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2021-03-10 16:27:52

    the fact that people actually pay for all these different shitty streaming services and i keep hearing shit like “oh they’re gonna have [movie from like 2005] on Disney+ so guess I’ll suck some capitalist dick!” ……..piracy is RIGHT THERE either use a pirate site or stop complaining about how expensive it is to give money to 15 different leeches so you can watch all your favourite movies (if you’re lucky and they have them which they often don’t) when you could just hit up fucking Google and watch it for free


    i literally never paid to watch a movie or show in my life and here’s how

  • gowatchseries (i prefer this one)
  • hdmo
  • kimcartoon
  • primewire - not a hosting site but instead a site that collects every available link so if you can’t find something on other sites, this will almost certainly have a link
  • you can find basically everything on the first two, on the off chance you can’t, try primewire. kimcartoon only has cartoons (duh) but it has literally every cartoon as far as i can tell. the last thing you need is thirty different greedy awful streaming sites who think password sharing is theft when these sites are right here for free


    openload.watch also has EVERYTHING and with subtitles in many languages!

    and for spanish-speakers, poseidonhd.co is also good, although you’re probably going to need a good pop-up blocker (ublock origin)


    flixtor.to for films released within the last 6 months and tv episodes within the last 3 months, no ads and 1080p. u can watch netflix shows the same day they come out


    123movies is also a good host site but search up the title bc they’re constantly moving and have like 20 serves/copycats rn.


    Also the Pirate Bay is back


    Showbox and moviebox are pretty decent too


    I swear by vumoo if you want another good streaming site


    This is a lost art amongst gen x-ers


    here’s some more multi-media stuff. happy pirating + make sure to use a vpn/malwarebytes/adblock.

    in general? here’s the eye. public database for anything your heart desires. mainly roms though.

    if you want to stream anime, twist.moe is a spectacular site. for manga, you can use mangadex.

    library genesis and sci-hub are good for reading, and sci-hub is dedicated to, you guessed it, scientific articles.

    123tv has live televison.

    for game cracks, roms, etc. here’s r/crackwatch, vimm’s lair which is mostly retro stuff, steam underground, and fitgirl repacks.

    ytmp3 is a website that converts youtube videos to mp3 or mp4, excellent for free music.


    Guys, I cannot stress how GREAT watchcartoononline.io is! It has nearly EVERYTHING including anime! It may not all be best quality, but it’s there! Little to no adds, and you can download all of it in little minutes!


    watchcartoononline.io has a new url. It’s wcostream.com now!