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2020-08-08 01:13:47

    - usa kills an iranian general thus causing a wwiii scare

    - australia on fire

    - world wide epidemic

    - ukrainien flight crashing in iran

    - brexit/uk leaving european union

    - trump impeachment trial

    - everything is postponed to 2021 and the streets are almost empty

    - north korean leader kim jong un is speculated to be dead but isn’t

    - famine in yemen

    - china putting more than 1 million muslims in concentration camps

    - george floyd’s death ignites blm protest across america and the world

    - protests in jordan against the killing of women

    - huge explosions in beirut, lebanon kills a number of people and harmed almost four thousand

    2020 so far


    It’s only 8 months in


    Fun Facts About Honey

    - Honey is mostly sugar (WoW!) it is 80% sugar and 20% water (double WoW!)

    - There are over 20,000 species of bees, but only 4 make HONEY

    -Honey is the ONLY food that contains all the substances you need to survive (Including WATER)

    -Children under the age of 1 should not eat honey… why? because sometimes it contains bad stuff called botulism and can cause them to get botulism poisoning (that sucks, even infants should taste the deliciousness that is honey)

    -Honey will crystallize under optimum temperatures (this has a lot to do with how you store it)

    -Bees produce honey to eat during the winter when there are no flowers and no nectar for them.

    -A honeybee would only need an ounce of honey to be able to fuel a flight around the world (this makes for a very cultural bee!)

    -A typical beehive can make up to 400 pounds of honey a year! (Wowza!)


    This reads like it was written by a bee and I’m 100% here for it


    This is singlehandedly THE BEST compliment I have ever received :)


    GUYS please listen to Lebanese people, if they say petitions and donations will either not help or cause more negative outcomes but things such as supplies will help them more, please listen. I know at least here news talked about it for a few the past weeks and it's getting attention more globally through media, please read into it and found out ways to help which doesn't let the government be involved or interfere.

    What is happening:


    Also know one of the things I was also pin pointing at regarding former news, which is why donating is tricky! It is corrupt but most importantly not long ago their valuta collapsed, sending money will be worth nothing or be taken by the government.

    Support by donating medical supplies, donating blood when able, donating to the Lebanese red cross and ONLY to them or other trustworthy independent non gov supported organisations CHECK before donating!

    Latest News:

    Currently known number of at least 2.7k wounded, including family of the premier for those who absolutely want to know. Last update that has been withdrawn were 10 deaths.

    News and someone here on tumblr rebloggin it spoke of the blast being HEARD all the way in Cyprus 240 kilometres away from Lebanon.

    Offices and houses kilometers from the place where the blast happened are severely damaged, close perimeters wiped to the ground. People are said to be trapped in houses according to the red cross, glass erupting has caused lots of wounded.

    Rumours on news pages vary from high explosive material to chemicals. Though authorities arent certain it was an accident or attack.