rigorously
  • rim
  • edge
  • lip
  • circle
  • band
  • encircling
  • enclosing
  • surrounding
  • piercing
  • curl
  • lock
  • twist
  • coil
  • spiral
  • whorl
  • dip
  • wet
  • soak
  • madly
  • wildly
  • noisily
  • rowdily
  • rambunctiously
  • decadent
  • degenerate
  • immoral
  • indulgent
  • accept
  • take
  • invite
  • nook
  • indentation
  • niche
  • depression
  • indent
  • depress
  • delay
  • tossing
  • writhing
  • flailing
  • squirming
  • rolling
  • wriggling
  • wiggling
  • thrashing
  • struggling
  • grappling
  • striving
  • straining
  • littlestsecret

    Appetite -

    craving, demand, gluttony, greed, hunger, inclination, insatiable, longing, lust, passion, ravenousness, relish, taste, thirst, urge, voracity, weakness, willingness, yearning, ardor, dedication, desire, devotion, enthusiasm, excitement, fervor, horny, intensity, keenness, wholeheartedness, zea

    Arouse -

    agitate, awaken, electrify, enliven, excite, entice, foment, goad, incite, inflame, instigate, kindle, provoke, rally, rouse, spark, stimulate, stir, thrill, waken, warm, whet, attract, charm, coax, fire up, fuel, heat up, lure, produce, stir up, tantalize, tease, tempt, thrum, torment, wind up, work u

    Assault -

    attack, advancing, aggressive, assailing, charging, incursion, inundated, invasion, offensive, onset, onslaught, overwhelmed, ruinous, tempestuous, strike, violation, ambush, assail, barrage, bombard, bombardment, crackdown, woun

    Beautiful -

    admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, bewitching, charming, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, exquisite, fascinating, gorgeous, graceful, grand, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing, radiant, ravishing, resplendent, splendid, stunning, sublime, attractive, beguiling, captivating, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, eye-catching, fetching, fine, fine-looking, good-looking, handsome, inviting, lovely, mesmeric, mesmerizing, pretty, rakish, refined, striking, tantalizing, tempti


    atrocious, barbarous, bloodthirsty, callous, cruel, feral, ferocious, hard, harsh, heartless, inhuman, merciless, murderous, pitiless, remorseless, rough, rude, ruthless, savage, severe, terrible, unmerciful, vicious, bestial, brute, brutish, cold-blooded, fierce, gory, nasty, rancorous, sadistic, uncompromising, unfeeling, unforgiving, unpitying, violent, w


    able-bodied, athletic, beefy, big, brawny, broad-shouldered, bulky, dense, enormous, great, hard, hardy, hearty, heavily built, heavy, hefty, huge, husky, immense, large, massive, muscular, mighty, outsized, oversized, powerful, powerfully built, prodigious, robust, solid, stalwart, stocky, stout, strapping, strong, strongly built, sturdy, thick, thickset, tough, well-built, well-deve


    animalistic, bodily, impure, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, licentious, lustful, physical, prurient, salacious, sensuous, voluptuous, vulgar, wanton, , coarse, crude, dirty, raunchy, rough, u

    ous - 

    alarming, critical, fatal, formidable, impending, malignant, menacing, mortal, nasty, perilous, precarious, pressing, serious, terrible, threatening, treacherous, urgent, vulnerable, wicked, acute, damaging, deadly, death-defying, deathly, destructive, detrimental, explosive, grave, harmful, hazardous, injurious, lethal, life-threatening, noxious, poisonous, risky, severe, terrifying, toxic, unsafe, unstable, v

    Dark - 

    atrocious, corrupt, forbidding, foul, infernal, midnight, morbid, ominous, sinful, sinister, somber, threatening, twilight, vile, wicked, abject, alarming, appalling, baleful, bizarre, bleak, bloodcurdling, boding evil, chilling, cold, condemned, creepy, damned, daunting, demented, desolate, dire, dismal, disturbing, doomed, dour, dread, dreary, dusk, eerie, fear, fearsome, frightening, ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish, gloom, gloomy, grave, grim, grisly, gruesome, hair-raising, haunted, hideous, hopeless, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrifying, horror, ill-fated, ill-omened, ill-starred, inauspicious, inhospitable, looming, lost, macabre, malice, malignant, menacing, murky, mysterious, night, panic, pessimistic, petrifying, scary, shadows, shadowy, shade, shady, shocking, soul-destroying, sour, spine-chilling, spine-tingling, strange, terrifying, uncanny, unearthly, unlucky, unnatural, unnerving, weird,

