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    One time I was talking to this guy and he wouldn’t stop talking about his time in the Army and I was bored so I said oh yeah I was in the Marines I was special forces and he was like what unit were you in and told him it was classified and he asked where I served overseas and I was like I’m sorry again it’s classified I probably shouldn’t have even told you that since my gunnery colonel seargent or whatever it’s called that’s above me in rank would be upset and he said he was a former delta forces specialst and I was obviously lying and I said that delta force was the most unprofessional group of soldiers I’d ever worked with during my overseas operations and he said I was stealing valor and then I told him that I had won the Medal of Honor but it was for a covert op so it wasn’t in the news and he said you don’t “win” the Medal of Honor so I said we should agree to disagree






    What’s this stuff about hating kink at pride parades. Kinky freaks have always been at pride. I’m like 99% certain there’s a famous photo of gay people in bdsm gear at the very first or one of the early pride parades. They used to be called “leather queens” or “leather people” back in the day. You can have your critiques of bdsm but it’s not fair to alienate them to appease homophobes who already think gay sex is impure. Gay sex has been apart of gay oppression and the ways gay people have had sex has been criminalized. Like, actually illegal. There’s a difference between straight people thinking weird sex makes them queer and queer people having weird sex. That said I don’t feel bad if you thots get made fun of for walking each other on a leash in public but it isn’t like there’s zero precedent for them being there. Like I said the A in LGBTQA stands for Alpha…

    Ah, here it is! A group of leather men at a Gay Pride Parade in New York City, 1980. Peep sis in the harness lol. [source]

    my issue with it is that like, it makes pride pretty unsafe for minors because minors, gay or otherwise, shouldn’t be exposed to inherently sexual shit like that

    The topic of gay sex has always been a feature of pride parades, because gay people have been and are oppressed for having gay sex. While I’m not against pride events that are suitable for kids, demanding all pride parades cater to that age group by hiding this fact of our oppression is unfair and borders on censorship. Gay people have a right to celebrate gay sex. Gay sex is good and it is normal. I’m on board with those who want to create child friendly events, but not at the expense of those that allow us to celebrate and educate about our sex lives.