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    Today is the 27th anniversary of Ruby Ridge.

    Google it. Refresh your memory.

    *In case you don't google it, Randy Weaver's 14 year old son, Samuel (pictured below), was shot in the back and killed by federal agents because the family dog (which they also killed) alerted him to something in the woods on the property. The US Marshals hiding in those woods never announced themselves.

    These federal agents then attempted to murder Randy Weaver via sniper fire when he went out to get his son's dead body and his back was turned, but they missed the kill shot and hit him in the shoulder instead. Randy’s wife, Vicki, was murdered by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi while holding her 10 month old baby.

    After Randy Weaver's son and wife were murdered by federal agents (over illegal weapons charges, kicked off by an unfounded claim of threats, called in to the FBI by a neighbor who was retaliating against Mr. Weaver over a land dispute), he was later ACQUITTED ON ALL CHARGES except for failure to appear to court.


    BACK THE BLUE!!! 🤮🤮🤮


    One of the many examples of the fed's incompetence and corruption.


    Red flag shit going way back


    Clinton's DOJ at work. Don't forget waco.


    The battle began in August of 1992.


    Remember the atf memorialized the anniversary of this.


    can we give it up for the hyena man?


    There is a similar story of a man who drives a water truck for a game reserve on Africa. There is a man-made watering hole he fills up every day, and it’s like the freaking water truce scene in the jungle book. Every creature in the area politely lines up around the pond and waits for him. A lot of the more social animals like baboons or hyenas will greet him. Nobody messes with him or his truck, because he often is escorted by lions or elephants that know him like DO NOT IMPEDE THE WATER GUY.


    What are their names?


    The Hyena man’s name is Abbas Yusuf ans the water man’s name is Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua.


    This is every cottagecore white girl’s dream