Not gonna lie, the sentence for real tho I bet she’s naughty as fuck” is doing lots more things to me down there as my brain thinks of numerous naughty Nayeon scenarios.

    Nayeon's always been perfect smut inspiration precisely because of that though. I've always got the impression that out of all the members she's the one that's had the hardest struggle with repressing her needs. Every now and then we see it (voluntarily or not), just hints and glimpses and teases - until she remembers she's an idol of the biggest gg out there and so she has to maintain a certain image. Maybe she gets off on it :O

    But for real though out of all the members I bet she's the one who would go the wildest if she were ever just allowed to let loose.


    A/N: Surprise. If anyone actually thought it was going to be Ryujin, you must be new here lol.

    Read on AFF

    Your heart races, brutally pounding against your chest. You wipe the nervous sweat off your forehead and try to take deep breaths. As your mind races with a million thoughts, you do everything you can think of to calm yourself down. Despite the fact that you’ve been doing this every Friday for the last 4 months, you’re still just as nervous as you were the first time. Just as your anxiety hits its peak, a gentle knock raps against your hotel room door. You take a few more deep breaths as you stand in front of the door, trying to prepare yourself for what lies on the other side. Finally, you open the door with a smile.

    “Ha Yoon. Wow, you look absolutely breathtaking noona.” You exclaim.

    And you mean it. As your eyes eagerly drink in the sight of her amazing body, you forget how to breathe for a second. A tight black skirt hugs her curvaceous hips, accentuating her plump ass and barely hiding her shapely thighs. You have to consciously avoid licking your lips as you stare at the main feature of her outfit, a silk white top that doesn’t even attempt to contain her giant pillowy breasts. Your eyes travel back up to her face as she looks back at you with a mature and sultry gaze that’s the icing on the cake of a body that keeps you up at night.

    As you stare into her eyes, Ha Yoon gives you a smile. One that’s a mixture of being flustered by your stares and yet also used to people leering at her body. Stepping inside your room, she gently closes the door behind her. You feel yourself blush as she smiles gently while she takes off her black high heels. Ha Yoon has the strange ability to make you nervous from how gorgeous she is but also always feel comfortable with her. Something about her just always reassured you.

    “You always say that.” Ha Yoon giggles.

    “That’s because it’s always true.”

    “And it always helps brighten up my Friday nights.” She smiles.

    You smile back at Ha Yoon as you remember how this arrangement began.

    “Look I’m sorry man. Just wait for me at the hotel bar. It won’t be too much longer.” Your friend pleads.

    “Fine. Only because we haven’t seen each other in forever.” You begrudgingly agree.

    “Thanks! You’re the best man. I’ll be there soon, I promise!” Your friend exclaims.

    The call ends and you look at your phone in annoyance. The two of you had promised to meet up while he was in town on business, but of course he didn’t tell you that his meeting went long until after you had already arrived at his hotel. Piglet was a decent guy, but he always put work ahead of everything else. You always hoped that he’d get laid soon to maybe change his priorities. With a frustrated sigh, you approach the nearby bar.

    “Just water please. Thanks.” You tell the bartender.

    As you wait for your drink, you feel a soft tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you're blown away by the absolute bombshell in front of you. Her light brown hair is seductively swept to one side, tumbling down her shoulder. A dark blue cocktail dress tightly clings to her sensual curves. After staring at her body for longer than you should have, you finally manage to get your eyes to her face; only to be met with a gaze so erotic and alluring you can only imagine how many men she's turned to putty with that stare.

    Unfortunately in these circumstances, you know what's happening. Hotel bar and an unbelievably gorgeous woman approaches you first? That normally points toward a very specific situation.

    "Hey stranger, mind if I join you?" She asks, her voice dripping with enticing flirtation.

    "Not at all. I'd be honored to have your company." You smile politely as you gesture towards a table in the corner.

    The two of you get yourselves comfortable in your chairs as you slowly begin to make small talk. You quickly find yourself not listening to anything that's being said however as you're too awestruck by her beauty to process anything else.

    "Did you hear me?" She asks, her sultry voice bringing you back to reality.

    "Sorry, I couldn't focus on anything aside from how amazingly gorgeous you are." You reply.

