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    here’s another fun fact: asexual does not mean nonsexual.

    asexuals’ relationship with sex and sexual attraction tends to be….complicated. there’s a bit of an idea of like, oh of course, you’re either sex-favorable, sex-neutral, or sex-repulsed, but honestly i see a LOT of discussion about how wildly different those can each look for each individual. some people are comfortable with some acts in very specific contexts, and deeply upset by them in all others. some people find certain forms of nonsexual intimacy (like kissing) to still be off-limits, while something most people might consider more charged (like nudity) is totally fine. a lot of us just kind of have a long laundry list like “this is fine, this isn’t, that one’s okay, that one’s always off-limits….” because the big secret is that “sex” isn’t really any cohesive act as much as a lot of little things that people just threw together and called one thing.

    as for attraction: some aces are actually attracted to other people once in a blue moon, and simply don’t want to clarify that every time. some aren’t entirely sure, but don’t want to spend their whole lives guessing. some ARE completely sure they never have and never will feel an attraction.

    at the end of the day, much like any label, this single word really doesn’t tell you much of anything about what a person is actually like unless you bother to ask them what it means to them.

    Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) is fantastic bc if you try hard enough it can really be about anything.  It’s about capitalism.  It’s about the horrors of the medical-industrial complex.  It’s about the ways fathers fail their children, and how their children can grow past them.  It’s about all the bizarre and self-destructive ways people get by in a world where human bodies, living and dead alike, are reduced to marketable commodities.  It’s about ripping that guy’s spine right out.  It’s about legacies of trauma.  It’s about the importance of giving Sarah Brightman a sick-ass solo.  It’s about self-determination and the struggle for bodily and moral autonomy in a corporate state.  It’s about what happens if you give a bunch of goths in 2008 an $8.5mil budget.  All of these interpretations are true and meaningful, but above all, you must always remember that Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) is stupid as fuck.

    obscure underdesigned online scientific DNA databases chocked full long strings of genetic code printed out at length on the page carefully filed under each trait/gene/line giving me strange and complicated thoughts and feelings about the nature of life and biology like im seeing something i shouldnt but could build my own drought-resistant soybeans from scratch if i just reacted things in the right order in a test tube but also the horror and mystification that some of these genes are copyrighted by x company in x year and are documented on the site like a secret history of strange quiet things but the history spans public academic discoveries as well and the comfort that none of any of this truly belongs to us and never will my beloved

    Hello I am the tiny penis doctor. You might notice that the placard on my desk says big penis doctor, that is because the hospital calls me the big penis doctor so if you have a tiny penis you do not have to ask for the tiny penis doctor, you simply ask for the big penis doctor and that way nobody knows you have a tiny penis. I am sorry my friend I have left the intercom on so now the entire hospital knows you have a tiny penis, I am so sorry


    nobody really drops anvils that make people have funny birds and stars spin around their head anymore… they should do start doing that again


    So true, btw can you stand on this x over here? I think there’s buried treasure under there


    treasure? YIPPEE!!! (starts digging!!!!!)




    I love this genre of tumblr posts that’s basically the online equivalent of playing power rangers on the playground