Loathing Love: Lusty Loop (Pt. 3)

    Male Reader x Kang Hyewon x Jo Yuri

    Length: 3568 words

    Tags: threesome, cunnilingus, lesbian sex, doggy style, tit’s play, passionate sex, shygay!Hyewon, singer!Yuri

    TW: mention of hate sex

    Inspiration: “Jazz Bar” by Dreamcatcher + @friskyriskywhisky​

    Credit: GOAT @worldsover for editing. Thank you!

    (A/N: IT’S BACK! The third chapter of L4 is out, finally. I am so sorry for delaying this for so long and I hope you are satisfied with the result. Enjoy one of my favorite IZ*ONE ships.)


    “I‘m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

    Even as you stroll through the park, the words that Eunbi whined in her sleep still linger in your mind. Like a parasite, they have found their way into whatever part of your brain is responsible for emotional pain—and now it’s starting to make you insane.

    It’s Eunbi’s fault. She has to pay for cheating on you, and the best way she can is with her body. This is what you truly believed when you ravished her last night, but now, you feel a lot less comfortable thinking about that guy who ravished her the night before. Was it all a lie you told yourself that things would be fine if she confessed and submitted?  That a week of hate-filled sex could salvage things?

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    Eleven to One: Into the Next

    Male Reader x Ahn Yujin & Kwon Eunbi

    Length: 3094 words

    Tags: Mommy/Daddy Kink, blowjob, deepthroat, tits play, titjob, finger fucking, cunnilingus, girl-on-girl, sub-dom-dynamic, fucked_up!family 

    TW: the whole family stuff is kinda fucked up ngl

    Inspiration: @friskyriskywhisky for some pics

    Credit: @sooyadelicacies for co-writing!


    Oppa we’ve done it with Minju-unnie, who should we invite next?” Sent by Yujin.

    “Yujin, you naughty girl baby girl, why does this not make you jealous? Or is Daddy not enough for you?”

    I’m not jealous anymore. How dare you say that~“ Sent by Yujin.

    “So I’m not good enough?” you playfully reply, actually getting excited at the thought of Yujin inviting another of her friends. Although it is very unlikely

    “Baby girl, your former IZONE members are very attractive. Who do you think you could invite next?”

    My daddy is really ambitious, I like it. I’m actually sitting in front of one of them rn.“ Sent by Yujin.

    “Yujin, baby girl….can I make a confession…” It was rare for her Daddy to get shy or insecure about something so she was curious.

    Oh, Daddy~ what is it? That seems very not-normal.” Sent by Yujin.

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    Aptitude Test

    A/N - Just a little something that hit me, so here’s a quickie. No grammar checks and all that, so probably not the best but wanted to write something and this was the first bit of inspiration I’ve had since I did the 2k pieces.

    Your professor was never someone to mince her words. Whenever she gave you a deadline, it was a hard deadline - no exceptions. Whenever she heard a dumb question during class, she would call out the student and ask why they are wasting everyone else’s time. It was unspoken knowledge in your university that Momo Hirai was the coldest and most scrutinizing professor on campus.

    So when she invited you to meet her in her private office in the middle of the day you weren’t sure what you were about to walk into. But you definitely didn’t expect to hear the words that just came out of her mouth.

    “M-miss Hirai, is this some kind of joke?” you stutter out in shock at her request.

    Her face does not change. Those dark brown eyes remain as cold and piercing as ever.

    “Joke? Why did you think I asked you to meet me here in the first place? Drop your pants and show me your cock.”

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    Ahin was like a hurricane.

    When she entered your life it was without warning - a “wyd” text, a call with words slurred by too much alcohol… sometimes just a knock on your door. The concept of advance notice was a foreign concept to her. When she wanted you, she went and got you, and that was the end of that. 

    It’s 2:15am when you get the message - a straightforward “I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” No wondering if you were free, or if you were even awake in the early morning hours of a Friday night - or technically, Saturday morning. Just the bold assumption you were awake, that you were at home, that you were willing to have her over - and that you were horny.

    She wasn’t incorrect. She almost never was. And even if she was, it didn’t matter, because Ahin never took “no” for an answer.

    And so when she knocks on the door of your apartment and you reach for the door handle it feels almost like you are inviting a storm into your home. A force of nature. An unstoppable creature powered by boundless reserves of lust and need, clad in a little black dress and bright blonde hair.