    "Right to the point huh? That's fine with me, makes things easier. Do you have a room here?" She asks point blank.

    "I do not. But we're all alone here so let's just talk a bit first." You say, giving another friendly smile.

    "Hm, okay. What do you want to talk about?" She asks, leaning back in her chair.

    "Well, we both know why you're really talking to me. And while you're definitely attractive, I'm not necessarily interested in your primary service. Just not something I'm looking for right now."

    "I see. That's unfortunate." She frowns as she begins to stand up.

    "But there is something else I'd be interested in." You say eagerly before she has the chance to walk off.

    "Oh?" She exclaims, seemingly intrigued by what you mean.

    "Have you heard of a girlfriend experience?"

    "Yeah. It's an arrangement where you essentially pay for me to act like your girlfriend."

    "Precisely. Would you be interested in doing something like that? It's uh. Been awhile since I really felt a connection with someone and I think something like this would help remind me how that feels." You admit.

    "Hm. Why don't you just see a therapist?"

    "Because you're much prettier than any of the therapists I know of. Plus if I saw a therapist, I wouldn't be able to spend time with you."

    A flattered smile spreads across her face as she tucks her hair behind her ear.

    "For someone who hasn't made a connection in awhile, you're pretty smooth." She giggles.

    "I'm doing all right, am I?" You chuckle.

    After a brief moment of contemplation, she nods and puts her hand out.

    "You've got yourself a deal sir. My name is Seol Ha Yoon." She says with a warm smile.

    You try not to show all of the overwhelming happiness you feel. You reach out and gently shake her hand, making a mental note of her soft supple skin.

    "It's nice to meet you. I'm-"

    "Everything okay?" Ha Yoon asks as she gently touches your shoulder.

    "Yeah. Just reminiscing." You smile.

    "I see."

    "Yeah. So let's get to it. I've been waiting for this night for a long time."

    “You know, after months of dinner dates and talking, I was wondering when you’d finally want to do this. Most clients, that's the first thing they want, you know? I mean it is my primary service after all.” Ha Yoon giggles, sitting next to you on the edge of the bed as she puts her hand on your thigh.

    “I mean I wanted to since the minute I laid eyes on you. How could I not? There’s no one like you. During every date, I imagined the things we’ll do. But I was nervous and wanted to see you in a way more than just a hookup. Call me old fashioned I guess. Still a little nervous about it, honestly." You admit shyly.

    "There's nothing to be nervous about, just leave everything to me. Just let noona take care of you." she whispers.

    Ha Yoon softly presses her lips against yours, a luscious tenderness overwhelming your senses. You've never experienced a kiss so amazing before, especially not one filled with this much sensual eroticism. The sweet taste of her lips spreads to yours as her tongue slowly parts your lips. Her tongue slowly slides over your teeth, gently searching and exploring your mouth. You can’t help but release a pleasured groan as her tongue softly rubs against yours. Not lying about taking care of you, Ha Yoon grabs your hands and pushes them against her body; guiding them down her erotic curves before they reaches her hips.

    As her tongue slowly swirls around your own, you feel your head going increasingly numb. The only thoughts able to cross your mind are about how incredible Ha Yoon is. She slowly removes her tongue from your mouth, your own tongue immediately missing its warmth. With an alluring gaze, she gently bites your lip, slowly pulling on it.

    Without breaking eye contact, Ha Yoon releases your lip. Staring into your eyes, her gaze is so seductive and charismatic that you can feel her staring into your soul. The mutual lust in the air is so strong it's palpable. After a brief second of respite, she messily crashes her lips against yours again. Her soft tongue pries it's way into your mouth more forcibly than before. Your head feels fuzzy as you struggle to think, your tongues aggressively swirling around each other. Another soft moan makes its way out of you as the pleasure of your kiss gradually ramps up both of your pacing.

    The soft black fabric of her skirt bunches in your hands as you roughly squeeze Ha Yoon's voluptuous hips. The kiss grows deeper and deeper, the two of you no longer able to restrain the lustful want you have been holding back. Swapping between aggressively swirling your tongues and sucking on each other's lips, both of you use the kiss as an outlet for the months of pent up sexual needs. After what feels like an eternity, Ha Yoon finally breaks the kiss. As you try to catch your breath, she decides not to give you the opportunity; pushing you back onto the bed and quickly yanking off your pants.

