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    Contains 6 poses all together

    3 couple poses

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    FY_MM_hair_Betsy N1

  • 18 swatches
  • HQ compatible
  • Hat chops
  • Base game compatible
  • Teen - Young Adult - Adult - Elder
  • All LODs
  • Don’t re-upload my cc
  • Don’t re-edit my cc without my permission
  • Feel free to recolor but don’t include the mesh
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  • Public release at 1/1/2021
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  • About Mediafire

    Since MF is deleting files from inactive accounts soon, I would need (and appreciate!) any help with making a list of old, inactive creators who’s downloads are in danger. There are so many ts2 creators out there who has hosted things on mediafire and I have absolutely no idea where to start. So if you (yes you, reading this!) has any creator(s) in mind which you know is inactive and/or has downloads only on mediafire, please feel free to send me an ask of the creator’s username (or reblog/comment here) and I will do my best to back-up as much content as possible. I will also try and go through packrat to re-upload things currently hosted on mediafire to SFS.

    It seems we only have two weeks until this is starting. Any help with downloading content in danger or sending me ask(s) with usernames is much appreciated!

    (digitalangels has already backed-up Mouseyblue’s and MissTiikeri’s content, just to mention :-) thank you!)

    Balenna Collections

    New CC
    Inspired by Instagram @Omesis.Shoppu
    and Request by My Bestie on Instagram too @mikazuki.daisuki

    Balenna Collections : HERE



    Note :
    * For The Sims 4
    * Don’t Claim As Your Own
    * Recolor Allowed ( No Included Mesh )
    * Tag Me if you Use this CC ( If You Want It )

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    Neptune Ave NYE

    2020 has been absolutely awful. Gratitude has gotten me through this year.  Small bits of joy have as well. This simblr has been one of those small bits. I love being black, a New Yorker, a recovering hot mess, etc. and I’m happy I get to express that on here and people really receive it. I’m grateful for all of the love everyone has shown me since I started here in September. I’m also grateful because y’all get so messy and, for the most part, I loveeee mess when I’m not in it (God is still working on me).

    At the least, I hope that my little downloads have been your small bits of joy. I’m not sure how many of you follow the tradition of cleaning the house and making black eyed peas on New Years Eve but, if you do, I’m happy to share mine. My TOU is still the same in 2021. Free, free, free, no ads, no malware traps, everything that’s mine is yours. Happy new year. Get into it ;)  💞 



    This is CLUTTER/DECO and not functional. Use “bb.moveobjects on” cheat to place on counters/stove. 

    Neptune Ave NYE - Stew Pot (Mediafire)
    Neptune Ave NYE - Porkchops (Mediafire)
    Cornbread Pan

    aorisims - Male Solo 2

    [ aorisims - Male Solo 2 ] & [ aorisims - CAS_active ] : Download

  • Description
  • *all in one in game
  • *total of 12 poses
  • i hope you enjoy this pose


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    aorisims - Couple Pose 5


    2 Poses Animated / all in one

    aorisims - Couple Pose 5 :Download 

    You need > Pose Player & Teleport any sim

    Phone > inabadromance


    ▶Do not re-upload my poses & re-distribute

    ▶Do not edit my poses

    ▶Do not sale my poses ​

    ▶Do not claim as your own.

    [Thanks to all cc creator]

    New Bug Fix & New Small Mod

    Added Fireguard Means No Fire” Bug Fix -  After upgrading “Fireguard” at Fireplaces, furniture around still could caught fire in my Game. This Bug fix prevents that.

    Random Bug Fixes


    Added new small Mod: Prefer Leftover” (Random) -  Sims don’t auto cook if food is in the fridge and instead prefer to eat the leftover. Keep in mind if you use my “No Auto Food Grab” Mod: That Mod will stop Sims from getting leftover autonomously when the “prevent buff” is active (The Autofill Button in the UI is autonomous behaviour as well). If that is the case you need to manually send them to get leftover.

    Random Small Mods


    Don’t download these Updates if you have the Legacy Edition!

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  • New mesh
  • 15 colors
  • from teenager to older
  • *   *   *

    *   *   *

  • New mesh
  • 9 colors
  • Specular maps
  • from teenager to older
  • Please! Don`t re-upload or claim as your own. You can repaint not including the grid.

    Thanks to all creators for inspiration and additional content!



    Happy  Holidays to you as well! 


  • Base game compatible
  • New mesh
  • 15 colors
  • Please do not reupload, claim as your own or offer for sale, always credit me and link back when uploading your creations. Thank you.
  • Recoloring is allowed, please do not include any mesh with it. Always credit me and link back when uploading your creations. Thank you.
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