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    hi all (relocating!!!!)

    i made a new tumblr thats more personal and about me! i’ll still be on here sometimes reblogging crap but for the most part i’ll be on the new one!!! i don’t have many followers but if u want my url send me a message and u got it




    Way too many parents need to learn the difference between “a child being disrespectful” and “a human person expressing an opinion that differs from theirs”

    my mom had a nice technique for this. when i’d give her sass, she’d say, “i don’t speak rude, what’s that in polite-person-ese?”

    basically, she’d encourage me to rephrase my opinion without the attitude. so “UGH, you NEVER let me do ANYTHING!” would (often after quite a bit of bitching and grumbling) turn into “it feels like every time i have a fun idea, you say no, and i just end up sitting around the house.”

    and at that point we could troubleshoot like civilized people. she could explain that she didn’t want me to go to jimmy’s sleepover because jimmy’s dad creeps her out, and i could suggest maybe i could have andy over instead, and she could say sure, why not call peter and stacy and brianna and have your own party, i’ll pop some popcorn and rent a movie, and i could add what if we put up tents in the back yard and have a bonfire and roast marshmallows, and she could laugh and say don’t push it.

    I really like this technique because it addresses the OPs comment but recognizes that the two can coexist. The problem is often the child is expressing their opinion in a rude or disrespectful way. And as humans we automatically become adverse to opinions we feel are aggressive toward us.



    my dick is malleable, it can be shaped into any form i desire, and with the magic of stop motion technology, i have crudely recreated every wallace and gromit movie using nothing but my plasticine dick. recently, my dick has dried up, and is now permanently shaped like the steamroller from bob the builder

    do you ever see a post you made 3 years ago and now have no recollection of ever having writing and just think “no, there’s no way i’d ever put something like that on the internet” and yet there it is, your username undeniably attached to it.
    it’s an experience not unlike coming across a gravestone with your own name and date of death written on it and you realize that you’ve been dead for 3 years and have been existing this entire time as a soulless entity.