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2023-06-07 02:06:40

    Let me proudly introduce you my new 2023 AMG E63 S 4MATIC+ "The Dark Knight".

    Today was a big day for me. I took delivery of a real monster of a car in Sindelfingen.

    Everybody who knows me, can imagine that today a dream came true. Thank you to my family, friends, followers and all the AMG, Pagani and Mercedes-Benz lovers out there for the never ending support!

    Can’t wait to share many beautiful moments with this insane monster!

    I really love how my new spec turned out.

    What a beautiful car!

    Now it’s time to enjoy it to the fullest and read your opinions about my new car and spec.

    Best your Mike 👊🏼

    Mercedes-AMG One man, one engine Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach. Driving Performance is my Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz and Exclusive Partner for Pagani Automobili. Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

    Two hearts, stupid clothes, you can’t miss him! Go on, scan the whole parsec, he’s not here! God knows where he is right now, but I promise you he’s doing whatever the hell he wants and not giving a damn about me, and I am just fine with that!
    OR WHO — The Husbands of River Song (2015 Christmas Special)
    directed by Douglas Mackinnon | written by Steven Moffat
    Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
    Alex Ki
    ngston as River Song