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2021-01-01 08:36:35

    Expectation Vs Reality

    Aries: stuck up// actually down to earth

    Taurus: trustworthy// actually has tons of blackmail

    Gemini: shy// actually the loudest and most fun

    Cancer: total bitch// actually really sweet

    Leo: conceited and popular// actually insecure

    Virgo: overly critical of others// actually has no intention of hurting anyone

    Libra: happiest person you will meet// actually really sad

    Scorpio: really cool// super nerd (but in a good way)

    Sagittarius: unsympathetic// actually cares a lot

    Capricorn: way too serious// actually crazy when you get to know them

    Aquarius: difficult at maintaining friendships// actually really good at it

    Pisces: super shy and sweet// could actually turn into a fucking ape