    icious -

    enticing, exquisite, luscious, lush, rich, savory, sweet, tasty, tempting, appetizing, delectable, flavorsome, full of flavor, juicy, lip-smacking, mouth-watering, piquant, relish, ripe, salty, spicy, scrummy, scrumptious, succulent, tangy, tart, tasty, yumm
    y, zesty

    stasy - 

    delectation, delirium, elation, euphoria, fervor, frenzy, joy, rapture, transport, bliss, excitement, happiness, heaven, high, paradise, rhapsody, thrill, blissful, delighted, elated, extremely happy, in raptures (of delight), in seventh heaven, jubilant, on cloud nine, overexcited, overjoyed, rapturous,

    static - 

    delirious, enraptured, euphoric, fervent, frenzied, joyous, transpo
    rted, wild

    Erotic - 

    amatory, amorous, aphrodisiac, carnal, earthy, erogenous, fervid, filthy, hot, impassioned, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, raw, romantic, rousing, salacious, seductive, sensual, sexual, spicy, steamy, stimulating, suggestive, titillating, voluptuous,

    Gasp - 

    catch of breath, choke, gulp, heave, inhale, pant, puff, snort, wheeze, huff, rasp, sharp intake of air, short of breath, struggle for breath, swal
    low, winded

    Heated -

    ardent, avid, excited, fervent, fervid, fierce, fiery, frenzied, furious, impassioned, intense, passionate, raging, scalding, scorched, stormy, tempestuous, vehement, violent, ablaze, aflame, all-consuming, blazing, blistering, burning, crazed, explosive, febrile, feverish, fired up, flaming, flushed, frantic, hot, hot-blooded, impatient, incensed, maddening, obsessed, possessed, randy, searing, sizzling, smoldering, sweltering, torrid, turbulent, volatile, worke
    d up, zealous

    Hunger - 

    appetite, ache, craving, gluttony, greed, longing, lust, mania, mouth-watering, ravenous, voracious, want, ye
    arning, thirst

    Hungry - 

    avid, carnivorous, covetous, craving, eager, greedy, hungered, rapacious, ravenous, starved, unsatisfied, voracious, avaricious, desirous, famished, grasping, insatiable, keen, longing, predatory, ravening, starving, t
    hirsty, wanting

    Intense - 

    forceful, severe, passionate, acute, agonizing, ardent, anxious, biting, bitter, burning, close, consuming, cutting, deep, eager, earnest, excessive, exquisite, extreme, fervent, fervid, fierce, forcible, great, harsh, impassioned, keen, marked, piercing, powerful, profound, severe, sharp, strong, vehement, violent,
    vivid, vigorous

    Liquid - 

    damp, cream, creamy, dripping, ichorous, juicy, moist, luscious, melted, moist, pulpy, sappy, soaking, solvent, sopping, succulent, viscous, wet / aqueous, broth, elixir, extract, flux, juice, liquor, nectar, sap, sauce, secretion, solution, vitae, awash, moisture, boggy, dewy, drenched, drip, drop, droplet, drowning, flood, flooded, flowing, fountain, jewel, leaky, milky, overflowing, saturated, slick, slippery, soaked, sodden, soggy, stream, swamp, tear, teardrop, torrent, waterlogged
    , watery, weeping

    Lithe -

    agile, lean, pliant, slight, spare, sinewy, slender, supple, deft, fit, flexible, lanky, leggy, limber, lissom, lissome, nimble, sinuous, skinny, sleek, slender, slim, svelte, trim, th
    in, willowy, wiry

    Moan -

    beef, cry, gripe, grouse, grumble, lament, lamentation, plaint, sob, wail, whine, bemoan, bewail, carp, deplore, grieve, gripe, grouse, grumble, keen, lament, sigh, sob,
    wail, whine, mewl

