Jihyo's stress relief

    Few days goes by, as always Jihyo goes to practice her dance for latest comeback talk, all the other members go back before Jihyo leaves. Jihyo practiced very viciously. She is all sweaty so she goes to take a bath, the laundry machine is right next to the bathroom for convenience so all the members can just throw out the used clothes and take a bath. Then the staff member comes by to put the clothes in the laundry machine, as he saw almost all the twice members leave the room he thought he was alone, he couldn’t control his urge to smell all those panties and clothes, he took the clothes on the top of the pile of clothes and starts sniffing them and uses the panty to jerk off. As he feels good he starts to moan as he thinks no one is around, jihyo's as she baths hears it, she slowly opens her door to see him jerking off with her clothes and panty. He covered his whole face with jihyos top and bra, unable to see his surroundings and her panties on his dick. Jihyo takes her phone and takes a picture of him jerking of he heard the click sound of the camera, he removes all the clothes from the face and sees in shock jihyo standing there with her phone completely naked, due to shock his boner went down but as he saw jihyos body his boner went back rock hard, jihyo noticed it. She goes near him and threatens to leak the photo if he doesn’t obey her orders. Jihyo threatens him saying, you know what my once will do if they see you jerking off with my panties they would be in rage and will definitely make you regret your life for being alive. So if you don't want that to happen, jihyos slaps her hard cock with her hands he grunts in pain, shhhhh quiet you perv jihyo grabs his penis and slaps again jihyo squeezes his balls in one hand and slaps in another. She loved to see him in pain . Jihyos as asks what were you sniffing huh, you fucking perv you smelled my pussy huh. Wanna smell them pervy cunt huh? Wanna smell them? She makes him go down on his knee, plants his nose in her pussy, hmm you like that sick bastard, does it smell the same as you dog, she grinds on his face as she humiliates him.  jihyo turns around and shoves her ass in his face grabbing his hair in one hand, jihyo goes up and down with her ass rubbing his face, jihyo says stick your tongue out perv, you wanted to lick this ass don't you l huh, you want it don't you. How does my ass smell the same as my pussy or different answer it, he say they both smell delicious. Jihyo was impressed by the answer. Grinds on his face with her ass, jihyo turns around and kisses him bending over, 

    he touches her boobs as he was tempted. Jihyo then squeezes both her boobs with her hand and says you wanna fondle with them dont you but you gotta earn them. Jihyo takes her pant in the pile and ties his hands behind his back, and says only if you make me cum with your mouth you will get those boobs. She puts one of her legs on the machine and grabs his face and puts his mouth on her pussy, jihyo's pisses on him and makes him drink some of it as he starts to lick her pussy. She gets all excited from that, he somehow finds that spot to make her cum, he keeps licking them and jihyo starts to cum moaning hard ahhhhhhhhhh. She then unties his arms and lets him squeeze her boobs and kiss and bite her boobs. Jihyo enjoys it moaning hard patting him on the head grabbing his back, hugging him. She stops and grabs him by his cock takes him to a free space and jihyo bends over and spreads her ass, he tempted by those pink tight little pussy puts his cock in her pussy, its so wet and tight he takes out his penis and sucks her pussy to get rid of those excess pussy juice, he slides it right back in her pussy and pounds as he looks at her enjoying it, ahh ahha ahha hha ahha hha screams jihyo as she is enjoying the dick in her pussy going deep, she turns around, he grabs her thighs lifts it up, slams her against a wall and starts to fuck her grabbing one of her ass cheeks and lifts the other leg up and pounds her in the air swinging against the wall, it hits jihyo differently, she gets so horny she says put them in the asshole. 

    He starts to pound slowly as the waves of all that booty starts to happen, those jiggly ass on him makes him want to pound hard, he grabs jihyo by her hips and starts to give strong thrust jihyo moans to every thrust, she say him to go fast. Jihyo then sleeps on the floor and starts doing it in missionary, her lovely eyes coming in contact with his and boobs bouncing as he thrusts. Jihyo moans in pleasure, make him lie on the floor and rides him, you love this don't you fucking perv. She goes hard and fast on him, he fills jihyo's ass with all the thick cum. Jihyo stands up as all the cum starts dripping from her ass, she puts her fingers in her asshole and tastes it. Jihyo says it’s delicious, why don't you cum in my mouth. Even though he came Bonner never lost due to jihyos body he wanted to, again and again, jihyo kneels and starts to suck his cock. Jihyos goes deep and chokes on his cock and starts to again slowly, spitting on his cock and sucking them, she uses both her hands one to jerk his dick and the other to squeeze his balls, she goes faster and faster and he gives a hell load of cum in her mouth. Jihyo's mouth is filled with all the cum, he came so much jihyo can’t even speak, she swallows twice to drink all that cum. Jihyo with a smile says that’s enough protein for today’s workout. She makes out with him and slaps his ass as she says goodbye and goes out, she never deleted the photos as she knew she can put them up for some great use.

    Thanks to SandhipKumar67

    Loathing Love: Liable Lady (Pt. 2)

    Male Reader x Kwon Eunbi, Kang Hyewon

    Words: 2,780 words

    Tags: rough hate sex, missionary mating press, blood sweat and tears, creampie, aggressive, choking, dom!reader, subby!Eunbi

    TW: hate sex, a little blood, cursing at idol

    Inspiration: cheating Eunbi and "Loser=Lover" by TXT

    Credit: @midnightdancingsol for editing!

    This is Part 2 to Loathing Love: Lucky Loser!

    I’m a loser / I’m a loser / Lover with a dollar sign is a loser.”

    This radio is definitely taunting you. Someone, maybe one of the radio presenters, loves to see you suffer, while your car slowly rolls onto the paved entrance next to your house. The remnants of stars in the dark blue sky above fade completely when bright, golden beams of light burst forth behind the earths’ curvature. The sun has risen, and with no clouds to hide it, she shows it to everyone.

    You pull out the key, and thus the boy band falls silent. A new urge rises in you faster and even stronger than the glowing fireball illuminating the entire planet. It makes you drop your keys; of course, they fall somewhere underneath your seat. As you fumble for them, the events of last night—the finale at least—is put on replay in your fuzzy mind.


