how to tell if I'm sad again

    •I don’t respond to your texts for days

    •I don’t respond to your texts for hours

    •I don’t respond to your texts at all

    •I respond with short answers

    •I sound disinterested in our conversations, texting or not

    •I don’t eat/drink/talk as much as usual

    •I stare out into space more than often

    •I stay in one place/a few places for long periods of time without moving v much

    •I lose track of time

    •I rub my head/eyes as if I have a migraine

    •I talk more quietly than normal

    •I don’t talk abt myself at all

    •I make cynical comments, especially abt my existence

    •I sleep too much or too little

    this is not just me, though. these are common signs/things to be aware of and look for in people/friends/family members struggling w depression. stay safe, and stay aware.

    the weirdest thing about the education system is that pretty much every teenager ever is so stressed out about schools that they pray for disasters or fake illness or try to kill themselves and yet nobody has ever thought to themselves “hey maybe our system is flawed” and instead all they ever think is “kids these days are so lazy and selfish” like what the fuck is up with that man