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    How to Tell if a Girl is Submissive.


    I’ve gotten quite a few inbox questions/messages about how to tell if a girl is submissive. I haven’t been sure how to reply, because I’m certainly no authority on the matter, and I didn’t want to stereotype or generalize. But I’m going to try my very best to answer the question. Please remember that I can only write based on my own experiences and conversations.

    1. <>She likes it when you’re a gentleman. Things like opening the door, driving her home, pulling out her chair, and paying for dates. Most submissive girls will take notice and enjoy it, instead of being offended.

    2. <>She can be stubborn and fiesty. It’s true, and it’s something I see a lot talking with other submissive gals. The difference here with a submissive girl is that she will enjoy it when you “push back” and establish your dominance in response. See below.

    3. <>She tests you often (to make sure you’re in control). I know this may seem counter-intuitive, but oftentimes subs will “test” their doms/potential doms to make sure they are really in control. We want to feel boundaries, and we want you to put your foot down. I did this with my husband even when we first started dating, just to see how much I could get away with. Make it clear to her that you won’t accept bad or disrespectful behavior, and see how she responds.

    4. <>She likes when you lead. A submissive girl will be happy to let you sit in the driver’s seat and take the reigns in the relationship, whereas a non-submissive woman would begin to feel uncomfortable.

    5. <>She wants you to make decisions. Even small things like picking where you will eat or what you will do on a date.

    6. <>She enjoys traditional gender roles. The kind of girl who wouldn’t be insulted if you asked her to cook you a nice dinner for date-night.

    7. <>She’s a good listener. Oftentimes submissive women enjoy listening more than talking. We genuinely want to hear what you have to say, and appreciate it when you open up to us.

    8. <>She is eager to please you. Pay attention. If you compliment a particular dress, hairstyle, or perfume, watch to see if she begins wearing it more often. A dominant woman would be more likely to simply appreciate the compliment, but wouldn’t change her behavior as a result.

    9. <>She reacts well to your dominance. The only way to REALLY know if a girl is submissive is for you to take the lead and just be your natural, dominant self. Sometimes submissive women don’t show their true nature until they’re around a genuinely dominant man. Projecting this type of personality will not only repel dominant women, but will help to attract the submissive girl you’re looking for.