early 20s ✨ submissive ✨ not yours ✨ not interested

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2018-12-09 12:10:02

    Okay. I did once own you, but i was young and inexperienced. Would you be open to reconnecting and talking? Not even to form any kind of arrangment. More to just talk?

    Possibly, depending on who you are. If you reach out via Facebook/text I can give you a more definitive answer.

    Also with tumblr becoming NSFW-free soon I probably won’t be checking this blog again


    I mean like a little? A slave? A kitty? A Pup? etc.... Do you know which category you come under?

    I have traits that fall under a lot of titles, but I don’t identify as anything more specific than a submissive. I’m very self-aware, I just don’t fall into a specific category.

    Fun, dominant ways to tease her in public:

  • Give her little commands, like “Get my coat for me, sweetheart.” (Instead of thanking her, call her a “good girl” when she completes the task)
  • Contantly keep a hand on her shoulder/arm/hip/lower back, and guide her exactly where to walk
  • When you’re sitting at a table, put your hand on her thigh and slowly start to squeeze harder and harder - if she makes noise, pretend to be concerned and ask if her leg is cramping
  • Hold eye contact with her as you crack your knuckles, and suppliment with either a haughty smirk, or a clenched jaw and dead-eyed stare