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2018-10-14 03:39:42

    Why are you the best? If only we could talk about hentai

    Oh you flatter me~ I’m certainly not the best, I just do what I love~. I wish so too! But I’m having a bit of trouble finding a platform we can stream hentai on~ If any one can help maybe we can schedule one soon!


    for some reason my hand is always on my clit when i'm on your blog 👀

    Well I should hope! That’s what I hope for when I post on my blog~! I love messages like these from my followers~! It really shows you enjoy my content! Thank you so much love!


    Alright guys~! The winner of the hentai livestream is Futabu!! Only a few people voted so if you guys aren’t happy well, maybe we can work something out xD

    I still haven’t decided when I’m gonna do the livestream but thanks for voting guys!


    Hey Guys~ <3

    I promised to do my hentai live stream and ya’ll loved the idea~! So...I’m not one to break a promise. 

    I have a poll ready! I chose the Hentai’s so we don’t have to waste so much time deciding which one to watch by asking all of you (cause there’s 10,000 of you and my time is limited to read xD)

    I chose ones that I personally liked or that were convenient~

    So here’s the poll! Voting ends June 11th! Then the live stream will be a week later okay?

    Thanks, Loves~ Mwah!



    omg yes let’s do a hentai livestream !!

    Hm.....I’ll have to think a bit more about that 😂.  I suppose if you guys chose some hentai’s and we have enough people to want it. I could do one. I’m still not comfortable to show my face but I’ll go maybe below the neck. How’s that sound??