    “Thank you, Hyewon.”

    “No need to thank me more. I received my fair share of pleasure. I hope you don’t mind your cum dripping onto your leg.”

    You chuckle and pull her into a close embrace. The heat from her body, the heat from her core, the heat from… from whatever feelings you have, make you forget the chaotic mess that your life actually is right now.

    “You’re sure you’re safe, right?”

    “Of course. No time to get pregnant. Yet.”

    The final word is almost inaudible as she presses her chin onto your shoulder. However, she must have underestimated the distance to your cautious ear picking up every sound, even the light creaking of the bed as you press her sizable breasts onto your chest.

    “Yet? Are you still waiting for the right one?”

    Hyewon nods, rubbing her cheek on yours. A melancholic whisper is how she answers, hands clenching on your back:

    “The right one, at the right time. Someone who takes all of my worries away and does not create new ones. Someone who can express his love for me the way I do. Someone, who is pretty outside and absolutely gorgeous inside. Until now, I have never met a man—or woman, even—that can do this for me.”

    With an amused look on your face, you back off slightly from the sweaty bare embrace and stare at a surprised Hyewon. Then, your loud teasing voice makes her blush harder than the afterglow of sex on her cheeks:

    “Hyewon, do you like girls? Are you, maybe, a little gay?”

    Her eyes avoid your face, searching for escape—up, down, left, right—but she cannot escape your persistent smirk. With a sigh she surrenders:

    “Maybe—perhaps, just a little. Yeah, okay, fuck it. Girls are great. I find them just as hot as guys. Some of them also kiss exceptionally well, at least when they are drunk and I am drunk. But the thing is…”

    Hyewon is pointing at her tummy and rubbing it, yet your perverted gaze falls on her thighs and to her pink core first. She doesn’t notice and stutters:

    “G-Girls cannot f-fill this one up. A-And I… I like that.”

    You laugh at her adorable filthiness and kiss her cheek. She looks at you, embarrassment written all over her face, just like the strands of hair sticking to it.

    “You are so cute, Hyewon.”

    “S-Shut up. Go to sleep. A-And when you wake up, leave this room immediately.”

    Did you take things too far? An apology might save things.

    “Sorry, I—”

    “No, don’t be sorry! I just want you… to not drive with alcohol in your blood, okay? So just sleep for a couple of hours. Then, you will find a way to end this drama. Understood?”

    “Yes. Thank you, Hyewon.”

    She smiles brightly and slaps your chest. What a way to go to sleep.


    For a couple of seconds, your brain was in the past, reliving it intently, and during these seconds, you found your keys, exited your car, and walked to the sidewalk in front of your house. From here, you have a perfect view of the magnificent morning sun. Alive is what you feel and alive is what you are. It’s definitely a good thing. Not that you doubted it, but the drama seriously damaged your outlook for the future. Is it still salvageable? Can you still look ahead to great times? Or are they gone with the morning wind?

    All of this waiting, this freezing and sitting at the empty avenue is unnecessary if Eunbi is not at home anymore, but you doubt that she left. After all, she has nowhere to go. The confrontation is inevitable and you are absolutely not ready for it. It’s oddly similar to tests in schools, but this time, you have no clue what the correct answers are.

    You are unsure of your feelings, unsure of her feelings, and unsure if feelings even matter as much as you believe them to do. Dumping her seems too easy, too simple-minded for your conflicted heart. And something inside denies your instinct to let your fiance go permanently; with this certainty, you will have to engage in whatever will happen next.

    Pick yourself up and walk straight towards the front door. It might look like you make steps, full of determination, but in truth, there is just anguish and woe. You enter with caution and look down the hallway. At the end of it, the bedroom, where this whole tragedy started.

    With complete silence, you peek into the place you usually associate with ease, care, and love. Now, you associate it with new, vile feelings and the sight before you: Eunbi, on her knees, her head—hidden behind layers of her messy hair—on the bed, while two pairs of hands clutch at the sheets. She is wearing a white shirt and cyan dolphin shorts, which means that her creamy legs are almost fully exposed. You see bruises on them; bruises from kneeling for hours.


    Softness and emptiness are in your voice, but also disappointment and sadness; you just can’t hide them. The woman shoots her head up, finding your gaze immediately, as you stand in the doorframe jittery. Long strands of chestnut hair give way for a sight so unbearable, it almost makes you tear up.

    A Zombie has more life in their eyes than her; death gleams in full darkness in her usually gorgeous orbs. The mascara running down puffy cheeks puts every make-up artist for The Walking Dead to shame. Her plumb, cotton-like lips from which you once heard the greatest words and sounds on this planet, are chapped; their color is a perversion of strong blue and light pink.

    The tears she cried not only messed up her visual, they also stained your bed, her clothing, this entire room. New ones follow, and you witness the true misery of watching her sorrow. Whimpers and wails, snot and sniffles, torment and tears join a symphony so horrific, only an inhumane sadist could have come up with it.

    Frozen in agony, unable to step in and comfort her or at least step out of the room and run away, you lean your back to the door, hoping for thoughts, ideas, words, to better the current catastrophe. Eunbi’s gaze is never on your face for more than a second, but each time you lock eyes, her torture seems to get more intense. If only her squelched cries and screams wouldn’t pierce right through you, you could at the very least speak, but now every sound from her keeps your lips sealed and vocal cords immovable.

    “I-I’m s-sorry. I know, I-I have ruined it all. E-Everything, it’s all in sh-shambles. F-Forgive me, p-please.”

    With wavering hands and wounded knees, Eunbi crawls like a scarred bunny towards you. Instinctively, your body starts to tensen. It’s like electricity runs through your veins, gradually numbing your grip on reality, while she grabs your calves. From below, her twinkling eyes, her doleful features, her unblemished jawline, they still contain the pure beauty of the woman you loved for years.

    However, you decide against mercy, against the forgiveness she is begging for with words, expressions and actions. Too great was her sin, and you have the understandable fear that more of her evil deeds will be revealed underneath the veil you are going to lift someday. Eunbi probably found, flirted and fucked other guys throughout your relationship.

