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2020-07-08 19:07:46

    I wish people could just say how they feel like ‘Hey I really don’t like when you do that to me’ or ‘Hey I’m in love with you’ or ‘Hi I really miss you and I think about you all the time’ without sounding desperate. Why can’t everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble.

    maybe because some people just can’t face and accept the truth (via misjudgments)

    I wonder if I ever cross your mind. or if you stop to think about me. or the number of times I pop into your head. do you feel anything when I look at you right in the eyes? how about butterflies in your stomach when my arm briefly brushes up yours? does your heart ever skip a beat when I smile at you? do you like it when I joke around with you? have you ever wanted me wrapped tightly in your arms, with your chin resting on my head, and our fingers intertwined? have you ever imagined us kissing in the darkness, alone in your car, with music softly playing in the background? do you play scenarios of us in your head over and over again? do I take up your thoughts before you fall asleep? are you worried about us being miles and miles apart when school starts again? I wish you knew how much I wanted to see you everyday. I wish you knew how much I just wanted to kiss you every time we were alone together. I wish you knew all the crazy thoughts passing through my mind whenever our eyes met. I sure do wish you knew how madly I fell in love with you this summer.

    i don't have much time to see you anymore and I fucking miss you

    My friends keep asking me how I’m spending my time now that I’m not smacking chapstick with shitty mascara on the train home to you I tell them without looking them in the eye that I’ve been tying my shoes tighter so that I can run to you faster the first time I see you again I tell them that i’m practicing my best jokes so that when I see you really laugh it’s without the connection cracking I tell them I’ve been smiling into a mirror so that i can remember how to do it now that you’re not around They ask me what I’ve been doing with myself now that you’re not here to come home to and I tell them I’ve been thinking about becoming a real estate agent so that I’ll get better at finding homes that I can actually stay in

    I made a home out of you (via veincold)

    it's been a month since we sat in my driveway and talked for half an hour. we were laughing and smiling at stupid things and not giving a care about how late it was. I remember all the jokes I made and hearing that beautiful laugh of yours. I remember looking deep into your eyes and falling for you more and more. I remember taking every hint that you maybe liked me too. I thought maybe we would develop into something wonderful. we clicked so fast. we immediately found so many things in common we had with each other. I wanted to hold your hand and touch your hair. and hug you. so bad. I thought something would happen eventually. I would do anything to go back in time and go back to one month ago. I want to have the same amazing feeling and hope and excitement as one month ago. I want to be next to you and admire your face and everything about you. I miss that night. -may 14

    may 14

    that smile. oh god. that soft smile of yours. the way your hair stays back perfectly. the sound of your laugh whenever I say something funny. the jump in my heart when you send me a snapchat or a text. the excitement that went through my head whenever I thought about seeing you the next day. the warm feeling inside me when we made eye contact. the pride I felt because I knew you wanted to keep talking to me. but now my heart is breaking. I rarely see your name light up on my phone. I wait for you to say something to me after class but there’s nothing. the mixed signals keep coming. the constant glances at me in class made me think that you were interested. I thought we would get closer. but it seems that we’re fading. and I keep hoping. I keep trying to bring us back together. did I do something wrong? did I say something you didn’t like? am I overthinking? I can’t stop hoping that maybe you’ll realize I’m into you and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be into to me too.

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