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    There is a famous story told in Chassidic literature that addresses this very question. The Master teaches the student that God created everything in the world to be appreciated, since everything is here to teach us a lesson. 

    One clever student asks “What lesson can we learn from atheists? Why did God create them?”

    The Master responds “God created atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all — the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs and act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching. He does not believe that god commanded him to perform this act. In fact, he does not believe in God at all, so his acts are based on an inner sense of morality. And look at the kindness he can bestow upon others simply because he feels it to be right.”

    “This means,” the Master continued “that when someone reaches out to you for help, you should never say ‘I pray that God will help you.’ Instead for the moment, you should become an atheist, imagine that there is no God who can help, and say ‘I will help you.’”

    ETA source: Tales of Hasidim Vol. 2 by Mar

    I started reading this and was worried it would be something attacking atheists, or bashing religion, but this makes me really, really happy.






    seduce me with ur history knowledge 

    vikings made their woman handle the finances because they thought math is witchcraft

    During a military campaign, Vlad the Impaler, the basis for Dracula, once pulled his troops out of a major engagement in a valley at dusk so that the sun was in their enemies’ eyes. Once they were over the hill, they set loose a bunch of rabid bats who flew away from the sun (towards the enemy) and attacked them, leading to significant infection in their ranks, and Vlad’s eventual victory. Because of how the bats appeared from where Vlad’s soldiers appeared to be at dusk, myth stated that the soldiers turned into bats at night, which is where the “Dracula can change into a bat” thing came from.

    raphael, the renaissance painter, literally fucked himself to death

    on his death bed Oscar Wilde said “Either that wallpaper goes or I do”



    You loved them in your favorite characters.

    Your crazy hair:

    Your stand out scar:

    Your unique laugh:

    Your freckles:

    Your shyness:

    The way you get excited about the little things:

    Maybe you’re a little crazy:

    Maybe you wish you could change yourself:

    But if you did change… There would never be any good stories. 

    Let your unique traits shine through. 

    Because every thing you call a “flaw”, I call an important character trait. 

    this is the best post




    Today I learned that the Curiosity sang itself ‘Happy Birthday’ on its year anniversary of being on Mars.

    All alone.

    Hundreds of thousands of miles from anyone or anything.

    Guys I am depressed over robots now.

    oh god this is the saddest thing i have ever read

    #is it though?????#because i think it’s sweet#imagine; someone somewhere along the line decided to program curiosity to sing that song#someone wrote and inputted that code#just so that on curiosity’s landing anniversary#curiosity could sing to itself#we sent it to another planet but we won’t let its milestones go by without ceremony#i think it’s the most wonderful thing i’ve heard all day#that someone thought to program that tiny little command into curiosity#that curiosity took that tiny little act of human kindness with it (wearealsoboats)

    Graham :

    The bad news is you're about to watch Albania. She's only 17, so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn't she step in and say no?

    Graham :

    If it was a singing competition, this next man would do very well indeed.

    Graham :

    Now this will put fear into your heart, She's a devoted experimental jazz musician. She can do extraordinary things with her voice. Not pleasant things, but extraordinary.

    Graham :

    Small children and pets should probably be removed from the room...

    Graham :

    I don't think we'll be troubled by that song again.

    Graham :

    It's an unusual Eurovision this year (2012) because there are some quite good songs... that are really well sung...

    Graham :

    Azaiza there, proving that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. What were those dancers doing? They looked like they were changing a giant duvet cover.

    Graham :

    Oh no, a Polish invasion.

    Graham :

    The band is ESDM and they traveled here by boat. It took a week! Something tells me it will feel longer on the journey home...

    Graham :

    Ooh it's like the gay wedding I'll never have! Oh no it's in my wine!!!

    Graham :

    [to France when they gave GB 1 point] WE BUILT A TUNNEL TO YOUR COUNTRY

    Graham :

    I'm 51, not dead!







    Why do dirty hippies act like John Lennon was a saint

    He physically abused both his wives, emotionally abused his son, was openly homophobic and antisemetic, was controlling and misogynist, he literally made yoko ono write a list of all the men she’d been with and shamed her for it, was openly racist, wrote a song called “woman is the n-word of the world” (except actually used the slur) and never actually did any activist work, just posed with whatever groups and signs were counter-culture for the media, stated that the idea of disabled people touching him made him sick, used to pretend to be intellectually disabled on stage as a joke, and probably tons more shit that was never documented

    Stop worshipping john lennon. The Beatles are mediocre and he was a horrifying human being

    His son Julian hated him, even going so far as to release a song about how much he hated his father. You might know it as the light hearted pop song “Too Late For Goodbyes.” oh-how-i-want-to-break-free

    I love The Beatles music (and Paul, Ringo, and George) but yeah…all of this about Lennon is true and people should never forget it.

    On that note, if you want a great role model who was similar to John Lennon in the sense that he was all of the great things that people say about John Lennon with none of the bad things that John Lennon actually was, might I present to you:

    oh lord the above criticism is great and all 100% true, but

    but the queen/freddie mercury promotion and the aang gif… nailed it.