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    Avatar: The Last Airbender 1.05 | The King of Omashu


    Wow those moves look like someone who’s childhood best friend was an airbender


    …Shit, you’re right. 

    That spin he does. That is an airbendery move. 


    Literally the exact same move Aang pulls when he gets off his glider (cant find a gif but like… I promise)


    This shows attention to detail was unreal.


    Even the fall backwards! That looks like the exact kind of thing a fun loving Airbender kid would do while showing off gliders and airbending proficiency.


    the best benders in this show tend to be the ones who adapt elements of other bending techniques. Bumi has some airbender-y movements, Zuko and Iroh use some Air and Water movements, even Katara tends to use some earthbender looking moves when bending ice


    Meanwhile Toph just took earthbending and cranked it all the way up to 11.


    Everyone else: The spice of variety! The four elements make mine stronger! Ballerina time!

    Toph:….meTal….bendy bendy


    take into account that Toph might not be able to take other bending styles into her own. Because those styles (especially fire and air) require you to lift your feet off the ground and for Toph she would lose her way of connecting to the world like he’s used too.

    Toph took earthbending, made it her bitch, and made it adapt to her needs as a disabled person.

    So my brother and I were just talking on the phone and we realized: Aang might have mastered all four elements but Sokka mastered the non-bending styles from all four nations!

    He already knew how to fight with Water Tribe weapons/regalia:

    Then, in what’s likely the first Earth Kingdom village he’s ever visited, he learned how to fight with the Warriors of Kyoshi:

    When he reached the Northern Air Temple, he was able to tap into the philosophy of the airbenders and realize that the best way to win a battle is to avoid face-to-face confrontation by instead using creative means (and the sky) to take down your opponent:

    And finally, when he reached the Fire Nation, Piandao taught him how to forge a unique weapon and hone his swordsmanship:

    Sokka learned all four non-bending styles!

    Really puts Iroh’s quote into a different context:

    “Understanding the other nations will help you become whole.”


    One of the baristas at a nearby Starbucks makes me lose my mind every time I’m working there by saying things that are not outside the spectrum of normal human words but are just slightly off-the-wall.

    Barista: Welcome to Starbucks, home of delicious, what deliciousness can I put in motion for you today?

    Customer: … Can I get a trenta pink drink please?

    Barista: Go big or go home, we here at Starbucks appreciate your commitment, what else can I get started for you?


    Customer: Nitro cold brew with shots of espresso please.

    Barista: Brave of you to commit to staying awake for three days, anything else today?


    Barista: *slams open drive-thru window* HI HOW ARE YOU?

    Customer: …I’m pretty good.

    Barista: Are you ready to be even better? Because you’re about to be. *hands them their coffee* 


    Barista, realizing that a drink was made wrong: *slams open window* SO how do you feel about surprises?

    Customer: ….they’re okay.

    Barista: Great because I’m about to give you one.


    Barista: You have two drinks so I am going to hand you two straws which means, FANTASTIC news, these straws double as drumsticks. / You have one drink so I am going to hand you one straw and, promise not to tell anyone, this straw doubles as a magic wand.


    Barista: Here are those cake pops, I plucked them fresh from the tree myself.


    Barista: *slams open window, holding drink* Amazing, fantastic, delicious, you are a very lucky man/woman!


    Barista, realizing drink is being delayed or remade: Looks like it’s gonna be just one minute so they have time to put the extra love in.


    Barista: I’ll be with you in one hot second. *beat* WOW that second sure was hot!

    Anyway she has a few dozen catchphrases she rotates appropriately and it’s both distracting and fantastic to listen.


    She sounds like a fuckin riot and I want to tell her she’s doing amazing


    My one true AtLA wish is for Katara to not have noticed that the Jasmine Dragon was run by Iroh and Zuko in disguise until “Lee” was standing right in front of her serving her tea and, like that one Perry the Platypus and Doofenshmirtz scene, she can’t attack him because she too is bound by societal conventions to not cause a scene in a nice public fine-dining area (after all, the Jasmine Dragon is in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se) so they just make awkward small talk until she leaves or the end of his shift because Katara orders multiple cups of tea in order to pseudo-interrogate Zuko whenever he brings it over (as quietly and fake-politely as possible) and because Iroh undeniably makes the best tea. Katara walks away thinking “Zuko’s a pretty ok dude once you get past all the teenage angst” and Zuko walks away thinking “Did I just make a friend?”


    hello, zuko here


    not to get too deep on main but did anyone else have such deeply rooted issues with their self worth for so long that they thought as a kid/teen that their only redeeming feature was being “low maintenance” and now as an adult you give yourself guilt pangs asking for any more than the barest minimum in virtually any relationship because asking for things might negate your only good quality which is just “doesn’t ask for things”

    seen people talkin about this so I thought I’d make a quick guide!…very tired so I got no idea if any of this is useful at all XD

    also thanks y’all who send in art questions!! it’s great getting really specific questions in cause it lets me help you more~ :D

    it’s not a bad thing to ask broad questions either! but if you’re finding the answers don’t help try phrasing it a different way to get a different reply

    Guys, I had one of those “prophetic Obama” dreams last night.

    We were sitting in a courtyard, watching a couple of deer, and Obama just looked at me, nodded and said, “only bare your teeth if you’re willing to get blood on them.” And then stood and walked over to feed one of the deer.

    Like, the fuck?! I can’t come up with advice that good when I’m awake?!




    I will always share this LOL


    I relate on a spiritual level with the absolutefury in that cat’s face in the last gif


    No no no, that is not an angry cat, that is a patient cat!!! Look at that relaxed body language! That cat is letting that puppy chew on its ear–I guarantee you it does NOT have to put up with that. Puppo’s excited paws are flailing all over kitty’s face yet all we get is a patient slow blink??? No thrashing tail, either, please note. 

    This is not an angry kitty. This is a VERY GOOD KITTY who is being super duper patient with a very young pupper and has probably been around puppies all its life. A Very Good Cat indeed!!!