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- Silva, from Germany: Thank you so so much, this was incredible! Spot on, I recognized myself and my habits in every single sentence. Especially the section about Uranus opens my eyes. The part about Chiron was almost to close for comfort and and also disturbingly accurate - I could go on about so many other things, but I’m sure you know how good your own work is, so just let me say thank you again. I’m stunned, that was worth every cent!
- Lauren, from California: I cannot thank you enough!! This is incredible and exactly what I've always wanted. Your level of detail is amazing, thank you! Definitely recommending your services to others I know who are curious about their natal readings.
- Jamal, from Virginia: Thank you for that personality reading. It has been very eye opening for me on this constant journey of self awareness!
- Kailey, from North Carolina: I loved it! I was completely unaware of Virgo being dominant in my chart and it definitely helps rationalize some things. I love the phrasing and analysis, as well as the layout. It’s very neat and easy to understand while not being overwhelming to look at. I’ll be sure to leave reviews on your site and through ask later! Again, thank you so so much!
- Julie, from Delaware: I loved reading through this and diving more into my personality and dominant traits! This was such an eye opener and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you again!
- Sharell, from France: The reading gave me the desire to learn more about myself! It was clear and really easy to read and understand. Pretty complete and very accurate!
- Sadie, from California: It fascinates me how Crystal has only ever corresponded with me over email and yet through my birth chart she has described me better than anything else. I have taken multiple personality tests, and yet this birth chart reading remains the most accurate. Even saying things about myself that I have never told anyone - or dared to admit to myself!
- Tonisha, from Washington: I really enjoyed Crystal’s work and I appreciate what she does, I hope she keeps furthering her work in astrology, it’s very necessary. I loved her take on it as she put a different spin to it.
- Melanie, from Texas: I’m still trying to make sense of it all -what the houses mean and planets and whatnot-, but it’s so on point so far, everything in the reading. It’s fantastic!
- Frida, from Norway: I liked it a lot! I felt like Crystal noticed the most important parts of my chart. It was also very well written and easy to understand. I felt like I got more of a broader view of my chart too. Everything was on point.
- Florian, from France: That was intense. I’ve found myself in every single thing Crystal has written… It’s a bit strange that someone can describe who I am so, so easily! I think that she is really good at what she does, she’s done an amazing job.
- Lisa, from France: This birth chart reading was useful to me, I wasn’t aware I had so much Capricorn in my chart, and that definitely shed light in a lot of things. Overall, very useful and concise, so much better than anything I could find online.

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    The Zodiac Signs as Ancient Civilizations/ Empires

    Aries: Vikings // War, courage, honor, adventure

    Taurus: Mongols // Possessions, determination, economy

    Gemini: Chinese // Rich culture, importance of writing

    Cancer: Babylonian // Strong sense of community, protection of the weak and poor

    Leo: Inca // Sun-God, magnificent buildings and art

    Virgo: Romans // Engineering, efficiency, technology

    Libra: Greek // Democracy, beauty, great works of art

    Scorpio: Egyptians // Mystery, intelligence, CATS

    Sagittarius: Aztecs // Nobility, extravagance, strength

    Capricorn: Maya // Knowledge, studying, hard work, time

    Aquarius: Atlantis // Universal consciousness, advanced technology, isolation

    Pisces: Persian // Human rights, religious tolerance, equality

    ✨🔮 The Signs as Types of Witches

    Aries- Norse Witch
    She wears colorful dresses and a beautifully adorned wand, she works with runes and is deemed too powerful for her own good. She is able to move back and forth between different realms, and can accurately predict the future.

    Taurus- Flora Witch
    She works with flowers and herbs, collecting them to create remedies and cast all natural spells. Sage for overall purification, Mint for vitality spells, and Roses for love potions. This Witch enjoys gardening and categorizing her plants.

    Gemini- Faery Witch
    She reaches out to the spectres of her ancestors and Old Gods, communicating with nature so dearly, working through the land and the imagination. She carries telepathic conversations with animals and trees, often writing poetry about them.

    Cancer- Lunar Witch
    The Lunar Witch draws her power from the Moon, closely following each phase and absorbing its scintillating energy- a full moon brings her clarity, a dark moon banishes any toxicity out of her life. She loves and worships Goddess Selene.

    Leo- Divining Witch
    She asks you to show your palm, to show you your fate; she does this in her sacred room, by an enchanted altar, you think it’s because she’s got all these fancy crystals and gems, but no- she is wise and intuitive beyond rational

    Virgo- Crystal Witch
    She analyzes each stone’s purest form of energy, her favorite being Amethyst (for protection) and Selenite (for stress relief). Relying on her own chakra balance, she heals anything she touches; and she can cleanse your sou

    Libra- Heka Witch
    She looks up to many Gods, and all of them propel her to follow the principles of truth, morality and justice- in these rituals, she relies on the power of her words, well-spoken speeches, burning papyrus, and good-hearted intentions.

    Scorpio- Shamanic Witch
    She whispers, blows the candle out, and enters the supernatural. She has frequent lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, she fades into astral travel. She can evoke other-worldly energies, or she can also go visit them herself.