    “I didn’t think you’d be this aggressive, Ha Yoon.” You exclaim wondering if your voice is as surprised as you think it is.

    “Like I said. Just let noona take care of everything.” She says with a wink, throwing your pants onto the floor next to her.

    Diving back into a kiss, Ha Yoon aggressively slides her tongue back into your mouth. Both of your tongues rub and massage each other as her nimble fingers make quick work of your crimson necktie. After a few seconds, her tongue retreats from your mouth again. As she nibbles on your bottom lip, her hands slowly move down your chest. Slowly pulling away from the kiss, Ha Yoon stares into your eyes as she rips your button-up shirt open without breaking a single button.

    “That was so hot.” You whisper in astonishment.

    “If you think that was hot, you should brace yourself for what I’m about to do to you.” Hayoon smiles.

    She presses her lips against your own again before pulling away again and kissing your cheek. As she slowly plants gentle kisses down your neck and chest, Ha Yoon slips her hand behind the waistband of your boxers. A chokeed groan makes its way out of you as she wraps her fingers around your shaft. Ha Yoon continues to pepper your chest with kisses, slowly stroking your dick along the way. As she finally reaches your crotch, she forcefully pulls your boxers down; freeing your twitching erection from its cloth prison.

    Ha Yoon meets your eyes with the erotic, passionate gaze that’s been driving you crazy for months as she takes your cock past her lips. You flinch slightly, the pleasure of her soft tongue catching you off guard as it slowly massages the tip of your dick. While you weren’t expecting a blow job this sensual, you’re hoping that it’ll help you last longer.

    Those hopes are quickly thrown away as Ha Yoon takes you deeper into her mouth. Even though it’s slower than you expected, this blow job is three times more pleasurable than you thought it would be. The soft chasm of her cheeks constrict your tip. You can’t help but moan as warm saliva coats your shaft. Her soft tongue slowly slides up and down your dick, the lustful ecstasy intensifying as she sucks and slurps on your cock.

    “Oh fuck. This is absolutely incredible.” You grunt.

    As if needing to add an exclamation point to your sentence, Ha Yoon decides to impress you even more. She takes your dick all the way to the hilt, your tip twitching against the back of her throat. The warm flesh of her cheeks tightly constricts your shaft as she violently sucks on your dick. Bobbing her head up and down your cock, Ha Yoon slowly runs her hands up the outside of your thighs. You moan in surprise as she suddenly grabs your hips; using them as a handle while she rapidly thrusts her head onto your dick.

    Your tip throbs as it continuously rams against the back of Ha Yoon’s throat. The moist warmth of her mouth drowns your dick in a pleasure you’ve never experienced. Sounds of wet flesh plunging around your cock escape from her mouth. Your mind blank from ecstasy, your hands move down and squeeze her own without you noticing. As you look down, Ha Yoon’s sultry gaze meets your eyes. Her soft tongue caresses the underside of your shaft, her lips slowly gliding along it as she pulls her head off your cock. She gives your tip one more long lick before it finally leaves her lips.

    “Oh my fucking god Ha Yoon. I’ve never felt so good in my life.” You moan.

    “I’m glad you’re this easy, because the night is only going to get better from here.”

    Ha Yoon stands back up, giving you another bewitching smile. The moment you’ve been waiting for for months has finally arrived at long last as she slowly peels the white silk top off her body. Your jaw drops in awe when her full breasts give a heavenly bounce as they’re freed from her shirt. Her silky smooth skin seemingly shines under the hotel room light, her stiff tan nipples begging to be sucked on.

    “I’m going to have to taste those later.” You say.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll get to do whatever you want with them in a little bit.” Ha Yoon giggles.

    You can’t help but moan as Ha Yoon wraps her tits around your shaft; your cock now buried in her immaculate chest. The soft warmth of her pillowy breasts envelops your dick as she squeezes them tightly around you. She begins stroking up and down your shaft as she rubs her tits up and down your cock. Taking pleasure in your reactions, Ha Yoon leans down and gives your tip a long slow lick.

