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    anyway no matter what the actual plot is of Falcon and Winter Soldier there simply must be a scene where Sam and Buck go to some important event, possibly in an undercover situation, and that trope happens. checking weapons at the door.

    Sam maybe leaves a couple things, then waits while Bucky produces weapon after weapon until Sam just eyerolls, shakes his head, and walks off to do whatever. The rest of the scene has Sam carrying on whatever mission and occasionally it cuts back to Bucky still discarding weapons, or you’ll get a glimpse of him in the background still at it. It gets absurd. There’s just an ungodly amount of weapons and it’s to the point where the audience has to wonder where he’s even taking them from.

    Sam gets almost finished with whatever he’s doing and is about to have to go tell Bucky to pick everything back up so they can leave but then a (possibly even unrelated to either of them) fight breaks out and Bucky looks vaguely annoyed, glancing over the massive pile of weapons and deliberately selecting something before jumping into the fray. the ensuing scuffle is ridiculous and beautifully choreographed and is amazing and tense and just. fantastic.

    Fight ends, they’re both very much ready to go home (or move on whatever plot-important thing has developed because of the fight) and then there’s a moment where they’re both left standing in silence just kind of staring at the weapon pile before Sam goes “man we’ve talked about this”


    my list, in no particular order, of when a soundtrack has absolutely went off it’s tits to give some of the best moments in any media.

    1. infamous quicksilver scene from x-men apocalypse (”sweet dreams are made of this” playing as he saves everyone from the manor)
    2. the inexplicable use of supermassive black hole by muse  in twilight during the baseball scene
    3. the scene in umbrella academy where five fucks up all those agents in the diner while “istanbul (not constantinople)” plays in the background
    4. what’s up danger playing from into the spiderverse when miles takes the leap of faith
    5. the start of spiderman homecoming when they played the orchestral version of the spiderman theme for the first time
    6. sweet victory
    7. “sitting there useless as two shits hey, turn around bend over i’ll show you where my shoe fits
    8. the part in rwby where they slingshot ruby at the nevermore while the final part of red like roses pt.2 plays, the guitars blaring as she goes up the cliff and ending with the beheading
    9. “I AM MOANA”
    10. busted from phineas and ferb
    11. the end of guardians of the galaxy volume 2 where they start playing father and son
    12. the part in thor ragnarok when hela asks thor “what were you the god of again?” before thor attacks her and starts going batshit crazy on the undead army while led zeppelin’s immigrant song plays

    as this is by no means a comprehensive list, please add any soundtrack moments that were so Fucking Good they made you have a physical reaction.






    a concept: future jake and amy having a kid BUT amy goes into labour on halloween and jake has to figure out if amy is cheating him out of the heist or if he’s actually about to have a kid

    bold of you to assume she didnt plan to get pregnant exactly 9 months before halloween so that its actually both

    bold of you to assume it wasnt jake who planned to get her pregnant exactly 9 months before so she’d be thrown off by contractions

    bold of all of us to assume Holt didn’t pick an exact date to compliment them both so they’d have validation horniness so that jake AND amy were in disadvantage during the heist

    Holt: your heteronormative lifestyle choices will bring about your demise




    au where uncle aaron doesnt die but he has still just found out his favorite nephew is spiderman so now hes just kinda like :/ damn i guess i gotta be a superhero now

    its like batman and robin if batman were the sidekick. hes just sort of following miles around dragging his scrawny little butt out of tight spots and yelling encouragement. 

    Spiderman pulls his phone out during the middle of a fight and is like “Things aren’t going very well, can you come pick me up?” and less than ten minutes later the Prowler crashes his motorcycle into the Green Goblin’s face.

    I’ve never thought of “my 13yo nephew went and became a superhero so I guess I’m helping him out now” as a villain redemption arc before but now it’s everything I need in life.