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    Hi again! Heard requests were open and I hope ya don't mind me slipping in one!

    Ideas simple and sweet and its just scout and sniper cuddling together and a big yellow or any color blanket covering them both!

    Hope it isnt much and again I love your art sm!

    another sketch request with them!🥰

    thank you very much!!! I am very glad to hear compliments in my direction, you give me so much strength to draw, I love you all🥺🤲💜💜💜💜

    tim: "go hang a salami" backward is "I'm a lasagna hog" and that pleases me
    damian: how did either of those sentences occur naturally for you to realize this?
    tim: any time you're awake after 2am you fall into another dimension where the gods who never existed bestow upon you forbidden knowledge
    jason: dude wtf
    damian: the only thing that concerns me more than your questions are your answers


    DP x DC prompt - Midnight Muffins and Math HW

    An immortal Danny finds himself making a home in Crime Alley

    One of the first thing he notices is the disproportionate number of children (babies, they’re just babies) out on the street at night. 

    Most Some of these kids look like they haven’t been to school in years.

    Most Some of these kids have definitely skipped one too many meals.

    Well Danny won’t stand for that.

    With full access to the infinite wealth of the Infinite Realms and no longer needing to sleep, Danny opens up a 24-hr library cafe where anyone can come in for a hot meal and access to all sorts of books. He begins offering tutoring for the people who come in and also helps some of the adults apply to jobs. 

    Danny definitely cries when one of the older teens tells him they are finishing their GED and applying to college because of him.

    Now if only the creep in the red helmet could do something other than stare at him all night.


    Loving these tags by @bucketorandomness so much 👁👁