Back Here

    Been a long time since I posted or reblogged something here...

    I’ve decided I’m gonna start writing a little more here, kinda like a journal idk

    Last time I logged in it was 2016, I was 18 freshman in College. Now I’m 20.

    2017 wasn’t a great year for me. I lost a very close friend to a car accident, recently it was the anniversary. So hard to lose a friend at such a young age but mostly, I keep in my thoughts his family because it must be a billion times harder for them.

    So here I am now, 2018, 1:52 a.m, laying in my bed in complete darkness with my phone in my hands, listening to Coldplay’s album Ghosts Stories and freaking out because I’m about to start my 3rd year of college, out of 5, to later on become a nurse.

    It’s gonna be tough, I’m gonna practice everything I’ve learnt this past two years with real patients and real cases.

    I’m nervous, yet confident that I can do this because I know I have my angels right beside me.

    So here I go...