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    stop what you’re doing and watch this


    For those who don't know, this is Joe Lycett. He's a British comedian who's also bisexual/pansexual (he uses both labels interchangeably afaik), and this isn't an isolated thing.

    He has a show called Joe Lycett's Got Your Back which explains consumer rights, exposes dodgy businesses and actually fights on behalf of people who have been scammed by those businesses, often successfully.

    He also legally changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest of the fashion house Hugo Boss hitting a local brewery with cease and desist because they trademarked the word boss. The protest was successful and Hugo Boss receded the c&d.

    He's a cool guy and I recommend looking him up. I also recommend looking up the notable cases from JLGYB on the Wikipedia link below


    I want to study her life.


    Holy shit I love her 💜


    audio transcript:

    a curly-haired woman in a parka is sitting in a car.

    “When I was in high school, I used to wear flared jeans all the time, and I discovered that when I was on my period, I could wear knee-high socks under my flared jeans, and I could put my tampons in my knee-high socks, and nobody would notice. Because, like, my jeans were flared, so it wasn’t, you know, form-fitting. And that way, I could go to the bathroom to have to change my tampon without having to bring anything with me. And I also then found out that you can put like money, and chapstick, and like your cell phone, like all just in your socks, and it would fit great. And I would do that like all the time.

    SCENE CHANGE. It is another one of the many car accidents I was in, and me and my one sister are backboarded, and we are sent to the hospital in an ambulance. Like we end up being fine, the rest of my family ends up being fine, like that’s not the important part of the story, it’s the fact that I was backboarded. And me and my sister get wheeled into the hospital, backboarded, and, like, we can’t move, and they’re like, ‘okay we’re going to deal with some stuff, we’ll be right back,’ and I was like, ‘please hurry, I really have to go to the bathroom.’

    Like thirty or so minutes go by and it’s just me and my sister in like a back room backboarded down, and we just came to the consensus, we were like, ‘they absolutely forgot about us.’ Well, a nurse comes by, looks in the room, goes, ‘oh my gosh, that’s where you went? we lost you!’ and we were like, ‘we knew it, we knew we’d been lost.’

    So me and my sister think that is the funniest thing in the world, we cannot stop laughing. ‘Cause once again, we were backboarded, but we were not in active distress. A lot of this was just precautionary. And you know, the hospital staff was so apologetic, and they’d been looking for us and they couldn’t find us, and then in walks a doctor and my one aunt. And the doctor’s like ‘oh my gosh,’ and you know, we’re laughing with him, and we’re like, ‘honestly, the only thing we’re concerned about at this point is we both really have to go to the bathroom now.’

    And the doctor’s like, ‘okay,’ and I’m like, ‘can you let me out.’ And he’s like, ‘well, we do have to follow like some, you know, like, professional standards here.’ And I was like, ‘okay, please, but I really gotta go.’

    So he was like, ‘alright,’ so he starts checking me over, we’re chatting away and chatting away. And all of a sudden he gets to my leg and he does this [speaker puts her hands in front of her as if pressing down].

    And he goes, HUUURG’ and he grabs my pant leg, whips it back, grabs my knee-high sock, whips it back, and five tampons go flying through the air.

    So I’m backboarded down and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, what was that about’ and the doctor’s just like [breathing hard] ‘I just about had a heart attack, because I thought your leg was severely broken, but it was just tampons.’

    And I was like, ‘yeah, that’s where I keep my tampons.’ And he’s like, ‘why?!’ And I was like, ‘it’s a really good hiding spot.’ And then he was like, ‘why was there five of them?!’ And I was like, ‘mind your business.’

    Meanwhile, my aunt’s in the corner, just, like, about to throw up, she’s laughing so hard, and my little sister, she’s backboarded down in the corner like ‘what’s happening?’ And I was like, ‘he found my tampon stash!’

    Anywho, that’s just one of my many car accidents. Okay I’ll talk to you later byee.”

    [from @virtusicona on tiktok]


    Achrioptera manga is a species of phasmid or stick insect of the genus Achrioptera, found only in a forest in northern Madagascar.

    Stick insects usually blend into their background, but the male A. manga is blue, standing out against the surrounding foliage


    kind of a fucked up boy


    okay honestly i’m living for the vibrant yet tasteful color scheme