    Your heart grows cold, her begs don’t reach you anymore:

    “P-Please, I’m so, so s-sorry, please, f-forgive me. D-Don’t kick m-me out, d-don’t l-leave me, please!”



    “Give me your ring.”

    She opens her eyes a little wider and her hands climb at your clothing, until she grast on your shirt, and cries out in fear: “No! P-Please, don’t. Anything, but this!”

    “Give me your ring,” you insist, glaring at her, more calculated than angry. Eunbi understands her attempts are futile. It takes her painfully long to drag the ring away from her finger, each millimeter is accompanied by sniffles and gasps. The small woman reaches her hand upwards and you snatch it away from her.

    “Anything? Do you mean that? Would you do anything to get this ring back?”

    Eunbi is frozen like an ancient bronze statue, her pale hand still up high, the other on your thigh. Only her slightly opened mouth let’s a hum of eager agreement out. You take it as a yes, and so you take her shambolic hair pulling it so her head leans back and you can see her shocked look.

    “So anything. If you follow through, I can see things maybe work out again. Then, the ring won’t be the useless piece of jewelry it is now. But only if you mean it.”

    Eunbi gulps and looks towards the floor. The slight shifts in her kneeling tell you that she is not only sore, but in severe torment from this position. This could be the finale, the end of your long reaching relationship that was supposed to have its highest point in less than a year. Maybe it is the thought of her wedding that leads her to this bold, bravely-spoken answer:

    “I mean it. I’ll do anything. Please, give me the ring.”

    Roughly, you get a hold of Eunbi’s left hand and do what she desires. But this is the end of her desires. From now on, it’s going to be you in control, in power, in complete domination. Your fiance does not know what she just signed up for, so the brief, scintillating shimmer of relief in her eyes almost makes you feel bad for her.


    Eunbi is small and light, so you easily wrap your arms around her waist and shove her onto the mattress of the bed you usually share to cuddle on. Not anymore, since a random son of a bitch decided to ruin it. You hover above her, arms pinned to each side of her head. With fuming hatred in your voice you tell her the fate she just committed to:

    “You know I have a project this week. I’ll come home, filled with fury… and you will be my stress relief. I will fuck you hard, mercilessly, all the time, everywhere, and you are going to put up with it. Understood?”

    Before she can answer, the fear in her teary eyes grows ever so stronger when you tear open her shirt and rid her of her favorite dolphin shorts in no time. You start to ravish her body, not roaming it lovingly like you used to, but grope, pinch and even scratch wherever you can. Eunbi screams, so you actually stop for a second and wait for her to answer.

    “I—I’m sorry. P-Please use me. I d-don’t deserve it any o-other way.”

    Eunbi’s words do not evoke a change of heart in you. Determined to take what's now rightfully yours, you suppress any loving thoughts and start to suck at her neck, leaving purple hickeys on her pale skin. Although your next attack on her large tits is ferocious and certainly not only pleasurable, her arms rest idly on the bed. Salty streams still sweep endlessly down.

    The sight of Eunbi’s body and playing with her extraordinary mounds never fails to get you excessively hard, so you tear off your pants and align yourself with her entrance. Something about her thick, jiggly thighs and partially hair-covered pussy always made you think of her as a natural, untainted beauty, but it’s not the time to admire her god-sculpted body.

    It’s time to pound her the roughest she has ever been pounded.

    Eunbi’s legs are spread wide, when you ram yourself into her hot cavern, and they start to shake uncontrollably when you try to go deeper. Her lack of natural lubrication makes the first entrance painful for both of you, so you use a well-known trick to make her wet in seconds.

    One hand on her throat, squeezing down gradually, one hand at her clit, rubbing side to side swiftly. Eunbi starts to arch her back and her tongue flaps out of her mouth, just as moans would if she could breathe properly. You pull out and continue this spiel for a little before suddenly invading her again. A slick cunt is surely more comfortable.

    But this is not about comfort; this is about showing her how much you despise her actions. Every thrust of your long rod along her velvety walls ends at her cervix, every slap of your sweaty hands across her shaking body ends in a yelp, and every thought of your hate-dazed brain about her anxious look ends in an infinite void. It’s like your feelings are gone entirely, or completely overwhelming.

    “F-Fuck! You d-dumb bitch! W-Why did you do it? E-Everything was perfect. You ruined it!”

    Resentful fingers capture her chin and you force eye contact while pinching her erect left nipple. To your disbelief, Eunbi groans and orgasms hard around your impaling cock. Quickly pinch her other nipple, and she squirts you out of her pussy. Eunbi’s eyes are like water bubbles, ready to burst in tears again, but her completely rouge face and panting mouth show what she might actually feel:


    Infuriated, you lean down to her face. Hot breath hits your nostrils. Without thinking, you bite her lips, drawing a pained gasp and a little blood. In the meantime, your body adjusts into a new position, something like a mating press. More accurately: a hating press.

    This is not about breeding her, although you definitely plan to pump her full of your seed. No, this is about using her as a mattress, to degrade her. Eunbi might understand your feelings, when you actually fuck them into her cunt. And so you thrust again, rougher, with all of your body weight from above. Eunbi cries out, calling your name mixed with obscenities, while you see her mind fade to blank.

    Your orgasm approaches. It is inevitable now, just like it’s inevitable that this relationship cannot go on this way. Eunbi’s slick walls spasm once more and make you only fuck into her two, three more times, until you fill her. Your large cock buried to the hilt keeps the cum in her, until you collapse beside her.

    Post-nut clarity is a bitch. It would have been better if you just fell asleep instantly, but now you have to deal with it. You have to deal with the fact that Eunbi probably still has some feelings for you, although she cheated on you. You have to deal with your decision of making her your toy, although you never dared to consider it before. And you have to deal with your own feelings, the feelings that persevered throughout this whole mess, although you tried to suppress them.

    You still love Eunbi.

    Wrap one arm around the passed-out woman you decided to marry not so long ago and pull her closer at her soft, smooth butt cheeks. Hyewon’s pussy leaked your cum onto your leg and now Eunbi does the same. Gentle, yet husky is your voice, as you whisper in her ear.

    “It does not have to be like this. I—We can still fix things. But please, tell me: Why did you do it? I would have given you everything, so why did you do it?”