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    Siapa tak kenal Mira Filzah, hijabis paling diidam oleh semua fappers local & international. Siapa yg terjebak dalam dunia gelap fapping ni pasti akan tahu bukan batang local je yang lenjan habis habisan sampai lunyai batang tetapi international dick pun tergilakan Mira. Boleh search macam mana batang batang besar solid European memancutkan sperm pekat kat muka Mira.

    Termasuklah aku. Obsesi aku terhadap Mira sebenarnya journey yang panjang. To be honest, aku tak pernah terfikir nak fapping Mira. Tengok muka dia pun aku rasa turn off awal awal dulu. Masa tu geng fappers lain dah menggila cock tribute dan lancap modal Mira. Aku tak sure kenapa aku tak terikut trend masa tu. Maybe sebab masa tu Mira masih macam budak budak. Perangai pun childish.

    Dick aku start berdenyut dan tegang menggila bila aku tertengok tutorial tudung Mira Filzah edisi awal awal dulu. Sebelum tengok tutorial ni, aku memang ada mind set yg Mira ni tak ada boobs. Kalau ada pun kecik gila. Tapi jangkaan aku tersasar jauh. Sampai sekarang pun aku rasa bodoh sbb percaya tetek Mira kecil. Sedangkan shape & boobs type satu level dgn porn star Russian & European yg selalu aku layan.

    Inilah turning point batang aku mula obses dgn Mira Filzah. Bayangkan tudung yg selama ni menutupi belahan dada Mira, mula dibuka perlahan lahan. Menampakkan selambak gunung emas idaman fappers. Damnnn. Sampai sekarang aku tak boleh move on dgn modal ni. Dah macam default utk modal aku, means kalau aku lenjan modal modal Mira lain, aku akan kembali kepada tutorial tudung ni. Sangat sangat sexy.

    Bermula saat inilah, Mira mula tak labuhkan tudung. Masih mengekalkan ciri Muslimah tapi tak lagi childish. Mira dah nampak sangat matured, malah tak salah aku sebut dia mula nak menampakkan persediaan menjadi MILF idaman Malaya. Masa tu aku ingat lagi Nora Danish jadi kegilaan fappers. Paling top, sebelum Mira Filzah mula perlahan lahan ganti tempat Nora. Mira tak lagi conservative dalam fashion dan mula merasakan boobs bukan utk disembunyikan. Buat apa ada tetek besar & solid kalau tersembunyi di sebalik tudung kan. So Mira mula berjinak dgn tudung tudung singkat. Menyerlahkan aset paling power. Rezeki Mira bila pakai tudung macam tu, dia mula dirisik jadi duta duta brand tudung terkenal, paling well known mestilah Ariani. Aku pulak memang tak senang duduk dan mula explore. Jumpalah beratus ratus side boobs Mira yang bila aku dapat, aku takkan lepaskan. Memang aku lenjan berkali kali sampai kering sperm. Sampai sakit batang aku baru stop. Esok sambung lagi. Macam tu lah penangan seorang slut bernama Mira.

    Macam ni lah permulaan Mira berjinak jinak dengan tudung singkat sehingga menampakkan boobs dia yg sangat sangat indah.

    Aku rasa, Mira Filzah pun bukan jenis yg nerdy. Maksud aku dia pun explore benda benda berkaitan sexual. Aku tak kata dia jenis wild dan fucking dgn sapa sapa je. Dia memang jenis selective. Tapi sekarang bila semua di hujung jari, Mira mula dgn search apa yg terbuku di hati. Contoh macam mana sperm keluar dari dick lelaki. Mula dgn pencarian basic sampai la level Mira layan softcore porn. Sampai la tiba ke puncak iaitu porn. Masa tu Mira dah mula kenal dgn body sendiri. Dan mula berjinak dgn masturbation. Mula mula Mira rasa sinful dan cuba nak quit tapi mampu bertahan 1 minggu lebih je. Lepas tu bila dekat nak period especially, rasa horny tak mampu dibendung lagi. Sampai la Mira terpaksa order dildo & vibrator from UK. Mira memang akan spend masa utk touch her body slowly dan lepas tu semakin wild. Telinga, neck, boobs antara yg Mira kalah teruk kalau dirangsang. Mula la clit berdenyut dan minta dibelai jgk. Mira tertanya tanya macam mana rasa kissing & feeling bila cock menujah pussy ketatnya.

    Mira mula makin manja masa shooting. Memang keletah Mira ni tak dibuat buat. Semakin dia meningkat umur, manja dia tu makin terasa. Bakat teasing Mira dari awal lagi dah ada. Mira memang dah tak pakai lagi tudung labuh. Semua disingkatkan. Director movie & drama pun lagi suka sebab tu la yg akan melariskan produk dorang nanti. Nak styling Mira pun dah tak susah lagi. Sexy with hijab, macam tu la tagline Mira sekarang.