    Sagittarius- Pagan Witch
    She doesn’t know exactly what a God is, so she is as open as can be, enjoying spiritual diversity. She has her own type of magic: coming up with individual spells that don’t work for anyone else. You can find her in the woods or hillt

    Capricorn- Appalachian Witch
    When young, she was handed a grimoire to get to know her ancestors and their traditions. She sings songs that were passed down for centuries, her blood is laced with old druid magic, she tells the future by looking at a cup of black tea

    Aquarius- Urban Witch
    By living in the city, she had to learn to practice modern-type witchcraft; she has sigil tattoos, reads her Book of Shadows on an e-reader, and uses charm jewelry. She uses magical shields to create space for her in crowded places.

    Pisces- Empath Witch
    She knows when you need a cup of tea, because she is soaking up your pain in an attempt to heal you. She can tell who lies to her; and who loves her from afar, even with her eyes closed. She works mostly with her heart, amulets and cloves.

    -Crystal Melbourne | Within the Zodiac

    for the bookworms #2

    aries likes books for the adventures they might find, for the thrill of living different scenarios
    taurus enjoys a good book and a cup of tea in a tranquil place
    gemini loves reading for the love of escaping from the routine and learning new things
    cancer connects with books as if it was soul-therapy, finding comfort in the feeling they receive from words
    leo likes books about the obstacles of life being overcome, and the difficult, ever lasting romance
    o admires the information each paragraph contains, judging the hidden meanings and assimilating the lessons
    a reads books that touch them and make them feel, whether it’s something positive or negative
    pio enjoys discovering messages between the pages, the thrill of decoding and knowing
    ius learns through books like through real life, experiencing and experimenting the unusual, the unconventional and the spiritual
    icorn reads for the love of ideas, of debating, of thinking
    arius likes books about this or other worlds, and expressing their solid, coherent opinions
    pisces enjoys absorbing the emotions of a book, feeling the character development and shuting the world out

    for the bookworms

    ARIES: Miss Peregrine’s House for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

    TAURUS: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

    GEMINI: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

    CANCER: The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

    LEO: Matched by Ally Condie

    VIRGO: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    LIBRA: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

    SCORPIO: My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult

    SAGITTARIUS: A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin

    CAPRICORN: Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

    AQUARIUS: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe By Benjamin Alire Saenz

    PISCES: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

    The zodiac signs as book elements/things

    Aries: The Narrative Hook- just endless possibility

    Taurus: Hardcovers- beautiful and strong

    Gemini: Relating to the Characters- being understood

    Cancer: Flashbacks- how did we get here?

    Leo: Binge Reading- when we can't put the book down

    Virgo: Shelves- the fantastic display of our collection

    Libra: The Subtext- reading between the lines

    Scorpio: Character Development- personal growth

    Sagittarius: Cliffhangers- the feeling of needing more

    Capricorn: Foreshadowing- how will we get there?

    Aquarius: Plot Twist- the thrill of unexpected changes

    Pisces: The End- the disclosure's bitter sweetness

    Myths: love version

    Aries - That they’re selfish. omg. if they love you, you will be the most important person in the world, for them. they will give you everything they can. seriously. no. they’re not selfish - at least not when in love

    aurus - That they’re all about forgiveness. you just try to break a promise to see if that ends well. okay they’re emotionally dependent but don’t make them mad, you won’t like it a bit.

    Gemini - That they’re insensitive. Nope. They need a bit of freedom, but they can be emotionally dependent too. And actually they feel very much, they just don’t know how to express it. 

    Cancer - That they’re so vulnerable and emotional they can’t handle things. Oh, you’re wrong. When things are bad, they stand tall and save everyone. 

    Leo - That they won’t do anything for you that’s not good for them. noooo. they can be very self-sacrificing!

    Virgo - That they need personal space when sad. Most Virgos prefer to be fussed over by their partner when sad. so please don’t ignore your Virgo, unless when clearly statements of the opposite are made.

    Libra - That they want someone who is overly attached to them… They want someone who has a life & they want to be part of that life. Not someone whose life is them AND ONLY THEM.

    Scorpio - That they hide their emotions in public. Okay. so they may not always be yelling “I love you”, but they like public displays of affection, a lot.

    Sagittarius - That they’re all about physical love and freedom. That’s so not true, they REALLY NEED intellectual compatibility and security (but not boredom). they don’t want to be always explaining everything, nor being always afraid of losing their partner. 

    Capricorn -That they don’t care about the emotional aspect of the relationship. They care. 

    Aquarius - That they don’t love/ don’t show love. They may be appear detached but they’re one of the few signs who believe love is forever. They’re just “afraid” of all that emotional complexity, since they’re so mental. 

    Pisces - That they will adapt to all the demands of the relationship. Sure, they love to serve and please, but they want someone who is reasonable and understanding.

    Best moment when (love version)

    an aries says you’re the best a taurus gives you a handmade gift a gemini wants to go steady a cancer shows you their favorite spot a leo tries to cook for you a virgo writes something about you a libra stops trying to impress you a scorpio acts childish a sagittarius includes you in their future plans a capricorn smiles widely  an aquarius manages to express their feelings a pisces blushes for no reason