    “Holy shit.” You groan as the muscles in your legs tense up.

    “You like?” Ha Yoon teases as she squishes her tits even closer together.

    “Saying I like it would be the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard.”

    With a teasing smirk, Ha Yoon gives your tip another sensual lick; this time even slower than before. You throw your head back with a satisfied groan before quickly looking back down, not wanting to miss a single second of the show. Your eyes return to where they were before, glued to the sight of Ha Yoon’s incredible chest engulfing your cock. As you bask in the warmth of her bountiful cleavage, Ha Yoon gradually begins speeding up her strokes.

    More groans make their way out of you as the soft constriction of Ha Yoon’s pillowy breasts bombards your cock. Your tip twitches deep in her cleavage as both of you make lustful eye contact. As she continues to speed up her strokes, it doesn’t take long for Ha Yoon to teach you the difference between getting a titjob and a titfuck. Her perfect chest completely assaults your senses, the silken warmth of her cleavage swallowing your dick. The sight of her giant tits rippling and jiggling sandwiched around your cock as they noisily slap against your waist.

    “Oh my god Ha Yoon. Your tits feel so fucking good.” You groan.

    “Good. Like I said, I’ll take care of everything tonight.”

    Ha Yoon gives you a smile before diving onto your tip. Your body twitches in surprise as she takes your tip back into her mouth. Her pillowy tits continue to ripple against your waist as she squeezes them even tighter around your cock. As good as it felt before, the soft constriction of her breasts now combined with her tongue rapidly swirling around your tip; you find yourself quickly reaching an ecstasy you’ve never experienced.

    Your toes curl from pleasure as you drink in the sight of Ha Yoon’s head bobbing up and down your cock as she quickly strokes her tits up and down your shaft. Her tongue aggressively attacks your tip, rubbing over every part of its curvature that it can. Drool slowly leaks from her mouth, lubricating your shaft as it intensifies the lustful assault taking place on your dick. The warmth of Ha Yoon’s cleavage is addictive and you never want to leave it. Every second of this heavenly experience pushes you closer and closer to the edge as you suddenly feel your balls tighten.

    “Oh fuck. Oh my fucking god, Ha Yoon. I’m almost there.” You moan loudly.

    Releasing your dick from her mouth with an audible pop, Ha Yoon gently kisses your tip. With a flirty smirk, she releases your cock from the cavern of her heavenly tits; your throbbing erection immediately missing her warm cleavage. She continues placing tender kisses on your body as she slowly travels up towards your chest. Taking your cock in her hand again, she gently strokes your shaft. Your dick throbs in her hand as she softly presses her lips against yours. Pulling back, Ha Yoon stares into your eyes; her gaze filled with lustful passion.

    “Not yet, I need you inside me.” Ha Yoon says, her breathy whisper dripping with a desire for your body.

    Gently pushing her off your chest onto the bed, you quickly run over to your jeans. As you dig through your pants pockets, you search frantically before releasing a frustrated sigh. You angrily slap your forehead. How could you have been stupid enough to forget one of the most important things needed for tonight.

    “Shit. I don't have a condom." You curse, afraid that tonight will end before it's even started.

    As you turn back to her, Ha Yoon pushes you back onto the bed. Your cock throbs in the air as your eyes meet her sultry gaze.

    "Don't worry. If it's you, we don't need one tonight." She smiles.

    Before you can question what she means, Ha Yoon climbs on top of you, her lips crashing against yours once again. The soft lusciousness of her lips erase all thoughts from your mind. Your arms naturally wrap themselves around her waist, pulling her curvaceous body even closer. Her pillowy breasts push against your chest as she slips her tongue past your lips again.

    You struggle to form any sort of coherent thought, overwhelmed by her lustful bombardment on your senses. Your cock throbs at the touch of Ha Yoon’s delicate fingers. You’ve never felt a more intense sexual hunger in your life than you're feeling right now. Between her tongue aggressively rubbing and swirling around your own, and her slow calculating pumps of your shaft; your carnal need to be inside Ha Yoon only intensifies. Ha Yoon softly strokes your cock as she peels her lips from yours and sits up straight, straddling you with her pussy hovering directly over your dick.