    Moving - 

    (exciting,) affecting, effective  arousing, awakening, breathless, dynamic, eloquent, emotional, emotive, expressive, fecund, far-out, felt in gut, grabbed by, gripping, heartbreaking, heartrending, impelling, impressive, inspirational, meaningful, mind-bending, mind-blowing, motivating, persuasive, poignant, propelling, provoking, quickening, rallying, rousing, significant, stimulating, simulative, stirring, stunning, touching, awe-inspiring, energizing, exhilarating, fascinating, heart pounding, heart stopping, inspiring,
    riveting, thrilling

    Need - 

    compulsion, demand, desperate, devoir, extremity, impatient longing, must, urge, urgency / desire, appetite, avid, burn, craving, eagerness, fascination, greed, hunger, insatiable, longing, lust, taste, thirst, voracious, want, yearning, ache, addiction, aspiration, desire, fever, fixation, hankering, hope, impulse, inclination, infatuation, itch, obsession, passi
    on, pining, wish, yen

    Pain - 

    ache, afflict, affliction, agony, agonize, anguish, bite, burn, chafe, distress, fever, grief, hurt, inflame, laceration, misery, pang, punish, sting, suffering, tenderness, throb, throe, t
    orment, torture, smart

    Painful - 

    aching, agonizing, arduous, awful, biting, burning, caustic, dire, distressing, dreadful, excruciating, extreme, grievous, inflamed, piercing, raw, sensitive, severe, sharp, tender, terrible, throbbing, tormenting, angry, bleeding, bloody, bruised, cutting, hurting, injured, irritated, prickly, skinned, smarting, sore, stinging, unbearable, uncomforta
    ble, upsetting, wounded

    Perverted - 

    aberrant, abnormal, corrupt, debased, debauched, defiling, depraved, deviant, monstrous, tainted, twisted, vicious, warped, wicked, abhorrent, base, decadent, degenerate, degrading, dirty, disgusting, dissipated, dissolute, distasteful, hedonistic, immodest, immoral, indecent, indulgent, licentious, nasty, profligate, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, shameful, shameless, sickening, sinful, smutty, sor
    did, unscrupulous, vile 

    Pleasurable - 

    charming, gratifying, luscious, satisfying, savory, agreeable, delicious, delightful, enjoyable, nice, pleasant, ple
    asing, soothing, succulent

    Pleasure - 

    bliss, delight, gluttony, gratification, relish, satisfaction, thrill, adventure, amusement, buzz, contentment, delight, desire, ecstasy, enjoyment, excitement, fun, happiness, harmony, heaven, joy, kick, liking
    , paradise, seventh heaven 


    avaricious, ferocious, furious, greedy, predatory, ravening, ravenous, savage, voracious, aggressive, gluttonous, grasping, insa
    tiable, marauding, plundering

    Rapture - 

    bliss, ecstasy, elation, exaltation, glory, gratification, passion, ple
    asure, floating, unbridled joy

    Rigid - 

    adamant, austere, definite, determined, exact, firm, hard, rigorous, solid, stern, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, concrete, fixed, harsh, immovable, inflexible, obstinate, resolute, resolved, severe, steadfast, steady, stiff, strong, strict, stubborn, taut, tense, tight, tough, unbe
    nding, unchangeable, unwavering

    Sudden - 

    abrupt, accelerated, acute, fast, flashing, fleeting, hasty, headlong, hurried, immediate, impetuous, impulsive, quick, quickening, rapid, rash, rushing, swift, brash, brisk, brusque, instant, instantaneous, out of the blue, reckless, rushed, sharp, spon
    taneous, urgent, without warning

    Thrust - 

    (forward) advance, drive, forge, impetus, impulsion, lunge, momentum, onslaught, poke, pressure, prod, propulsion, punch, push, shove,
    power, proceed, progress, propel

    (push hard) assail, assault, attack, bear down, buck, drive, force, heave, impale, impel, jab, lunge, plunge, press, pound, prod, ram, shove, stab, transfix, urge, bang, burrow, cram, gouge, jam, pierce,
    punch, slam, spear, spike, stick

    Thunder-struck -

    amazed, astonished, aghast, astounded, awestruck, confounded, dazed, dazed, dismayed, overwhelmed, shocked, staggered, startled, stunned, gob-smacked, bewildered, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, horrified, inc
    redulous, surprised, taken aback 

