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    I’m so angry and tired of how ads are in every little thing, part of every waking moment of our lives. I hate that there’s gas pumps with TVs in them just to blast ads while you fucking pump GAS and their speaker systems blast ads in commercials between elevator music.

    I am tired of how facebook jumped on the unskippable ad train and you can’t look at any kind of minute+ long video with ads everywhere. YouTube is just fucked and has been for years. Scrollable ads on our dashboards and news feeds on other social media, ads ads ads. Not to mention the ads we see in passing in our daily lives in stores, on the road, TV, Radio. It is absolutely inescapable, unless you pay some services to not see this shit.

    So yeah maybe this shit is why we aren’t trying to be ‘fake woke’ or whatever it is about the ‘yuo r not imune 2 propganda’ meme, we are just tired of seeing this shit so much even if it’s employees running corporate accounts for ha ha funny clapbacks, we are absolutely at our breaking point with this fucking corporate hell hole nightmare clown world.

    can you imagine a world with minimal or no advertising? The visual and mental peace and quiet of that?