    After a few soft strokes, you shudder in anticipation as you feel Ha Yoon gently direct you to her cunt. Your tip twitches as it brushes against the soft lips of her pussy. As she slowly guides you inside her, her wet chasm hungrily devours you. A sharp influx of oxygen forces itself into you, a deep breath needed to make sure you don’t black out from the overwhelming pleasure. Your body tenses as Ha Yoon gradually takes your tip deeper and deeper inside her. With a desperate need to hold onto anything, you roughly grab her hips. Her tight walls clamp around you, their velvety heat radiating along your shaft. Before you know it, your tip kisses the entrance to her womb; Ha Yoon having taken your cock all the way to the hilt.

    “Oh my fucking god Ha Yoon.” You groan, barely able to put together the sentence.

    “Do you like how it feels inside me?” Ha Yoon smiles.

    “I fucking love it.”

    “Good, because I love how big you feel inside me. You’re so fucking deep. Now. Are you ready for this?”

    An eager nod is the only response you can muster, your hands naturally returning to her hips as her soft walls pressure your shaft.

    “Then let’s get started.” Ha Yoon says, stifling a small moan as she slowly lifts herself off your cock so just your tip is inside her.

    Another sharp breath enters your lungs as Ha Yoon slams herself back onto you. Your dick plunges into depths, burying itself inside her all the way to the hilt. You try to steady your breathing as she gradually lifts herself to your tip again. The velvety walls of her hot cunt cling to your cock. Ha Yoon slowly lowers herself back to the base of your dick. Pleasured gasps force their way out of you as she continues to ride you at a teasing pace.

    Granting you some small mercy, Ha Yoon gradually speeds up before settling on her pace. Slow enough to drive you crazy, but fast enough to still be satisfying. Her silky skin ripples against you as she bounces up and down on your cock. The tight walls of her cunt grip your shaft, the warm cavern tugging on your skin. Another moan escapes your lips as you forcefully squeeze her hips.

    “Oh my fucking god Ha Yoon, you’re so tight.”

    “That’s cause you’re so fucking big.” Ha Yoon moans breathlessly.

    “I want to taste your tits.” You moan as your hands slowly run up her sensual curves towards her chest.

    “Go right ahead.”

    With a seductive smile, Ha Yoon leans over you; her perfect tits hovering over your face. You don’t waste any time, immediately taking her nipple between your lips. Grabbing the back of your head, Ha Yoon pushes your face into her chest. Her soft skin smothers your face as you begin your attack on her nipple. Your hands finally finish their journey, your fingers sinking into her heavenly breasts. You squeeze her tits roughly as you start to satisfy every craving you’ve ever had for her body. Small gasps find their way out of Ha Yoon, her hot cunt gripping your cock as you swirl your tongue around her nipple.

    “Do you like the way I taste?” Ha Yoon asks in an alluring tone.

    Refusing to remove yourself from her breast, you take her nipple between your teeth; nibbling and pulling on it as you nod your head in response.

    “Good.” Ha Yoon smiles.

    As you continue to nibble and slurp on Ha Yoon’s nipple, your fingers aggressively squeeze and knead her breasts. Her soft skin clings to your fingertips as you fondle her tits even harder. Your teeth pinch and pull her nipple, your teeth lightly sinking into the fleshy nub. The velvety walls of Ha Yoon’s cunt greedily devour your shaft. Moist heat radiating along your cock, you continue to indulge in the heavenly pleasure that is Ha Yoon’s body.

    A miraculous choir of moans escapes her lips as she caves to the mutual pleasure. Chasing her own ecstasy, Ha Yoon bounces rapidly on your cock. The soft flesh of her thighs ripples against your own with every thunderous slam. Your hands still glued to her immaculate chest, you push her other breast towards your lips, cramming both of her nipples into your mouth.

    “Oh fuck.” Ha Yoon screams.

    Your tongue darts across both of her nipples, rapidly swirling around them. The sweet taste of her flesh coats your tongue as you rub your tongue against every part of her nipple. Ha Yoon speeds up her thrusts, mindlessly riding your cock as hard as she can. Her hot walls grip your shaft as she slams her womb onto your tip over and over again. You continue to forcefully slurp and suck on her fleshy nubs, taking all the pleasure you can as you devour her pillowy breasts.

