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    Detalle de la fachada lateral, Edificio de Fabrica - Laboratorio, Alimentos Infantiles  S.A., José María Rico 418 esq. José Linares, Del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México 1948 (destruido)

    Arq. Enrique Manero Peón

    Detail of the side facade, Factory - Laboratory buildng, Alimentos Infatiles Company, Jose Maria Rico 418 at Jose Linares, Del Valle, Benito Juarez, Mexico City 1948 (destroyed)

    Juan O'Gorman, Facultad de Arquitectura UNAM, México. Date unknown. Photo by Sofía Rivera.

    “Juan O’Gorman was a Mexican architect and muralist, known for his mosaic designs that adorned the facades of buildings. O’Gorman was influenced by drawing and composition through his father, Cecil Crawford O’Gorman, an Irish painter who settled in Mexico. Despite this influence, he chose to focus on architecture early in his career. After graduating in 1927 from the school of architecture of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, O’Gorman began designing spare, rectilinear houses and buildings in the style of the Functionalist architect Le Corbusier. Included among these designs were, in 1928, the house and studio of the muralist Diego Rivera, a close associate.”