    Eunbi is somewhere in dreamland, her chest heaves up and down, making her enormous breasts jiggle slightly, but you can’t get aroused now. Despair is taking you down to a dark abyss. You wipe away the blood from her lips and do the only thing you have hope in right now.

    Get to Hyewon.

    Loathing Love: Lucky Loser (Pt. 1)

    Male Reader x Kang Hyewon, Kwon Eunbi

    Length: 4064 words

    Tags: angsty smut, cheating, doggy, rough fingering, frustration sex, creampie, stresstoy!Hyewon

    TW: cheating, hate-sex, cursing at idol

    Inspiration: “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

    Credit: @worldsover​ and @midnightdancingsol​ for editing! Thanks for your time and effort!

    Part 2: Loathing Love: Liable Lady is out!


    “…destiny is calling me / Open up my eager eyes / Cause I’m Mr. Brightside.”

    Rotate your wrist by forty-five degrees, and both the engine of your car and the music of the radio go quiet. The latter still resonates in your mind as you grab your suitcase and leave the car. You pay no further attention to the door; it’s used to your little bursts of frustration after years of usage.

    Usually, you would describe your work days as excellent: A calm and funny boss, humble and earnest co-workers, and a serene and pleasant atmosphere. They all combine to create a tremendous work environment on most days.

    But those days are quickly over when a project is urgent and of utmost importance. Then your boss turns into a furious beast, co-workers you consider friends scream vicious remarks and whine constantly, and your desk might as well be seated in the depths of hell.

    It has been one of those weeks, so all you want on this Friday night is to lay on the couch, your fiancé cuddling you, while a blanket wraps both of you like a burrito. You would only get up to grab a box of ice cream and turn the TV on for anything funny or light-hearted. She’ll probably constantly steal your spoon and eat at least two-thirds of the ice cream on her own, like usual—it would be okay though, because there is nothing in the world that you love more.

    How fast can a world come crashing down?

    Let’s try three seconds:

    One to open the front door just a crack, your voice ready to greet your lover. Because of the stressful day, it’s stuck in the back of your throat. 

    Another to hear a terrifying combination of slapping, moaning, and creaking. 

    Then the third for you to process and understand the situation. Rush to the bedroom.

    “Eunbi—what the fuck is going on!?”

    NSFW - Adult Entertainment

    It was a shock to discover that some of your favourite celebrities had filmed and released “adult entertainment”. While a number of them had only made one type, others had made a variety.

    I was tagged by @nzy-kpopgames but everyone I would tag has already been tagged so. Also I'm adding some extras to include pairings for the same sex and threesome categories.

    How it works:

  • Go to “Random.org”.
  • Click on “Lists & More” and then “Lists Randomised”.
  • Enter the names of 18+ people.
  • Use the first 8 and see what genre their most popular video belongs to.
  • Same Sex - Johyun and Bomi (If I could write FxF I would want to write this pairing so bad.

    Threesome - Gahyeon & Ailee. (This is definitely an... interesting pairing.)

    Parody - Hyosung (I've got nothing for this. No clue what kind of parody Hyosung would do.

    Orgy - Yoohyeon (I'm imagining a DC member orgy)

    Public - Ahin (No extra notes needed, picture does all the talking)

    Bondage - Sua (Nothing really to say here)

    Massage - Eunji (She can massage me any day. And vice versa)

    Masturbation - Hyomin (I'd watch this on loop)

    Lesson Planning

    A/N: So after months of teasing, Professor Jihyo is finally here. Hope you enjoy! I was originally going to schedule this to drop at midnight after seeing @ggidolsmuts posted something morning. But fuck it.

    “All right that’s it for today. Make sure to study, and don’t forget you all have an essay due next week.” The cheery feminine voice at the front of the class says as the electronic bell chimes.

    “Yes, Professor Jihyo.” The entire class replies in a unified voice.

    The bell echoes throughout the building as the sound of shuffling papers and moving chairs fills the room. Various chatter and conversations increase in volume as students pour out of the classroom. You barely hear the PA system page for Professor Eppes overhead. As you organize the papers on your desk for the next class, you hear soft footsteps approach you. Scooching your chair out and turning to the side, you look over to see Professor Jihyo standing in front of you. Your eyes slowly trace their way up her body. The way her purple skirt clings to her voluptuous curves as her white button-up snugly cradles her massive breasts fills you with indecent thoughts. A sympathetic smile appears when your eyes finally reach her face.

    “What’s going on? You haven’t been focusing that well during lectures today. If you’re going to be my TA, I need you to be better than this.” Jihyo says, her large eyes filled with concern.

    “Sorry, just been distracted,” You answer, nervously rubbing the back of your neck. “I guess I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ll try to get it under control.”

    “No, that isn’t it. I’ve seen you when you’re sleep deprived and this isn’t what that looks like.”

    Your jaw drops slightly as you’re shocked that she’s been paying that much attention to you. Having only been her TA for a few months now, you weren’t expecting her to know you so well. Jihyo slowly kneels down in front of you. With her amazing figure hovering so close to your crotch, you feel your pants start to constrict around your growing erection. You shift slightly in your chair as you try not to stare at her body.

    “I just want you to know that if you want to talk about whatever is bothering you, I’m here for you.” Jihyo gives you a compassionate smile as she softly places her hand on your thigh.

    “Oh really? Thanks Professor, but I’m probably just coming down with something then, I’ll see a doctor after work.” You nervously avoid her eyes.

    “Hm, you don’t look sick. Let me check if you have a fever.”

    Like a cliché drama, Jihyo leans in and softly touches her forehead against yours. With her eyes closed; you can’t help but be in awe of her beauty. Shoulder length black hair perfectly frames the beautiful face you’ve spent hours staring at. Your eyes lustfully gaze over her incredible S-line before focusing on her soft lips. A mixture of thoughts race through your head as you contemplate your next move. Doing anything here is risky, any sort of action can easily backfire and end your life as you know it. The voice of reason in your head frantically tries to convince you to not do anything. Even in a normal situation, you wouldn’t have the confidence to try anything anyway.

    But as you stare at the delicate features of a beautiful face you've longed for since you first saw it, your lust overpowers everything else. A surge of baseless confidence comes out of nowhere as you boldly decide to tell her the truth.

