So my kpop playlist has recently hit 24hrs and 420 songs so now is the best time to follow it, If you wanna find more Kpop to listen to i recommend either following or at least listening to this playlist. I’ve got all the genres Of Kpop so you’re bound to find something you like. I’d like to think i have artists that you don’t know about and i definitely have some underrated artists, it is also in alphabetical order so you can easily find your faves. There are some song that are out of order because i have “sections” but most of the time it’s in order and all of an artists songs will be in the same place. If an artist is in a section chances are i only have 1 or 2 of their song. I’ve got about half the members of wanna one as soloists. And if not i have them in a band ex. CIX and AB6IX. I also care an awful lot about transitions and “flow” most of not all of the playlist should flow pretty nicely. I put a lot of work into making sure it does, the last time i posted about it on here, i gained a couple of followers on it and i just want to repeat that again. I also have a chill kpop list that has about 230 songs and is about 13 hours long so if you prefer more chill stuff that’s for you. It’s also actually chill and not like some lists i find that have some dance songs on them. I take great pride in this playlist and even if you don’t follow it could you just look at it. If you found this in a tag there’s probably a good amount of songs by that artist or group on here


    - usa kills an iranian general thus causing a wwiii scare

    - australia on fire

    - world wide epidemic

    - ukrainien flight crashing in iran

    - brexit/uk leaving european union

    - trump impeachment trial

    - everything is postponed to 2021 and the streets are almost empty

    - north korean leader kim jong un is speculated to be dead but isn’t

    - famine in yemen

    - china putting more than 1 million muslims in concentration camps

    - george floyd’s death ignites blm protest across america and the world

    - protests in jordan against the killing of women

    - huge explosions in beirut, lebanon kills a number of people and harmed almost four thousand

    2020 so far


    It’s only 8 months in