    Tengok macam mana evolusi Mira dari tudung labuh sampai la dada yg terselak. Fuhhh auto tegang bila tengok perkembangan Mira. Bagi sapa yg follow dari dekat memang akan terangsang gila.

    Masa ni Mira baru umur sekitar 24, 25 tahun. Lepas sekolah, Mira pernah try nak freehair kejap tapi tak lama. Lepas tu dia serasi dgn tudung tutup dada. Lepas tu baru dia express emotion dia dgn fashion macam ni. Ni lah paling serasi dan kena dgn jiwa dia. Sampai sekarang.

    Potensi Mira mula menyerlah. Bakat acting, modelling makin menonjol. Memang semua orang tergilakan side boobs Mira. Kalau ada movie or drama baru atau even modelling produk apa apa, itu lah yg aku tunggu tunggu dulu. Macam mana Mira menggayakan side boobs dia. Damn.

    Family & kawan kawan dalam circle Mira pun tak marah apa apa. Malah bagi moral support lagi. Semua tahu body Mira memang perfect dan perlu ditayangkan kepada public. Itulah aset terbaik yg Mira ada. Mira lebih confident dengan fans & followers. Malah kalau Mira vacation pun lagi ketat outfit yg dia pakai. Aku pernah tengok 1 modal yg Mira pakai baju utk ke island yg ketat gila. Habis semua lekuk body dia nampak. Tudung singkat. Aku sempat lenjan modal tu sekali je. Lepas tu modal tu dah hilang. Sebab tayang dekat story IG tak lama.

    Mira mula terkenal 1 dunia sekitar umur dia 26, 27. Masa ni memang 1 dunia dia round dan fappers antarabangsa pun mula kenal rapat dgn dia. Masa ni semua berlumba lumba nak cumtribute Mira. Aku pernah join international fappers ni. Dorang memang lagi fanatik dgn Mira. Sbb pernah dorang bagitau Asean girls memang paling perfect utk fucking.

    Sial lah. Mira ni kalau dia tutup boobs dia, memang orang tak perasan boobs dia besar. Tapi kalau selak sikit je. Shitttt, aku rasa khayal bila tengok. Dah macam ganja kot. Terus nak fapping.

    Damn. Sekarang Mira bukan je tayang tetek tapi 1 body dia. Dia mula pakai baju baju yg nampak curving & body cutting dia. Sapa je yg boleh tahan tengok body Mira. Masa ni lah semua orang mula flirt Mira. Macam macam approach dorang guna utk tawan hati Mira dan bermimpi utk fucking dgn Mira.

    Tapi yg dapat tawan hati & body Mira akhirnya adalah Wan Emir. Fuhhh lumayan bro. Jelous jugak aku masa dia get hitched. Aku ingatkan bila dah kawin, dia akan control Mira dan jadikan Mira conservative balik. Kena pakai jubah or abaya ke. Atau jadi macam Neelofa, niqab terus. Tapi sekali lagi, jangkaan aku meleset jauh. Rupanya, Mira Filzah jadi lebih sexy!

    Fuck. Kat sini aku dah mula obses level maximum dgn Mira. Dah la Mira Filzah dah upgrade status dia jadi MILF, body dia pun lepas fucking mula menampakkan aura sex yg lebih padu. Boobs, bontot, muka semuanya lebih attractive berbanding zaman dia single. Damn.

    Fuckkkk! Tudung Mira sekarang level lilit kat leher je. Memang dia tayang terus tetek dia utk fappers. Lepas tu partner kerja dia pun sangat sangat merangsang aku macam Bella Dally & Uyaina. Semua ada aura sex tersendiri. Sial lah.

    Mora Mira, moreeeee… memang fappers akan auto tegang kalau layan Mira ni. Dick mana yg sanggup tahan tengok betina yg cukup pakej ni. Yg mati pucuk je boleh tahan.

    Fucking shit! Masa dia jadi pengacara Nona antara moment Mira Filzah gayakan outfit paling sexy. Ketat gila. Tudung singkat dan kalau dari belakang, jelas nampak bontot padu Mira. Sapa yg butt lover, memang terus pre cum aku rasa. Bukan boobs je padu, bahkan buttock jgk.

