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    you are your worst enemy until you learn to treat yourself like a friend. sabotaging your efforts and relationships, convincing yourself no one loves you, not trying because you’re sure you’ll fail, being apathetic to everything is bc you think you’re not good enough. but the truth is you are good enough and you can be the best person you can be if you learn to change these thoughts into self-love and encouragement. listen to your needs and be there for yourself instead of destroying your health or abandoning yourself or your future.


    My mother said something that really stuck with me. She told me to always make dua’ for your children, even as early as they’re in your womb because their taqdeer is written then- to never rely on your abilities as a parent alone. You can teach your child everything and show them the right way but in the end Allah holds their heart in His hands; even prophets (alayhum salato salam) have had disobedient/misguided children so always make dua’ for your children’s hidaya.


    “If you want to know if someone was meant to be in your future, then remove all the worldly things about them from your mind. Don’t think about their looks, the intimate moments or their personality. Now, think about how they made you feel, how they improved your life and what virtues they possess that push you to want to become better. Did they bring you closer to God? Did they bring you to your life mission? Did they ever lie to you, betray you or made it impossible for you to feel comfortable speaking your mind? When you remove all the shine from a diamond, it becomes a glass rock. What value is it then? See beneath the surface and you will know who your future is with.”

    — –Shannon L. Alder