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2020-07-17 17:34:41

    TheTotalPackage ☮️
    Stepping into 2020 🍵
    Happy new year 🎈 well a few years ago, I would have never be This comfortable to post something like this. I owe this all to finally creating an Onlyfans which I started in mid November! I love being in my natural form but to do it and post it took a lot. Plus the human body is the best work of art! I put in a lot of work to achieve this ART 🖼 . Working out not only gets you fit and healthy but you look good AF naked 😆 just a sample of my onlyfans 😉
    I should be on the next ESPNbodyissue 😎
    Personal chef 👨🏾‍🍳 & Trainer 🏃🏾 (at New York, New York)


    You are simply beautiful


    I follow your blog for some months...how wonderful! Sometimes I think I have to go to USA, there are no so many white tops here in Brazil :-( How is there in USA ?

    I’m from the UK buddy, visiting the US soon though. Not many white tops (who attracted to black guys) over here either - not that I’ve come across anyway. So hopefully I’ll get lucky in the US haha. And thanks for the blog compliment ;)


    I am white top very attracted to black bottoms!!