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    THE cinematic parallel of the century: edmund pevensie lying in the shattered glass of his war-torn home, desperately grasping a framed photo of his dad VERSUS edmund pevensie stepping into tumnus's abandoned cave, stepping on broken glass and the torn painting of tumnus's father..... confronted for the first time with the consequences of his actions and running from them even so.. THATS cinema, baby

    ok ok but consider

  • obi-wan who never really flirted with cody cause he was very conscious of cody’s standing as a clone and his subordinate
  • cody who was never taught how to handle compliments let alone flirting
  • purge trooper cody who finds obi-wan on tatooine
  • obi-wan who cant help but fall back onto old habits of flirting with the enemy
  • and cody who is so flustered it actually fries the chip
  • what you NEED to understand about boba fett is that he is NOT some suave sleek scary crime boss he is first and foremost a LOSER. this is crucial to his characterisation. he is either talking too much (see: writing honest to god poetry in the middle of a firefight) or not talking enough (which comes across as intimidating but behind the helmet he really just doesn’t know what to say). he is exceedingly COMPETENT but he is not COOL. literally cannot stress how important this is 

    So let's make a pact here, No matter how the Obi wan Kenobi show is, none of you assholes will hate on Hayden Christensen... He got too much hate the first time around which he didn't even deserved. So Hate Disney or the LF writers or whatever but don't say a word about Hayden... got it, good

    OMG guys...I never noticed this before...

    Tails has tears in his eyes right after Sonic confirms he's his friend 🥺

    No wonder this kid was so emotional about it. After so many years of being pushed away, he finally has a genuine friend who doesn't discriminate him for something he was born with - that he had no control over - and likes him for who he is.

    Oh help my heart ❤

    All this talk of ottas got me excited all over again for some aspects of the story coming further down the line. So, as a sneak peek, have some rough concepts of Stormhunter Battalion's very own ottabura cavalry! After getting to see Sundown's ottas in action, they quickly realized just how efficient ottas were in the sloppy weather and rough terrain they always had to navigate. Took a bit of finagling, but Mantra was able to work up the chain and get permission granted for them to put together their special otta platoon.