    While squeezing and sucking messily on her tits, you meet Ha Yoon’s eyes. Her gaze tells you that she’s just as hungry for your body as you are for hers. Taking both her nipples between your teeth, you nibble and pull on them. Ha Yoon’s grip on your hair tightens as she pushes you even deeper into her chest, her silken flesh practically smothering you. You continue to aggressively attack her nipples as you roughly squeeze her tits together. Your fingers sink into her breasts, squeezing so hard they leave marks on her delicious tan skin. Just as you begin to think about how you’d never get your fill of her delectable tits, Ha Yoon pushes you away, her nipples leaving a shimmer spit strand as they leave your lips.

    “Oh my fucking god, you’re so fucking good.” She screams.

    “Everything about you is amazing. You’re squeezing my dick so hard.” You groan.

    Endless moans pour out of Ha Yoon as she frantically bounces on your dick, her entire body rippling from every slam. Your tip scrapes against the depths of her cunt, the hot walls tightening around your shaft. Sultry moans continue to escape her lips as she pushes her hair behind her shoulders. Her hands slowly make their way to her chest, squeezing and fondling her tits. You find yourself unable to look away from the amazing sight before you. Ha Yoon lustfully slams herself on your cock, cupping her pillowy breasts as they heave wildly. You’ve never been more aroused in your life than you are right now as you watch Ha Yoon slowly lift one of her tits to her lips, flicking her own nipple with her tongue.

    Your hands roughly squeeze her voluptuous ass as Ha Yoon slams herself on your cock. Her delicate fingers aggressively fondle and grope her breasts. The heat of her tight chasm pulsates along your shaft as she wildly rides you. As you watch Ha Yoon circle her tongue around her own nipple, your cock throbs in her velvety walls. The sight of her flicking her tongue across her nipple finally breaks you. No longer able to hold yourself back, you quickly stand up with your cock still inside her.

    “Eep!” Ha Yoon giggles with a pleasured squeal as you lift her up.

    Ha Yoon’s heavenly thighs wrap around your waist as you slowly carry her towards the nearby wall. Her incredible body is soon the only thing positioned between you and the wall. Even though Ha Yoon said she was going to take care of you, months of suppressed lust finally erupts and you’re no longer able to restrain yourself. You rapidly slam your cock into her velvety cunt, piercing into her depths.

    Erotic moans fill the room as you pound away at the deepest parts of her tight cavern. The moist heat of her walls pulsates along your shaft. You lose yourself in the sensation of Ha Yoon’s cunt’s lustful grip on your dick as her voluminous ass ripples against your palms. Your thrusts grow more and more aggressive, your cock trying to force its way as deep into her tight cunt as it can.

    “Holy fuck. Just like that. Just fuck my brains out.” Ha Yoon screams as her tight walls clench around your dick.

    “I’m glad you like it like this, because I wouldn’t be able to stop if I wanted to.” You moan.

    Beads of sweat slowly drip down your forehead as you continue your wild and animalistic thrusts. Your tip aggressively slams against the entrance of Ha Yoon’s womb. Breathless moans make their way out of you. Her perfect body begins to overwhelm you as it ripples and jiggles with every piercing slam. Quickly reaching your breaking point, you squeeze her ass as roughly as you can manage.

    “I’m about to cum Ha Yoon.” You groan, your muscles beginning to burn from the intensity of your thrusts.

    Ha Yoon’s thick thighs tighten around your waist, her heavenly legs keeping you locked inside her velvety walls. Your violent and frantic thrusts rapidly reach their peak, fatigue now mounting just as much as the lustful ecstasy.

    “Good. I want you to cum inside me. Shoot it as deep as you can. Don’t let a single drop spill out.” She commands with a sultry moan.

