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    The Bimbo Booth

    Jerry was visiting the city, just visiting some old friends from school, they made a vow to see each other at a certain bar every 5 years without fail to catch up. While he was there he got a call from work, they need a passport photo by tomorrow for a document. So on the way back to his hotel before seeing his friends he stopped and asked someone where a photo booth would be. No one stopped to give him an Answer. “City folk. Pfft. Where can I get a photo?” he asked the whole city idly. He turned the corner and ther was a white and pink booth. Flashing at him. It was clearly a photo booth but not one he was excepting to find.

    Getting in he shut the curtain and sat down. With his money ready he put in one coin. The booth sprung into life. Giving him a small shock as it did. The booth had two buttons. One had a steady flashing light and the other was clearing broken or breaking down. Text appeared on the screen with two options

    “Guy or girl?” he pressed the button under guy but obviously it didn’t work. So he pressed girl. The seat adjusted to his height and it said to smile! It counted down and took his picture. It wasn’t the best picture but it would do for work.

    Picture then morphed into a female version of himself. And texy appearing underneath “happy? Yes or no? Not impressed and confused He hit the no button. The girl then changed into a stunning woman Brown hair lovely figure and face. This time he hit yes as that’s the button that was now working. Clearly this booth was a joke. But he may as well get the picture he paid for. “reality change to match? No or yes?” Well this time he had to choose yes. As he hit the button the machine flashed again taking jerry of guard. He staggered out the machine and collect his photos. It was the stunning girl. A time then popped up on the outside screen of the booth. “Time to changes happen” and a display counting down from 20. With Jerry annoyed, he made his way back the hotel.

    Standing in his room too the photos out his pocket. The photo for some reason changed into his original photo right in front of him. Confused he looked into the mirror. The mirror seemed to ripple. His vision goes blank for a second, when it comes back the person in front of the mirror is not him. This girl looks like the from the photo, brown hair beautiful face with makeup to match. Sexy lips that would be the evny of any girl. He moves to touch the mirror but finds thay the reflection moves with him. Standing up straight he sees the clearly fake tits standing proud on his now her chest. Grabbing them and feeling them “Woah! I got tits!” Grabbing his mouth in shock to hear a woman’s voice. He stumbled backwards now wearing high heels and sexy underwear and stockings to match he fell on the bed. His hair was all the way down his back down. Blinking and shaking his head. Felt an intense head ache come on. Grabbing his now beautiful face he screamed and passed out from the pain. Before he could figure out what was happening.

    Jerry, now Jenny waking up after passing out woke up to find herself half dressed. Confused with what’s going on he found it hard to think of the events today, thoughts of the booth kept creeping in her mind. Just as she was about to remember . Her phone goes off ruining her concentration. Checking the time…..“I feel better after my nap, i should get ready to head out! Don’t to keep the boys waiting” she takes a moment think of what’s to come. She takes a quick photo to send the boys.

    Jenny puts on a tight dress to show off her sexy figure touches up her makeup. She’s ready to go. You see back in high school she made a vow that she would meet the 2 boys friends she once fucked in high school, Jack and Brett. At the bar the boys are there talking about what ever. She didn’t really care, after a few drinks, conversation turned to what the plan was this year. How were they going to fuck her. She kissed Brett and led him away alone. Seeing the pink booth again, a wicked smile appeares on her face and for a second remembers her old life but rather than long for it she sees a chance to make this one better. “Come on babe let’s get a picture!”

    Putting him in it, and selecting the same choices. The changes come out the same as her, making the look like twins. The timer appears this time only seconds on it. Kissing him one last time the world’s seems to shimmer as the two kissing girls smile at each other. Jenny and Brittney now twin sisters. Both now showing off botoxed lips and fake tits walk off together to find Jack. They grab him and take him back to their room.

    It seems that this year the girls agreed to be submissive to Jack.

    They drunkenly stumble into the elevator Jack tells them to kiss and play until they reach the room. The girls link eyes and kiss very much to Jack’s excitement, Jenny taking the lead starts to play with Britney. She takes off Britney clothes and begins to eat her out. Jack moves into a spot where Britney can suck him off with her fake lips, clearly too much for him as he comes in her mouth. Jenny stops to kiss Britney taking the cum from her sister and eating it herself. As they make out Jack gets hard again and starts to eat out Jenny. Brittney tired and drunk from her evening falls in the corner out with fingers in her wet pussy.

    Jack stops to flip Jenny over as he enters her. He starts slow causing her to moan and enjoy it. He soon picks up his pace as she cums once, twice, three times from his cock. “Still as good as high school stud. As Jack falls alseep Jenny walks back to her Mirror to find the photo again. She picks it up and remembers her old life for the last time as she screws up the photos and mounts her sister to return the favour earlier and eat her out. As she cums again she forgets her old life and embraces her new one. With a smile on her face, the pink booth turns off and fades away.

    The end?

    Maybe part 2? What do we think?