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    Her husband was reading the paper in the kitchen when my big sister told him that the baby was sleeping and she was going to their pool to swim some laps. I was their live in nanny and watched their 1 year old, but I was also my sisters only source of orgasms.  She stopped by my room and whispered just a quickie as she pulled her swimsuit crotch to the side and pulled her knees up to hide her stretch lines on her stomach. 

    It always amazed me how such a small movement coudl reveal so much and get me so hard.  Now she used to cum fast on me - like within 30 seconds of my cock filling her - and could sometmes cum on her husband if she rode him slowly = but after the baby stretched her out it even took me a few minutes of pounding her hard to get her there.

    She kissed me after her legs stopped shaking and sucked me clean in her mouth - taking my whole shaft in and swallowing each throbbing load.  Then she sat in my lap and moaned as I milked her tits for a few minutes before she whispering - he will come looking for me soon and got up and pulled her swimsuit back into place and left.


    My sister answered my call and walked off the beach where she had been with her friends.  I told her to tell them mom had called and she needed to leave right away. 

    She walked towards me in the car looking pissed - but I had shown her the video from the hidden camera I had set up in her room that had taped her cumming on her gym teachers big cock every after school last year.  I had hours of jerk material there - but it was only this summer that I finally put it to use on her.

    She did not want to get sent to the catholic girls boarding school my mom kept threatening her with - not to mention having her teacher BF fired and locked up. She was definitely looking forward to getting plowed as a junior next school year.

    She was only about 10 feet away when she said angrily on the phone - I don’t understand the point of this - I already let you put your pathetic little cock in me and cum in both my ass and pussy this morning… Now that made me mad - so I told her to freeze and texted her an image from the video.  Then I told her to stay on the phone but I wanted her put her left hand down her swimsuit front and slide her fingers into her pussy.  She whispered - someone will see - but we both knew no-one was close or looking and I growled NOW.  She slowly slid her fingers into her and I made her finger herself for a minute or two until her lips parted a little.  Then I made her blow me until I finally pulled her off me and came down her swimsuit top. As my cum ran down her stomach I and pulled out her bottoms so the cum ran down and coated her pussy lips and then slid it into her with my fingers.

    Then I drove her covered in my cum to her gym teachers house.  I had showed him the video too and got him to agree that when his wife was at the gym every day from 2-4 I would bring my sister over and he would let me take my sisters ass while she rode his cock with her pussy and then we would do it again reversed.  My sister actually thanked me for that afterwards and grinned and said - well now you know what it feels like when a a girl cums on you - even if it wasn’t your cock making me cum. 


    Mom and I were sure we were going to be alone - Dad was golfing and my sister was at work. We even checked find my iphone to make sure.  It had been a long time since I had been able to take my mom hard in the kitchen - and I grinned as I pushed her up to lay on the island so her ass was at the perfect height and her legs dangled her toes not quite reaching the floor.  I ate her until her legs shook and she was yelling loudly she needed my cock in her now.   I grabbed her hair in one hand and took her hard making her cum twice with my cock ramming her pussy  before moving to her ass. 

    We had never factored in the possibility of my sisters BFF Rachel letting herself in the back slider to “borrow” the swimsuit my sister had worn yesterday to impress her BF.  Mom and I were not sure when Rachel started watching us - mom was pretty noisy and I was driving her hard and fast.  We finally heard her moaning and saw here with her shorts pushed down to her thighs and her fingers deep in her shaved pussy only after I had pulled out mom when she came so hard she squirted hot jets down my legs and the made a mess of the kitchen floor.

    Rachel told us her price for silence was cumming on my cock - and she demanded payment now - my mom protested that my father would be home in 30 minutes - so Rachel put on the swimsuit she came to borrow and had me walk her through the trees in the back yard to the deck on our lake. She shyly told me as she walked that she had fingered herself under her towel many times thinking about me on that dock and she had begged my sister to let her fuck me so many times.

    My sisters swimsuit top did not even remotely look right over her smaller tits but I will say the thong looked much better on her than it did on my sister.

    Rachel sat in my lap and she lubed and stroked my cock and shyly told me that she had never been with a man with a big cock before and she hoped that I could make her cum like I did my mom. She slid the thong aside and started to ride me.  I made her orgasm in under 60 seconds - but the problem was that she was so tight that I ended up cumming in her.  We got lucky - but after that she got on the pill right away.