    Without any hesitation, you furiously pound away at her cunt; your violent thrusts becoming even more frantic. Fistfuls of Ha Yoon’s magnificent ass ripple against your hands as you roughly squeeze her silky cheeks. Losing yourself in the lust you have for the incredible woman in front of you, you continue to mercilessly pierce her depths with your dick as you fuck her against the wall. Rapidly pistoning your cock in and out of her, your tip aggressively slams against her womb. You can’t decide what to look at more; her pillowy breasts heaving wildly, or her beautiful and sultry face. Soon enough the choice is made for you, unable to tear your eyes away from the gorgeous face visibly contorting from ecstasy. As Ha Yoon lets out an earth shattering moan, everything hits you at once.

    Ha Yoon’s legs tightly squeeze your hips as the soft walls of her cunt do the same to your dick. The intense heat of her cavern radiates along your shaft. Pulling your body even closer to hers, she wraps her arms around your back. As Ha Yoon’s body shudders against yours, your own orgasm quickly joins hers. You squeeze her ass so hard that your fingernails dig into her heavenly flesh. A guttural groan forces its way out of you and with all the strength you can muster, you manage one last violent thrust.

    “Are you ready for this? I’m going to fill you up.” You moan, every cell in your body ready to explode.

    “That’s it baby, let everything out.” Ha Yoon moans, her nails digging into the flesh of your back.

    “I’m cumming, Ha Yoon.” You shout.

    Your tip slams against her depths and what feels like a lifetime’s worth of cum surges out of you. Thick streams of hot cum blast out of you, flooding into Ha Yoon’s hungry womb. Your body twitches as you continue to pour cum into the deepest parts of her cunt. Another groan escapes your lips as you fill her womb to the point of overflowing, your semen oozing down the side of your shaft and leaking out of her pussy. You feel her legs slacken their vice-like grip on your waist. Both of you pant heavily as you attempt to recover from the most intense orgasm of your life. Her feet now on the ground, you slowly withdraw your soft shaft from her velvety walls. You stare in amazement as a thick white waterfall slowly drips out and forms a puddle on the hotel room floor.

    “That was so fucking amazing. I’ve never felt that much cum inside me before, especially not that deep. You weren’t kidding about filling me up, huh?” Ha Yoon giggles, still trying to catch her breath.

    “You’re just that incredible.” You say, barely able to give your breathless answer.

    “You too baby. Let’s go get cleaned up now.”

    Leaning in, Ha Yoon gives your lips a gentle kiss. You flinch as you feel her soft fingers wrap around your dick again. Her hand slowly glides up and down your shaft despite it still being sticky from your cum. A small shudder runs over your body as you feel your cock stiffen in her palm again. Pulling away from the kiss, Ha Yoon gives you a seductive wink as she leisurely guides you into the bathroom by your dick.

    After a quick shower, the two of you find yourselves back in the bedroom.

    “That was amazing Ha Yoon. I hope you enjoyed it at least half as much as I did.” You say, trying to break the silence as you both pick up your clothes from the floor.

    “I definitely did.” Ha Yoon smiles.

    You feel your face grow hot as you slowly put your boxers back on.

    “So. Is there a reason you picked that outfit today? It’s almost like you were trying to get me as aroused as possible to make sure I wouldn’t back down tonight.” You ask as she slowly slips her panties back on.

    “Who knows? Maybe I was.” Ha Yoon says with a playful wink.

    The two of you slowly get dressed as you try to recover from the mind blowing orgasms you both shared. After adjusting her breasts in her top, Ha Yoon slowly walks to the hotel room door before turning back to you.

    “Same time next week?” She asks with a smile.

    “Absolutely. And uh. Ha Yoon. How often do you let clients cum inside you like that?” You ask, frowning as you immediately regret the question.

    “Only my favorites.” She says thoughtfully.

    “And how many is that?”

    “Just the one.”

    Ha Yoon gives you a flirty wink and disappears into the hotel hallway. Your face grows hot as you stare blankly at the closed door, wondering what this might mean for your arrangement in the future.

    So after about a month of cockteasing, I finally finished this piece. I feel like it might be a little lower quality to my last few pieces unfortunately. Regardless I hope you all enjoy! Also there's a scene that I personally haven't seen in any kpop smut so I thought it would be fun to have her suck her own titty. Hope you all think it's as hot as I did.

    One day I'll post a picture with a spoiler/update and it will actually be who the piece is for and no one will see it coming.