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    the sexy, dark brown, football stallion THOMAS QUINN JONES

    soon to be 40 years old, thomas spent 12 seasons as a running back for the NFL. after playing football in the NCAA for the university of virginia, thomas was drafted by the arizona cardinals in 2000.

    between the ages of 22 and 34 years old, thomas dedicated his muscle, stamina and speed to the new york jets, the tampa bay buccaneers, the chicago bears AND the kansas city chiefs. 

    thomas is considered to be one of the top leading rushers in the NFL’s entire history.

    standing at 6ft and weighing 215 pounds, the very handsome athlete was casted to star as Gabrielle Union’s “fuck buddy” during the first season of her BET drama, “BEING MARY JANE”. 

    the young stud played the role of BRANDON over a five episode run. whenever Mary Jane would text or come calling between that 11:00pm - 3:00am booty call time slot, Brandon would come by to relieve her aching stress.

    this is when we got a peek at thomas’ cute, tiny, brown cakes. 

    you’d think the brotha would be a lot more stacked in the back, but he really isnt.

    very handsome!


    sexy, basketball stud, IMAN ASANTE SHUMPERT, lends his athletic skills to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

    this man’s sex appeal is so organic and intensified by the fact that he comes across very humble and at ease about this newfound fame. his infectious smile makes him all the more handsome, and for some…his height seals the deal.

    and off the court, Iman stands as half of one of the industry’s youngest couples, Teyana & Iman – “The Shumpert’s”

    what i love so very much about Iman is the fact that he appears to be extremely confident in his masculinity. he attends balls and other LGBT events alongside Teyana. he is very fluid in his mocking of her gay lingo and engaging in other non traditional, alpha male antics. 

    Iman is not only a powerful, 6′5 athlete, but he also presents himself as a doting father to baby Junie, as well as a loyal and committed romantic partner.

    there are very few images that are more attractive than a man who stands beside his woman and protects the sanctity of their relationship and overall family unit. 

    Teyana and Iman are indeed one of the sexiest, young black couples that we have on the circuit. i hope the union lasts.