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Pronouns: they/them, he/him. I'm probably very black.

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    • I’m okay
    • I love you
    • Thank you
    • It’s alright
    • I’m not hurt
    • I’m not hurt too badly
    • You’re lovely/wonderful/kind
    • I enjoyed it
    • It was worth it
    • Take your time
    • Do you need anything?
    • Do you want a cuddle?
    • Do you want me to get dressed/take the collar off/put the crop away?
    • Do you want to talk about it?
    • I’m here
    • You’re not a bad person

    Top drop/dom drop usually comes from shock, guilt or insecurity about the way you have just treated someone whose well-being you care about very much. Like sub drop, it is usually accompanied by a fall in endorphins and general energy levels. Especially for aces (who I find have a greater need to be in the right mindset/’zone’ for play and intimacy), a ‘snap’ moment where you break out of play mode can throw you emotionally, and the end of play causes a similar reassessment or double-take at what happened during the scene.

    Dominants in drop require the same kind of care as subs, but a different kind of reassurance.