    Just thinking of you naked drives me wild, Mira. Fuck.  I want to explore every single inch of your body with my mouth. Masa Mira kawen tu aku rasa knowledge dia pasal sex dah sangat sangat tinggi. Memang Wan Emir kering la sperm diproses Mira Filzah. Mira memang jenis suka swallow sperm, kalau foreplay suka deepthroat, advanced foreplay macam 69. Kalau dah sampai tahap horny gila, Mira akan dirty talk. Masa tu la Wan Emir tak boleh tahan sebab Mira moaning dgn suara dia paling manja. Aku boleh bayangkan macam mana Mira moaning ahhhhhhhh… masa drive on top. Sampai Wan Emir tak tahan dan terus cum.

    Tapi yang buat aku turn on, Wan Emir tak marah langsung Mira berkawan rapat dgn actor lain. Actor yg sexy pulak tu. Maksud aku yg ada body padu sbb pergi gym. Malah Mira sangat rapat dgn dorang. Baru la aku tau Wan Emir dah beyond jelousy, 1 prinsip yg dipakai bagi couple yg open relationship. Sebelum kawen, memang Wan Emir tau secara teori je tapi bila dah lenjan Mira cukup cukup, dia lagi turn on kalau orang terangsang dgn wife dia. Malah dia suka kalau fappers gunakan Mira sebagai modal lancap. Dia berkira kira sapa yg boleh jadi partner utk 3some or 4some dgn dorang. Dia teringin nak try cuckold or swapping partner.

    Mira sangat into dgn kinky stuff. Terutama lepas tengok 50 Shades of Grey. Malah Mira tertunggu director Malaysia yg boleh arahkan movie mcm tu. Dia teringin nak jadi Anna dlm movie tu. BDSM, role play memang kegilaan Mira. Notty Mira. Fuck!

    Fuck you, mistress Mira!

    Is that all you got, motherfucker? I’m going to take all your control away. Aku nak dominasi Mira cukup cukup. Biar Mira jadi submissive. Biar Mira masterkan aku. Wan Emir tengok je di hujung wife dia kena fucking.

    Go goooooooo. Aku nak hardcore. Biar Mira dapat rasa dick aku tujah gspot dia. Kalau dia dah tak tahan sangat, aku akan rub her clit dgn batang aku. Lepas tu finger pussy dia sampai squirt. Maybe Mira jenis yg susah nak squirt tapi aku akan cuba kaw kaw. Sampai terpercik sikit air jernih dari pussy Mira.

    Fuck. Mira dah preggy? OMG subur gila! Hasil kena lenjan & make love setiap hari. Fucking shit…

    Masa ni Mira dah betul betul master semua pasal sex. Dia nak sharing dgn siblings dia pulak bersambung


    Face 10/10

    Siapa boleh nafikan markah yg aku bagi ni? Kalau face Mira tak dapat full marks, mana mungkin local & international fappers termasuk aku sendiri tak tahan tengok sampai cumtribute berkali kali. Tbh, aku sendiri bukan la face lover sangat. Aku lebih kpd body lover. Aku tengok body dulu baru muka. Tapi Mira Filzah antara pengecualian. Batang aku boleh tegak 100% bila tengok muka notty dia. Bibir, gigi ahhhh semua lah bahagian muka Mira perfect.

    Boobs 11/10

    Tak tahu macam mana nak explain lagi. Aku terpaksa bagi markah beyond 10, sebab boobs Mira ni sangat sangat aku obses. Bayangkan dari yg aku rasa Mira tak ada boobs sampai la aku tengok sendiri boobs dia gedabak besar. Fuckkk memang aku takleh move on. Shape dia tu yg padu. Besar, orang cakap londeh sikit tapi aku tak rasa mcm tu. Londeh tu means nipples dia tu type yg bukan stay kat tengah tengah. Dia ke bawah sikit. Tapi tetap solid gila. Fuckkk, aku nak sucking sampai 1 jam kalau boobs Mira ni. Ingat tak side boobs dia masa dia tengah live. Terselak terus. Sempat dia cakap, nak cover apa patut. Padahal dia tau dah geng fappers akan target modal tu. Legend moment tu. Sapa tak tau, memang bukan fappers sejati lah lol.

    Butt 10/10

    Butt Mira jarang dia show dekat orang ramai. Sebab maybe boobs dia tu pun orang dah takleh move on. Sampai orang tak sempat nak explore butt dia. Tapi aku suggest sapa sapa yg belum pernah tengok bontot Mira, try explore. Butt dia memang type yg best utk doggy. Selama ni orang layan boobs, apa kata tambah dgn butt pulak. Damn hot combo.

