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2020-07-08 19:07:46

    so i noticed this interesting thing where sometimes non-native speakers are better at a language than its native speakers? only in certain aspects though. for example in english, they’re good at types of clauses, conjunctions, and verbs.  idk if i explained this right


    YES i know exactly what you mean. i was telling my english friend that i was learning phrasal verbs in school and she did not know what those were (but obviously she speaks better english than me)


    It is actually proven that non-native English speakers are able to achieve higher scores, including a perfect 12/12, in this quiz compared to native English speakers. “Non-natives generally study grammar and mechanics of a language in a more focused way than native speakers. While an English speaker might inherently know grammar rules, non-natives can actually explain those rules, so students fully understand and remember them”


    I got a 50% on this and english is my first language lol I feel like I learned some of this stuff in elementary school though? But just forgot?


    i got 4 wrong and i sent this to my german friend and she got only 1 wrong 😂 wtf?


    I found something that tells you if you’re colorblind or not, and to what degree. I swear I’ve always known a wide variety of colors and always passed those colorblind tests at the eye doctor, but this test somehow got harder near the end and I got 11 questions wrong? My siblings tried it too and got more wrong than me and they’re not colorblind at all?

    Try it out and let me know your guys’ results


    okay I got like 15 wrong, what is this


    Still says I have sharp vision and not colorblind at all!


    I got 10 wrong, how and why 😭 Is there an explanation for it