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    Jake and Neil


    Jake (18) and Neil (18) had just had their final formal hockey dinner. The hockey team always had an end of the year event to send the graduating seniors off to college. Jake and Neil, best buddies since middle school, dressed in their finest clothes, the boys had had a good night. They were walking home, talking about how crazy it was that they would be in college soon, when a van pulled up beside them. Two men in masks rushed towards them, and wrestled them to the ground, pressing a funny smelling rag to each of their faces. Jake passed out quickly, but Neil fought harder. The boy being more muscular. 

    “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GET OFF ME! HELP! HELP! JAKE?!” Neil watched as a passed out Jake was loaded into the back of the van.  “Come on, be a good boy” said the masked man holding him. The rag was clasped over Neil’s face again and Neil finally passed out, and was load into the van. 


    Jake woke up first, groggy from the chloroform. Had it been a dream? Was he okay? He tried to get up and quickly realized that he couldn’t move. He looked around and his eyes went wide. He was naked. His hands were tied with rope and pulled uncomfortably forward, secured to pegs that had been nailed into the floor. His legs were spread so wide that he was almost in a split, his ankles also secured by rope to two more pegs. He pulled at the restraints, but it was no use, he was firmly secured. He screamed, only to find his mouth gagged with a pair of socks and underwear, taped over a piece of duct tape. Jake screamed again. What the fuck was happening? Then he saw Neil….

    Neil was still asleep, his head down with his blonde hair in his face. He was naked. A ball gag stuffed deep in his mouth. His arms were tied above him with rope, secured to a beam. His legs were pulled up into the air by more ropes, spread just as wide as Jake’s were. A rope was tied around his cock and balls, pulling his genitals up as well. 

    “NEIL! NEIL!” shouted Jake through his gag. Where the hell were they? They were in a warehouse. There were no warehouses for miles. Where had they been taken? 

     A door to the barn opened and two men stepped in. Older, probably in their sixties. One of them had a leather jacket on, the other one looked like a business man.

     “As you can see, we don’t mess around. You need to tame these boys quickly, otherwise they will resist you constantly. But with our method, they wake up already knowing they are ours” said the business man. 

    “They’re both beautiful” said the man in the leather jacket, running a hand over Neil’s body, stopping at a bare foot to lick it. “How old?” “18 year old high school jocks. Hockey team” said the business man. The man in the leather jacket walked up to Jake, knelt down and ran a hand through Jake’s hair. He whimpered at the man’s touch. The man in the leather jacket felt up Jake’s ass, sticking a finger in the boy’s ass. Jake struggled from the sudden pain, until the man pulled his finger out.

    “He’s tight, I like that. Looks like this bitch is already awake. What’s his name?’ “Whatever you want it to be” 

    “I’m gonna call him my slut. You hear that, slut. You’re mine now. My boys. Both of you. Im your new master. Can I whip him?” 

    Jake started to plead through his gag. PLEASE STOP PLEASE NO! YOU SICK FUCKS! LET ME GO! But the two men just smiled. The business man handed a whip to the man in the leather jacket. He stepped forward. 

    “Such a strong back you have. But you’re resisting. I don’t like that” 

    WHIP! Jake couldn’t believe the pain, it went through him like diving into cold water. Over and over again. He cried into his gag, begging, but the man had no mercy. When his back was bright red and sore, the man stopped whipping him. Jake was crying, the man in leather jacket lifted the boy’s head up by his hair and spat in Jake’s face. He then turned his attention to Neil.

    Neil was now awake, struggling like wild in the air. The ball gag causing him to drool. The man in the leather jacket started to feel Neil up.

    “Such a big cock for a young boy. You must be so popular. I want you hard at all times.”

    Neil was outfitted with a cock ring that soon started to vibrate, causing Neil to moan uncontrollably as the man in the leather jacket started to jerk him.

    “Suck his nipples” The business man nodded, and approached Neil. Neil tried to plead with the business man, but he just twisted Neil’s nipples hard and began to suck them, sometimes biting them. The man in leather jacket started to suck Neil’s erect cock.

    “Can I fuck the other one?” Asked the business man.

    “You found them for me. Go ahead!”

    Jake shook his head, trying to undo the ropes on him. The business man took out his own cock and laid on top of Jake. Jake freaking out, the man’s weight pressing him to the floor. He whispered in Jakes ear.

    “I’ve watched your hockey games for months, watching you get sweaty and beautiful in your uniform. I always got hard when you’d come off the ice looking spent. I loved stripping you and your friend. Knowing that those were the last clothes you’ll probably wear. I loved choosing how you’d be tied up for your new master. I wanted it to be painful, your legs spread so wide like a whore. And now I’m going to finally stick my cock in your tight wet warm hole. I’m very excited. Are you excited?”

    Neil suddenly came in a full burst, crying out into his gag. And at that moment, the man in the leather jacket started to fuck Neil, forcing his way into the boy. Before Jake could notice this, the business man covered the boy’s face with a big hand and penetrated him.

    “Feel my cock! You like my cock?! I know you do, you whore. Such beautiful boys”


    LGBT Movies You Need To Watch

    Hello you guys! Here’s a list of LGBT Themed Movies I’ve watched and I thought of sharing them with you. If you have any suggestions you can always drop a message on my dm’s. Here goes:


    Appropriate Behavior (2015)


    Beach Rats (2017)


    Beats Per Minute (BPM) (2017)


    Being 17 (2016)


    Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)


    Boys (Jongens) (2014)


    Boy Don’t Cry (1999)


    Brokeback Mountain (2005)


    Call Me By Your Name (2018)


    Dallas Buyers Club (2013)


    God’s Own Country (2017)


    Holding The Man (2015)


    Keep The Lights On (2012)


    Love, Simon (2018)


    Maurice (1987)


    Moonlight (2016)


    Mulholland Drive (2001)


    My Own Private Idaho (1991)


    Stranger By The Lake (2013)

    Tangerine (2015)

    The Danish Girl (2015)

    The Duke of Burgundy (2015)

    The Handmaiden (2016)

    The Way He Looks (2014)

    Tomboy (2011)


    Yeah, go watch 👍