    Body Cutting 10/10

    Semuanya terletak sempurna. Susah nak cari type mcm Mira. Aku boleh katakan hour glass type. Sebab boobs besar, pinggang slim, bontot besar balik. Sial lah. Korang nak apa lagi kan?

    Sexual Attractiveness 9/10

    Sorry Mira, I jahat part ni. Sebab apa aku kurangkan markah 1? Adakah Mira belum menepati sexual attractiveness geng fappers? Jawapannya tak. Kurang 1 markah sebab belum ada sex tape Mira yg leaking. Atau Mira tak join porn. Hahahaha. Jahat kan sebab tu je aku potong 1 markah. Nak bagitau Mira dah next level. Sexual biasa ni memang dia dah tahap maximum. Tahap 1 vs 1 Mira dah tak hadap. Mesti lagi advanced.


    Lips, gigi, kaki, kulit semua perfect utk Mira. Dan body dia wangi sial. Fuck. Btw, suara dia pun sama. Kalau phone sex, tak sampai 1 minit aku dah pancut kot dengar suara dia. Dia cakap “baby sayang…” dulu tu sampai sekarang aku tegang bila teringat.


    Aku tak tau dah nak cakap apa secara overall. Habis kata kata hahaha. Korang lah komen & share kat bawah experiences & journey korang fapping Mira Filzah. Aku rasa kalau kumpul semua fappers yg obses lenjan Mira Filzah ni, mau beribu ribu members. Komen journey korang pulak okay.



    Hope you enjoy.

    Note: And you thought I wrote breast worship before. Ha!

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    A gentle breeze brushes against your cheek as you slowly tread through the park. The sounds of nearby kids laughing and playing float into your ear. You take a slow deep breath while the bright sun warms your face. You stop walking and quietly stare at the sky. As you let the scenery of this perfect day wash over you, a gentle touch squeezes your hand. A soft voice next to you reads your mind.

    “On a beautiful day like this, you should live beautifully.”

    You chuckle softly as you turn to see Eunbi giving you a cheerful smile. She gently brushes part of her hair behind her ear, the wind lightly blowing her short hair along her neck. 

    “That’s a good phrase. Where did you hear that from?” You ask.

    “You don’t remember? Some guy said that once to justify why he asked me out. I think he was trying to be romantic or something.” Eunbi teases.

    “Listen, you were very pretty and I wanted to impress you.”

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    This is my second piece, I had a rush of inspiration and started working on this shortly after my first one. But please, please don’t expect me to put out writings this fast in the future. It is very unlikely that I’ll have any set schedule in the future. I don’t want to force myself into any kind of deadline and rush out a piece I’m not satisfied with. Anyway I hope you enjoy this. There’s some light bondage/orgasm denial in this. Very light. Like barely any. Enjoy!

    Edit: I made some slight edits cause I decided that I wasn’t fully satisfied with it after all, and you figured you guys might not be either. I’ll try to edit more until I’m satisfied and stop being lazy with it from now on. I didn’t change much, but I hope you enjoy it!

    Word count: 5000+

    As you walk up to the building you hear your phone buzz in your pocket. Praying that your date wasn’t cancelled, you check your messages. “Had to run an errand. Key is under the mat, let yourself in and relax until I get back.” You shake your head as you walk up the steps. Hyewon was an idol now, yet she was still careless as always. It was one thing for her to zone out constantly and march to the beat of her own drum. But leaving her key under the mat wasn’t just careless, it was dangerous. You decide to have a talk with her about it when she gets back. You arrive in front of her apartment and lean over to check under the welcome mat. Sure enough there was the key.

    “Unbelievable,” You mutter quietly as you let yourself inside. “Pardon the intrusion.”

    You look around as you take off your shoes in the doorway and set them aside. You know Hyewon has roommates, you just aren’t sure where they are right now. You don’t see any other shoes near the entrance so it should be safe. Having been here once before you know exactly which room is hers. Just to be safe you knock lightly on the door and wait for a response. After a quiet pause, you gingerly open the door and peek inside. Confirming the room is empty, you collapse on her bed.  Time passes as you lay silently, staring at the ceiling. Just when you were afraid you would fall asleep you hear the doorknob turn.

    “Finally. I was wondering what was taking so long. Is everything okay,” you ask as you sit up only to be greeted by her roommate Eunbi. Her t-shirt looked two sizes too small, tightly hugging her breasts. Between that and her jean shorts that end before her ass does, her entire outfit seemed picked out to full accentuate every curve of her body.