    “I haven’t been able to focus because I’ve been far too distracted by that amazing body of yours Professor. The way your outfit flaunts your amazing tits, how can you possibly expect me to focus?” You stare into her eyes, trying not to show the immediate regret you feel after finishing that sentence.

    Your heart pounds so hard that you can hear it in your ears as Jihyo doesn’t say anything. Two seconds of silence. Then three. Finally, she scratches the back of her head and releases a deep breath. From the apparent disappointment, reality comes crashing down around you. You can feel your life as you know it disappearing before your very eyes. Jihyo looks in your eyes as you gulp nervously.

    “Well, you’re definitely not the first student to tell me that. Not even the first TA. But I don’t think I have to tell you how wildly inappropriate that is.”

    It feels like an anchor is on top of your chest. Your limbs feel like lead weights as panic starts taking over your mind. How could you be so stupid? What on earth made you think that there was any way this ended well for you? Every breath becomes harder and harder to get out. As you quickly descend into a panic attack, Jihyo's calm voice reaches your ears. Her sweet voice soothes every fiber of your body.

    "But I can't say I don't feel the same." Jihyo says, a whisper so soft and gentle you aren't entirely sure you heard it.

    "What?" You ask, no doubt looking stupid with astonishment.

    "I've noticed you staring several times now." Jihyo whispers as she leans closer to your face.

    You can feel a warmth radiating across your face, but you're not sure which of you it's coming from. With her curvaceous figure so close to you, your dick stiffens in your pants again.

    "You always think you can hide it. But there's no hiding that massive erection when your pants bulge so much. Even now." Jihyo whispers seductively as her hand grabs your crotch through your pants.

    A surprised groan forces its way out of you. While it might be through your pants, the fact that the brunette beauty in front of you is touching your dick at all is enough to make you feel pleasure. Her hand vigorously gropes and massages your dick. Staring into your eyes, Jihyo leans in and pushes her lips back against yours. Melodies of soft moans merge as she slips her tongue past your lips.

    Your tongues lustfully swirl around each other as you gently place your hands on her shoulders. The two of you fall deeper into the kiss, a cascade of moans pouring out of your mouths. As her tongue aggressively rubs and circles around your own, Jihyo wastes no time; her delicate fingers nimbly unbuckling your belt. She slowly pulls away from the kiss, giving you another seductive smile before looking down and unbuttoning your jeans.

    Unzipping your pants, Jihyo releases a small gasp as your stiff cock practically jumps out of your pants. After a half second of surprise, she quickly wraps her soft fingers around your shaft. It doesn't take long for your small grunts to start up again as she begins briskly stroking up and down your cock. Suddenly, Jihyo takes her hand off your dick and looks into your eyes. With a lustful gaze, she gives her palm a long, slow lick before grasping your shaft again. Her eyes lock with yours, glowing with an intense sexual passion the entire time. Your cock throbs in her hand as her strokes gradually grow faster and harder. Knowing that you're now firmly under her control, Jihyo gives you a seductive smirk.

    "I want to see your tits." You say, trying to hide your desperation for her body.

    With another smirk, Jihyo pulls apart her button-up and reveals her giant pillowy breasts as the shirt slowly falls off her shoulders. Held snugly in a purple bra to match her skirt, she tucks the large cups underneath her tits. You lick your lips as you stare at her deliciously silky skin. Before you can move in and devour her stiff pink nipples, Jihyo leans in and darts her tongue back into your mouth.

    Your small moans mingle as her tongue lustfully rubs against yours. Grabbing your hands, Jihyo roughly presses your hands against her chest. As soon as your palms feel the sensation of her smooth skin, you need no further instruction on what to do. Her stiff nipples press into your palms as you aggressively squeeze her tits. The soft elasticity of her perfect breasts drives your lust through the roof. Your fingers squeeze and grab all they can, glorious mounds of heavenly flesh oozing through the cracks of your fingers.

    Jihyo's moans merge with your own as her tongue playfully dances inside your mouth. She reaches down and begins furiously stroking your dick again. With her palm still wet from her saliva, her hand glides up and down your shaft with ease. The friction of her brutally fast strokes combined with the natural softness of her hand makes you worry about how long you'll last. You continue fondling and groping her pillowy breasts, savoring every moment of her supple skin against your fingertips. Your tongues playfully swirl around each other as your moans blend together.

    Although you could spend forever kissing Jihyo and squeezing her tits as she jerks you off; you regretfully peel your lips away from hers.

    "Lord knows I don't ever want to stop this, but students will be coming in soon." You pant.

    Jihyo frowns, but she knows you're right. Suddenly, her eyes light up and she gives you a devious smile. She kneels down and sits underneath the desk in front of you.

    "You teach the class instead. You can say I had a personal emergency or something. It's got a closed front, so no one will see. It'll be great." She says as she pulls your chair in so you're bottom half is hidden under the desk.

    Before you can firm any sort of rebuttal, Jihyo leans in and practically inhales your cock. Her warm tongue eagerly wraps around your dick. The soft caverns of her mouth drive you crazy with ecstasy. You are quickly learning that Park Jihyo has no clue what the word restraint means as she begins rapidly bobbing her head up and down on your cock. Her quiet moans and slurps are barely audible when the classroom door opens. Your heart pounds furiously in your chest as students begin slowly pouring into the room. Thankfully this is a smaller class, but it’s still 30 students that you’ll somehow have to teach while enduring the best blow job of your life.

    “Professor Jihyo had to leave early today, so I’ll be taking over this class. Everything seems to be fine, but because of the suddenness of the situation, I don’t have a lot of material. So let’s take it easy today, huh?” You tell the students with a smile.

    The students squirm excitedly in their seats, eager to have an easy class. Meanwhile you’re desperately trying not to show any signs of the intense pleasure you’re experiencing as Jihyo continues to suck your dick. Her soft tongue grips the underside of your shaft, making it slick with her saliva as she rapidly bobs her head up and down. The ecstasy of the most beautiful woman you know devouring your cock blurs your mind. You shuffle around papers lying on the desk, looking for something you can use as a loose lesson plan.

