i'm me

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    god it feels like i could vomit with how much my body convulses when i cry about you. it hurts so bad, and i’m not sure if my wounds will ever heal…i think i just get more and more used to the pain, but it never really leaves..


    saw you in my dream last night. you always seem to meet me there…to tell me you love me. i hope you know i love you too. just wish i didn’t wake up with tears…i miss you, i miss our life together, i miss growing up with you. but i hope you are truly happy in life.

    - your sister

    people talk shit on other people to make themselves feel better about themselves. it’s all ego. and man oh man, i refuse to go down to that level. sorry.🤷‍♀️ you won’t solve anything or be truly happy while being immature and evil. yep that’s right. it’s EVIL in a way! not gonna sugarcoat my shit anymore. i’m better than that.

    HAHHAA i love that tumblr will always be my true “twitter” feed where i can say what i truly want 🙃

    yep. so done wasting my time on fuck boys like you. my soul is too pretty for that crap. and i’m done feeling empty whenever i run into you. I’ll find someone to kiss me better than you did. someone who will play with my hair, and ask me what my favorite animal is. :) ta ta, forever🖕🏻