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    Given that it’s APink 10th anniversary today. I thought it was nice to repost this again! It’s led by my ever-smiling, ever-note conquering bias - Jung Eunji. I’ll never forget how in that 2015 morning, she (and the group) charmed me with NoNoNo.

    This story is 8897 words. 

    Alternate link to AFF here.


    Droning. I would describe it, typing and repeating the same words in my head as I opened the emails and answered them. Some occasionally contain exciting buzzwords to try and hook me into whatever was on the email, earning me a chuckle for their cheap, but appreciated efforts. Being an executive manager was a tiring, thankless, but a decent job. I became the errand handler in the team from the office, being the guy who takes calls and orders everybody else around to help me. 

    “Good day, sir,” I said firmly, fending off my anger as I brought the phone down on another customer demanding too much, almost punching the handset into the dialing pad. I was sighing as the particular office has been bothering me all week. Though the promise of dinner at home on Friday added a few extra rounds to my endurance, being able to soldier off stress for almost the entire week now. 

    “Hey man, wanna drink?” My fellow manager asked as he opened the door. I looked up from the hypnosis of my laptop screen, bringing my glasses up my nose to see who it was.

    “You aren’t done with that stack, and you wanna drink? Get out of here,” I replied, ending with a chuckle.

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    Sun’s Out

    Breaking the blocks down to let this one slip down the ways. This took quite a rewrite when I was just about to start the smut part. I’m glad it came out the way it did, having made a goal to make it (and if possible, the next one shorter). I always knew Hayoung stood out for other reasons, apart from being the tallest. 

    Second link in AFF

    6,542 words

    It was the weekend. Better yet, a long weekend. Now, it wasn’t the most ideal of years to just carelessly go running amok and going on tours everywhere. But then I thought to myself, and the apartment was getting smaller and smaller every time I bothered about it. Going to the mall or going to the Han riverside wasn’t going to cut it. Though we already did both of that. So this is what we decided to do, looking out to the lush greens, with the healthy branches that do not need tap water to keep them alive except the soil that rose from the stream. Sitting down and laid back on a carved rock pool while under the privacy that only a wooden shack with latticed paper dividers could grant. There was nothing artificial within reach. 

    Having driven out late last night, both of us quickly threw our travel bags on the floor and packed within thirty minutes after rifling through the chicken takeout. She was sleeping on the passenger seat even before we made it two blocks down from the building. Meanwhile, being the driver meant I couldn’t fall asleep, but then again, what is a night of good sleep? Neither of us hasn’t had any in months. Of course, the fatigue that had gotten to us also motivated me to get us out. I guess it was a correct call to make, almost sprinting out the car, sprawling the mats out in the bedroom, and diving down into the pillows, snoring and missing our alarms this morning. Now, I’m just looking up at the ceiling, in my swim shorts, warmly sitting on the rocks, feeling the steam rise up, hopefully, my short-term worries along with it, while slouching still in the somewhat shallow spring pool. It was a deafening silence that not even the divider to the pool being slid open bothered me. 

    “Hey, they said no falling asleep in the pool, right?”

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    After being shelved during mid-2020, it is finally done. A warm-up exercise as the sem comes to a close. Probably going to have to write quicker or get used to a high-tempo lifestyle since I might find myself going to campus by next year. I’ll see where that goes and hope I don’t drown. 

    I’ll answer everything else in the coming weeks.

    6,270 words of Lee Ahin.

    “ID?” the bouncer asked me with his palm outstretched. The light from the doorway shadowed his massive frame. I reached into my wallet, pulled the card out, and handed it. I could see him raise his eyebrows in a nod and handing it back. He asked why I was there—replying as I put it back inside my wallet.


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    Shin Johyun & Kwon Eunbi x Male Reader

    15720 words

    categories: smut, oral, threesome, mommy kink

    Note: this is a sequel to Simulation & one of two prequels planned forDouble Trouble

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    “And cut! Good work everyone!”

    Shin Jiwon bowed to photographers and staff as the exhausting photoshoot was finally finished. Jiwon was chosen to be the new muse of Yes Underwear, a company that typically used famous Korean idols to model their products. Jiwon was beautiful and proud of her body, so she was happy to be one of the few chosen.

    She returned to her dressing room and sat down on the makeup chair, exhausted. She picked up her phone and scrolled through her messages. One of the staff members on set airdropped her some of the unedited photos so she decided to send a few to her boyfriend.

    “Some of the shots from today’s shoot, babe! What do you think?”

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