I have recently hit 300 songs on here, chances are i have songs from at least one of your faves. If you wanna find more Kpop to listen to i recommend either following or at least listening to this playlist. I’ve got all the genres Of Kpop so you’re bound to find something you like. I’d like to think i have artists that you don’t know about and i definitely have some underrated artists, it is also in alphabetical order so you can easily find your faves. There are some song that are out of order because i have “sections” but most of the time it’s in order and all of an artists songs will be in the same place. If an artist is in a section chances are i only have 1 or 2 of their song. I’ve got about half the members of wanna one as soloists. And if not i have them in a band ex. CIX and AB6IX. I also care an awful lot about transitions and “flow” there are parts especially in the “sections” that i tried to make sure to transition properly, or it starts faster, then slower and then faster again through the section. That’s how i fit ballads in without it being weird. And some artists i have a lot of songs and those are individual sections that should have nice transitions. I know for sure the bts and seventeen sections are like that.