    Torment -

    agony, anguish, hurt, misery, pain, punishment, suffering, afflict, angst, conflict, distress, grief, heartache, misfortune, nightmare, persecute, plague, sorrow, strife, tease, test, trial, tribulation, torture, turmoil, vex, woe

    Touch - 

    (physical) - blow, brush, caress, collide, come together, contact, converge, crash, cuddle, embrace, feel, feel up, finger, fondle, frisk, glance, glide, graze, grope, handle, hit, hug, impact, join, junction, kiss, lick, line, manipulate, march, massage, meet, nudge, palm, partake, pat, paw, peck, pet, pinch, probe, push, reach, rub, scratch, skim, slide, smooth, strike, stroke, suck, sweep, tag, tap, taste, thumb, tickle, tip, touching, toy, bite, bump, burrow, buss, bury, circle, claw, clean, clutch, cover, creep, crush, cup, curl, delve, dig, drag, draw, ease, edge, fiddle with, flick, flit, fumble, grind, grip, grub, hold, huddle, knead, lap, lave, lay a hand on, maneuver, manhandle, mash, mold, muzzle, neck, nestle, nibble, nip, nuzzle, outline, play, polish, press, pull, rasp, ravish, ream, rim, run, scoop, scrabble, scrape, scrub, shave, shift, shunt, skate, slip, slither, smack, snake, snuggle, soothe, spank, splay, spread, squeeze, stretch, swipe, tangle, tease, thump, tongue, trace, trail, tunnel twid
    dle, twirl, twist, tug, work, wrap 

    (mental) - communicate, exam
    ine, inspect, perception, scrutinize

    Wet -

    bathe, bleed, burst, cascade, course, cover, cream, damp, dampen, deluge, dip, douse, drench, dribble, drip, drizzle, drool, drop, drown, dunk, erupt, flood, flow, gush, immerse, issue, jet, leach, leak, moisten, ooze, overflow, permeate, plunge, pour, rain, rinse, run, salivate, saturate, secrete, seep, shower, shoot, slaver, slobber, slop, slosh, sluice, spill, soak, souse, spew, spit, splash, splatter, spout, spray, sprinkle, spurt, squirt, steep, stream, submerge, surge, swab, swam
    p, swill, swim, trickle, wash, water

    Wicked - 

    abominable, amoral, atrocious, awful, base, barbarous, dangerous, debased, depraved, distressing, dreadful, evil, fearful, fiendish, fierce, foul, heartless, hazardous, heinous, immoral, indecent, intense, mean, nasty, naughty, nefarious, offensive, profane, scandalous, severe, shameful, shameless, sinful, terrible, unholy, vicious, vile, villainous, wayward, bad, criminal, cruel, deplorable, despicable, devious, ill-intentioned, impious, impish, iniquitous, irreverent, loathsome, Machiavellian, mad, malevolent, malicious, merciless, mischievous, monstrous, perverse, ruthless, spiteful, uncaring, unkind, unscrup
    ulous, vindictive, virulent, wretched

    Writhe - 

    agonize, bend, jerk, recoil, lurch, plunge, slither, squirm, struggle, suffer, thrash, thresh, twist, wiggle, wriggle, angle, arc, bow, buck, coil, contort, convulse, curl, curve, fidget, fight, flex, go into spasm, grind, heave, jiggle, jolt, kick, rear, reel, ripple, resist, roll, lash, lash out, screw up, shake, shift, slide, spasm, stir, strain, stretch, surge, swell, swivel, thrust, turn violently, tussle, twitch, undula
    te, warp, worm, wrench, wrestle, yank 




    I’ve reblogged it before, and I’ll reblog it again


    This list has saved my butt more than I wish to admit! I highly recommend saving for a rainy day!

    Here are the art that I promised. Suddenly managed to get a few minutes to spare before I go back into my hole of assignments and midterm preparations of hell weeks.

    Main four having a good time and relaxing. They deserve a break from all the angst.

    The only regret is that I didn’t manage to fin the background for Alma and Kanda when my pen ran out of ink. It was supposed to be a farm and a mayo machine but then again, my perspectives and background isn’t all that good.

    I’ll be busy for a bit but I’m working on the fluff/comfort scenario for Tyki…so you can expect that soon.

    👌🏻I hope you all have a nice day and take care of urself! Remember to drink some water and take some time to relax even if it’s for a few minutes.

    Love u all and see ya at the next post.