    "So, we're supposed to be studying game theory today according to this brief lesson plan.” You say, resting your elbow on the desk.

    A collective groan is exhaled from the lungs of 30 students. You smile as you know that feeling all too well. The smile also partially stems from your busty professor's soft tongue rubbing your shaft. Jihyo's warm spit slickens your dick as her tender lips glide up and down. You flinch slightly as she aggressively swirls her tongue around your tip.

    "You know what. This workload will be so light that it doesn't matter much. And Professor Park will probably take the next lesson to go over it again anyway. So let’s just relax instead. As students, it's important that we get some relaxation every now and then. There's been several studies showing that play is just as important as work." You give the students a friendly smile, sitting up straighter as Jihyo starts cupping your balls.

    “So what are we going to do today then?” A student in the back of the class speaks up.

    “Why don’t we all just talk about stuff? You don’t have to if you want, but let’s just chat.” You reply.

    “About what?”

    “Whatever. Plans for the weekend, tv shows, life dreams. Whatever you guys want, I’m pretty easy.”

    As soon as you finish the sentence, you immediately regret the last part. Your students all grow a mischievous twinkle in their eyes. To make matters even worse, of course this is the moment Jihyo decides to wrap her tits around your cock. You desperately try to keep your face calm as your shaft drowns in the softest heat you’ve ever experienced. As Jihyo slowly starts stroking your dick with her breasts; it doesn’t take that long for the first hyena to strike, quickly pouncing on your poor choice of words.

    “So for practicality, if you were to commit a heist, would you prefer boxers or briefs?” A voice from the back shouts.

    You blink in confusion, taking a few seconds to think about the absurdity and randomness of the question.

    “That’s an extremely odd question. Let’s just say some things are better left to the imagination though.” You chuckle with a friendly wink.

    Apparently unhappy with your answer, Jihyo intensifies her titfuck. Pushing her arms together around her chest, she squeezes her tits even tighter together. Her soft pillowy breasts completely engulf your cock. Even though you can’t see it, you can feel Jihyo looking up at you; her big eyes boring through the desk as she aggressively strokes your shaft with her tits. Not having any mercy towards your situation, Jihyo gets harder and faster with every stroke. Worried about the noise, you lightly tap her knee with your foot as a warning.

    “What do you do in your free time?” Another student asks, bringing you back to the reality of the situation.

    “Hm. Nothing exciting really. Outside of work and my own classes, I don’t get a lot of free time. What little I do get, I usually spend watching tv shows.”

    “Do you know if Professor Pierce is dating anyone?” Another voice shouts.

    “He’s uh. In a different department so I don’t know too much about him. But to my knowledge he’s got his own thing going on.” You answer with an awkward smile.

    As you continue to answer the various questions from students, Jihyo gives the tip of your dick a long sensual lick. Your cock thoroughly and pleasurably sandwiched between her heavenly tits, Jihyo slowly drizzles her drool onto your tip. Her warm spit slowly pools in her soft cleavage.You give the class a friendly smile, desperately trying to control your facial expression as your dick twitches in their professor’s pillowy chest. Your elbow propped on the desk, you rest your head on your hand. Just as you’re feeling the full intensity of Jihyo’s assault on your cock, the question you’ve been dreading is finally asked.

    “I have a question.” An attractive student in the front row declares.

    “And what might that be Miss Park Sooyoung?” You say with a forced smile.

    Sooyoung gives you a smile as she leans forward on her desk. Her red hair sensually drapes over one shoulder. You struggle to maintain eye contact as the way she’s leaning gives you a straight view directly to her cleavage. While nowhere near as stacked as Jihyo, Sooyoung's breasts are decently sized in their own right.

    "If you're as easy as you say you are, are you seeing anybody right now?" Sooyoung asks with a devilish smile.

    As you briefly consider how to respond, Jihyo takes your tip into her mouth. Between your cock being buried in her pillowy breasts and the warm saliva drowning your tip, you clench your jaw; desperately trying not to let a single ounce of this pleasure show on your face. Jihyo quickly swirls her tongue around your tip, rubbing and massaging all around it.

    "No I am not currently seeing anyone." You respond with a friendly smile.

    The combination of Jihyo's pillowy breasts surrounding your shaft and her tongue's brutal attack on your tip, you know that it won't be too much longer until you reach your limit. You try to stifle a groan as her soft tongue swirls messily around your tip. This is without a doubt the sloppiest, most amazing blowjob you've received in your life, and it's absolutely killing you that you can't react to it. Her soft tits rapidly stroke up and down your shaft as she silently slurps on your cock. You're honestly impressed with how little noise Jihyo is making while giving you such intense pleasure.

    "Would you like to be?" Sooyoung asks, not bothering to hide the seduction in her voice from the classroom full of students.

    Hushed whispers fill the room, sixty pairs of eyes all eagerly waiting for your reaction. You feign a smile, something done quite easily as Jihyo continues her violently lustful attack on your dick. Taking a breath, you release a small chuckle as you look over the class.

    "As flattering as that is, Ms. Sooyoung, I'm your TA. That's extremely inappropriate." You say with a stern voice.

    "That wasn't a no~." You hear another student mutter teasingly.

    A plethora of excited murmurs echo throughout the room. As you decide to nip this discussion in the bud, Jihyo decides to intensify her assault on your dick. You clench your toes as Jihyo's warm drool drips and oozes all over your tip. The silken skin of her breasts tightly pushes against your cock. Your entire body tenses as your cock drowns in the erotic pleasure of her saliva and her heavenly tits.

    "Actually, that was a no. Sorry.”

    “I see. Well if you ever change your mind, just let me know. I’m just as easy as you are.” Sooyoung teases, her voice containing a hint of disappointment.

    Seemingly jealous at Sooyoung's flirtation, Jihyo amps up her blowjob even more. Your toes clench even more as her warm tongue rapidly swirls and rubs around every part of your tip. Suddenly, Jihyo sucks so hard she practically inhales your dick, the moist chasm of her mouth violently constricting around your cock. The aggressive pleasure catches you off guard and your elbow slips off the edge of the desk; your entire body suddenly slumping with it. As a classroom full of young eyes looks at you with concern, you let out an embarrassed laugh.

