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    Some people say that these posts aren’t the most legitimate, but if I have the opportunity to help someone I always do. Take a look at this young lady’s post, and remember what your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man says, “if you have the means to help someone, you have a moral obligation to do so.”


    My wrists were restrained above my head, and I was already shaking with desire. He loomed above me, teasing with skilled fingers, never lingering in one spot for too long. He inched closer and closer to my face, presenting his thick, hard cock to me, but always keeping it just out of reach of my


    Lovely. All things must be earned darling. You cant just get what you want right away. Impress me. Show me how bad you really want it. Please me and you will hear those two words that will fill your soul and make you swoon………  Good Girl

    Daddy kissed me hard this morning and whispered in my ear,”Don’t you worry…we’re going to be together today.”

    I twitched all day whenever I thought about it.

    He made certain that I didn’t forget his promise.

    He walked by me and smacked me on my ass while I was in the kitchen getting water at...

    The ball gag was smooth and cool against the ragged heat of Corinne’s tongue and lips. The pressure of it on her teeth forced her mouth open to a point where she knew if it was in for too terribly long her mouth would be even more sore than it was already from taking his cock in it over and over...


    Corinne sagged back in the chains after the yell. She waited for the sting of the baton against her tortured skin – and nothing came. Instead, she felt movement around her ankles and realized that Joshua had knelt down to unbuckle her from her restraints. Relief swept through her at the...


    This page a day is my nightly ritual.

    • If I say “no” to someone and they get angry, this does not mean I should have said “yes.”
    • Saying “no” does not make me selfish.
    • Although I want to please the people I care about, I do not have to please them all the time.
    • It is okay to want...

    Fucking impossible for me :(

    What do you do when you’re stressed? You eat.

    What do you do when you’re bored? You eat.

    What do you do when you’re moody? You eat.

    What do you do when you’re any of the above and thirsty? You drink large quantities of liquor.

    Solution: Fill your mouth with penis instead on...