    "Sorry. I'm not feeling well but I thought I could force myself to get through this class." You chuckle nervously.

    "Are you okay?" A student asks worriedly.

    "Yes I'm fine. Just a small cold is all. But on the bright side for you guys, I'll be ending class early. Make sure to study and do the assigned work for next class."

    The class continues to look at you anxiously.

    "I promise, I'm fine. Now go on, get out of here. I'll be leaving shortly after. Go have a fun rest of your day." You say as you give the class a reassuring smile.

    Although still uneasy, the students slowly stand up and begin to leave. You wave goodbye as the classroom gradually empties out. The last one to leave, Sooyoung lingers around the doorway. She opens her mouth as if to say something, but after a few seconds she turns around and leaves without a word.

    You wait silently to make sure that nobody else is coming back into the classroom. After three eternal seconds, you quickly pull Jihyo back out from under the desk.

    "Jesus, Jihyo. That was close. They could have caught us at any moment." You exclaim in a hushed voice.

    "Yeah. But it felt really good, right?" Jihyo teases.

    "Oh, that’s an understatement. It felt amazing."

    Jihyo gives you a smug smirk as she stands in front of you. Admiring Jihyo's body, you find yourself impressed. Somehow while being cramped under the desk, she was able to strip down completely. She quickly straddles your waist, barely hovering just over your dick. Your tip twitches as it lightly brushes against the moist lips of her pussy.

    Jihyo grabs your hands, forcefully pushing them onto her hips before she grabs your shoulders. Slowly caressing your hands up her sides, you can't help but be in awe at Jihyo's body. Despite the awkwardness of it, you're thankful that Sooyoung's flirting apparently triggered Jihyo's aggression in the current situation. However you're not sure why she's jealous. Because while Sooyoung is attractive, she's a girl. But Jihyo. Jihyo is a woman. A woman you can't wait to fill to the brim with your cum. As if reading your mind, Jihyo gives you a small smirk before plunging onto your cock. The searing heat of her tight cunt pulsates along your shaft, her womb excitedly meeting the tip of your dick.

    "Fuck. You feel even bigger inside me." Jihyo moans as her fingernails dig into your shoulders.

    Her velvety walls tightly grip your shaft and your fingers sink into her silken flesh as you squeeze her sides. Soft groans make their way out of you as you try to adjust to her lustful snatch. Your breathing slowly quickens as you still can't believe this is actually happening. That you're finally able to delight in the body you've been hungering for for months.

    "We don't have forever here. The next class will start eventually. So hurry up and suck my tits while you fuck the shit out of me." Jihyo says, her blunt words snapping you out of your idle thoughts.

    As if driving her point home, Jihyo starts eagerly bouncing on your cock before you can respond. The heat of her velvety cunt hungrily grips your shaft as you begin to meet her thrusts with your own. Your hands quickly travel to her breasts, the large mounds of silken flesh melting into your palms. The sensation of her pillowy chest rippling and jiggling against your fingertips quickly kicks your lust into high gear. You can’t take your eyes off her breasts as they bounce hypnotically with every slam on your cock. It doesn’t take long before your slams grow frantic, both of you desperately chasing the ecstasies of each other’s bodies.

    “Oh fuck yes. That’s it baby just like this.” Jihyo moans as she aggressively bounces on your dick.

    Both of you thrust into each with an animalistic lust, violently slamming yourselves against each other. Her moist cunt hungrily devours your cock, the hot walls gripping and pulling your shaft. You continue to watch in awe as Jihyo’s sizable tits heave wildly in your hands. Pleasured groans quickly find their way out of you. While you’re worried about the sound, there’s no way you can suppress the ecstasy as her soft cavern continues to eagerly constrict your dick and her milky thighs crash against your own. Apparently sick of waiting, Jihyo grabs the back of your head and forces you into her pillowy chest.

    “Come on, I said suck my tits. Don’t think for a second that I don’t know that’s all you’ve ever wanted to do to them. Now hurry up, I want to feel your mouth on my nipples.” Jihyo groans.

    Not wanting to risk a failing grade, you immediately comply; quickly taking the stiff tan nub into your mouth. The sweet taste of her nipple filles your mouth as you rapidly swirl your tongue around her nipple, followed by a slight hint of saltiness from her sweat. While your tongue lustfully massages and teases her nipple, your fingers quickly go to work on the other. You roll the stiff nipple in your fingertips, pinching and pulling it as you gently take the other one between your teeth.

    "Fuck, just like that. You're so good at this babe." Jihyo moans, running her slim fingers through your hair as she rolls her hips on your cock.

    "Well I would hope so, with how many times I've imagined doing this." You groan, your voice muffled by the nipple still in your mouth.

    Jihyo pushes your face into her chest even more, her silken skin smothering your face. Your fingers sinking into her heavenly flesh as you fondle and squeeze her tits. Her velvety walls tug your shaft as her body crashes against yours, both of you reaching a fast mounting ecstasy. You continue to loudly slurp and suck on her pillowy breasts, your teeth and your fingers both pulling and teasing her stiff nipples. The sweet taste of her tits continues to coat your tongue as it rapidly swirls and flicks her fleshy nubs.

    As you continue to devour her tits like you’ve always dreamed of, you glance up at Jihyo to see her biting her lip; desperately trying to hold in her erotic moans. Seeing Jihyo try so hard only makes you want to make her moan more. You speed up your thrusts, your cock violently slamming in and out of her tight cunt. Her massive breasts heave wildly, the soft skin rippling against your lips as you violently squeeze them. Your aggressive thrusts continue to pierce into Jihyo’s depths. The more you lose yourself in your lust, the more you hope this isn’t a dream you’re about to wake up from.

    Realizing you’ve been neglecting her other nipple, you push both of Jihyo’s pillowy tits together and lustfully force both of her nipples into your mouth. Your tongue darts across both of them, flicking and swirling around them as much as you can. Taking them between your teeth, you alternate between pulling on them and pushing your head back into them. You accelerate your slams even more, your tip pounding away at the entrance of her womb. Her tits jiggle violently against your face, your fingers aggressively squeezing and kneading every inch of her soft mounds.

    You end up finding Jihyo’s spot, a high pitched squeal forcing itself past her lips as you slam your dick into her depths. Armed with your new knowledge, you decide to take full advantage of it; using this opportunity to make her yours and yours alone. With relentless thrusts, you continue to attack the spot from before, your tip slamming and scraping against her velvety walls. Jihyo grips your shoulders, her fingernails digging into your skin almost to the point of drawing blood. Pleasured squeaks continue to pour out of her mouth as you aggressively piston in and out of her cunt. After several minutes of your violent thrusts, Jihyo pushes you back against the chair; her tits falling out of your mouth with an audible pop.

    “Fuck, baby you’re so amazing. But you have to stop hitting that spot. I won’t be able to control myself and someone might catch us.” Jihyo moans, her voice a mix between pleasure and worry.

    “I don’t fucking care.” You growl.

    Without any warning, you quickly stand up; slipping your cock out of Jihyo and flipping her over so she’s now bent over the desk. You don’t waste any time, immediately slamming yourself back inside of her tight cavern. Her supple ass ripples against your body as you bury your cock all the way to the hilt. Quickly resuming your animalistic thrusts, you rapidly pound away as her hot walls devour your dick. A loud moan escapes from Jihyo as you give her ass a hard smack. The soft skin jiggles against your waist as you aggressively pierce into the deepest part of her cunt. You bend over and whisper in her ear as you roughly slap her ass again.

    “You like that? You like being my little whore like this?” You groan, your hands grabbing a fistful of her heavenly ass.

    “I do. I love being your little whore. Please, keep fucking me just like this.” Jihyo moans.

    Listening to her lustful begging, you’re more than happy to oblige with Jihyo’s wishes. Your fingers sink into her ass, the soft skin jiggling against your fingertips as you give both cheeks an aggressive squeeze. Her velvety cunt grips your shaft, the tight walls rapidly tugging on your tip as you violently pound away inside her. As you slam your cock against her womb, you squeeze her ass so hard that your fingers leave imprints on her heavenly flesh. A shrieking moan explodes out of Jihyo’s mouth as you pry into her depths.

    Without thinking, you quickly muffle her mouth with your hand. Jihyo’s moans vibrate against your fingers as you continue drilling your cock inside, piercing deeper and deeper into her heavenly cunt. Her moans deafened by your palm, the only sounds filling the classroom are your pleasured grunts and the sound of your bodies crashing against each other wildly. You give her ass one more rough slap before moving your other hand back up to her tits.

    “Mmmf. Mmm, mmm mm.” Jihyo moans against your hand as she looks back at you.

    “You’re the one worried about getting caught.” You hiss.

    Your fingers go back to where they were before, aggressively squeezing and kneading Jihyo’s pillowy breast. Leaning over her back, you pound her cunt, violently slamming against her depths again and again. Her giant tits heave wildly, her entire body rippling and jiggling against yours. The soft flesh of her breast pours out of your fingers, her massive chest too big for your hand to handle. Deciding to do her own teasing, Jihyo licks your palm; her tongue sensually and erotically travelling all over your fingers as she takes them inside her mouth.

    Every thrust sends you tumbling further and further into the depths of your ecstasy as your tip continues to breach Jihyo’s depths. Her tit continues to ripple against your hand as her sizable ass jiggles against your waist with every violent crash of your bodies. Jihyo’s warm saliva slowly trickles over your fingers as her cunt tightens around your shaft. As her hot walls clamp around your cock, you can tell she’s almost there

    “Oh fuck baby. Get on your back. I want to see you as you cum on my cock.” You growl as you withdraw your throbbing dick from her cunt.

    Jihyo wordlessly obeys you, quickly rolling over so she’s lying on top of the desk. With your cock slickened with her juices, you have no trouble slamming yourself back inside her. You plant your hands on the desk above her shoulders. The soft chasm of her cunt greedily grips your shaft as she wraps her legs around your waist. You lecherously admire Jihyo’s body as it crashes and ripples against you; her pillowy breasts bouncing wildly as you pound away at her cunt. Mesmerized by her massive tits jiggling from your violent slams, your balls tighten as you approach your end.

    “Fuck. I’m going to cum Jihyo.” You groan.

    “Go ahead. I’m. I’m almost there too. Just. Let. Just let everything out.” Jihyo manages to get out between her erotic moans.

    The mounting ecstasy finally reaches its climax as Jihyo’s hot walls constrict your shaft. You pray nobody else can hear her lustful moans bounce off the walls as she grabs your wrists. Looking down, you can't help but stare as her gentle face is now contorted with lust; unable to hide her unbridled joy from being filled with your cock. Unable to get out any actual words in her moans, Jihyo meets your gaze, her eyes silently pleading for you to drown her womb with your cum.

    With one last resounding slam, your tip aggressively pierces into Jihyo’s depths. A cacophony of moans fills the lecture hall. Staring at Jihyo’s face, you relish her expression; her lips quivering in pleasure as her eyes portray the overwhelming pleasure you’re both succumbing to. Her petite body trembles, her cunt hungrily constricting your shaft as you pour what feels like an unending amount of cum directly into her womb. Both of you shudder violently as one last ropey blast of semen plasters her velvety walls.

    Both of you stare into each other’s eyes as your mutual orgasm slowly fades. You smile at each other as you pant and attempt to regain your breath. As you lean down, Jihyo leans up, meeting you halfway for a gentle kiss. Your lips melt together for what feels like an eternity before you both pull away. The two of you smile at each other as you both giggle softly.

    “I FUCKING KNEW IT.” A voice shouts from the doorway.

    Your head turns to the classroom door so fast it gives you whiplash. The two of you stare at the figure in the doorway in shock. Looking down at yours and Jihyo’s naked bodies still connected and back up at the surprise visitor, you feel the world crashing down around you. Jihyo meets your eyes and you both gulp nervously. Standing in the doorway staring at you with her arms crossed and a scowl is Park Sooyoung.

    A/N: As I was writing this I felt like the smut was a little shorter than maybe I would have liked, but I hope you guys still enjoyed it. Also while writing, I realized that I wrote Joy as a student despite the fact that she's actually older than Jihyo. But it's fiction, so fuck it, whatever lol. Hope you guys enjoyed it!