"Nope. I did not just see myself having a threesome with Charlie and Vaggie. Nopenopenopenope." I couldn't resist commissioning this. :3 In all seriousness, though, when I first started writing A Nerd in Hell, I promised myself that I'd never insert my self-sona into existing relationships. Even though Charlie and Vaggie are my absolute favorite characters in Hazbin Hotel and I'd love to be a part of their relationship. But, you know, emotions can be a tricky thing, and even though story-Andrew has accepted that the two are in a monogamous relationship and Vaggie’s a lesbian, the desires can still linger.

    Based on A Nerd in Hell chapter 8

    Commissioned artwork by Gunshad on deviantart

    Velvet’s Visit

    "Most of the time, if an actual demon shows up in your dreams, you'd probably expect to die. With me, said demon was a cute girl who was crushing on me."

    Based on Chapter 8 of A Nerd in Hell. And yes, I based this scene on Alastor arriving at the hotel

    Commissioned artwork by Bramhistory on deviantart

    "I have no idea what she planned to do if she caught me, but I had no desire to find out."

    She either wants to have fun, wants to fuck, or she wants some lunch. Up for you guys to decide

    I doubt Missi Zilla will be in A Nerd in Hell, mostly because there isn't anything about her. At least with Velvet and Helsa, there was just enough to get a general idea of what they were like in order for Hazbin Hotel writers to fill in the blanks. There's NOTHING on Missi's personality. Hell, I'm not even sure if Missi Zilla's her real name or a fan one, or if the former, if it was changed during the years of development.
    It sucks that there isn't much fanart of Missi Zilla, since she has a great design. Also sucks that most of the attention is on Alastor and the 3Vs, while Rosie and the other overlords have been overlooked or forgotten about. Maybe that'd change when Hazbin Hotel finally comes out?

    Commissioned artwork by Gunshad on deviantart.com

    As the limo pulls up to the hotel, Vaggie groans in annoyance as she sees who's standing in front of it.
    "Oh great, she's here," Vaggie says. I look out the window to look at what she's talking about, a van saying 666 News, a blonde woman with porcelain white skin and a red outfit, and someone who's wearing a gasmask and holding the camera. Katie Killjoy and Tom Trench, if I remember correctly.
    "How did she get here so quickly?" Charlie asks.
    "It doesn't matter, what matters is getting back into the hotel without that bitch noticing we're here."
    Verosika leans across me to look out the window, "Well, it looks like she's too interested in the sound of her own voice to really pay attention to what's going on. We might be able to sneak by without her noticing."


    Charlie, Vaggie, Angel, Verosika and Vortex were able to enter the hotel without either Katie or Tom noticing, but as I try to sneak by, I nearly jump as I was grabbed by the arm and pulled closer to the two, with Katie sticking a microphone in my face.
    "What do you say about the rumors of a human staying in the princess's hotel?" Katie asks, a cheerful smile on her face.
    Before I arrived down here, I probably would've found Katie to be attractive, if rather thin and stick-like. But I saw the interview with Charlie, I talked to her and Vaggie, and I know what Katie's like. She's mean, cruel, quick to violence, homophobic, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was racist too. If Katie was still alive, she'd undoubtedly be working for Fox News.
    If I wasn't tired from dealing with Valentino earlier, I might have been willing to talk to Tom if he was the one interviewing me, since he seemed rather decent. But Katie Killjoy is trying to interview me instead, and I don't want to deal with her under any circumstances.
    "Uh..." I start to back away from her, my panicking mind drawing up what little I can remember from high school Spanish, as well as what I picked up from Vaggie and a few Owl House fics, "No hablo inglés, perra."
    I do a one-eighty and rush into the hotel, slamming the door behind me.


    Tom Trench just stood there, stunned not only by how Katie Killjoy didn't recognize a human standing right in front of her, but by how he literally got away with calling his vicious co-host a bitch because she doesn't understand Spanish.
    "Pretty sure that was the human," he said.
    "Shut the f*ck up, Tom," Katie snaps, angry that she came all this way over to the Hazbin Hotel and has nothing on what could be the biggest story in all of Hell. "That was clearly a demon."


    Little preview on how meeting Katie would go

    Commissioned artwork by Herenzuki on deviantart

    "One thing I learned during my time in Hell is that a lot of the demons down here fall for the dumbest disguises. My horns are one thing, since sinners can apparently look like anything, but those eggs should've been able to tell that my friends were literally wearing their own dead egg friends as hats to sneak into Pentious's airbase. ... You know, I probably shouldn't question things..." Scene based on Chapter 6 of A Nerd in Hell Commissioned artwork by Herenzuki on deviantart

    With Lucifer’s redesign out, the noteworthy characters who are left for redesigns include:

  • Lilith, who’s most likely the one that’s coming next
  • Katie Killjoy and Tom Trench
  • The hotel guests (Mimzy, Crymini, and Baxter)
  • Helsa and Seviathan von Eldritch
  • Rosie
  • Whose redesign are you guys looking forward to the most?

    With infinite parallel universes, there are infinite possibilities


    A Nerd in Hell: What If?
    What if the human wound up in the Wrath Ring?

    "You guys all know the main guy's story, right? Nerd goes to MegaCon, gets knocked into a portal to Hell, winds up at the Hazbin Hotel, befriends the princess, gets three demon girlfriends, defeats an overlord, and so on. That didn't happen to me, I didn't end up at the hotel.
    Hell, I didn't even land in Pride. I somehow wound up in the Wrath Ring, landed in the Rough n' Tumbleweed Ranch. The first people I met were Sallie May and the ranch hand her family hired, some guy named Striker. I think.
    Interdimensional portals, Hell, actual demons, I kinda freaked out at first. Though thankfully Sallie managed to snap me out of it.
    Since I had nowhere to go, Sallie offered to let me stay at the ranch until her sister and the freelance company she works at arrived to send me back to Earth, and in exchange, I help out with some chores to get the place ready for the Harvest Moon Festival. The few days we had together, it was enough for me and Sallie to fall in love. Real surprising too, figured that she'd be more interested in someone like that Striker prick, not someone as soft like I am. I mean, she's so pretty, so cool, so sassy, and I'm just some, you know, just some nerd who likes playing video games.
    (Sighs happily) I love that imp woman..."


    One of the various "What if?" scenarios I thought of for A Nerd in Hell, this path having me end up at Millie's family's ranch in Wrath. These are non-canon to the story, and probably won't go anywhere beyond a commissioned picture of story-me with who I'd end up with

    Commissioned artwork by Danmakuman

    Decided that it may be time to have had some cover art made for A Nerd in Hell. Nothing too flashy, since I had no idea what I wanted with it, so I just decided myself and my two favorite characters from Hazbin Hotel.


    Commissioned artwork by Gunshad on Deviant Art

    Due a misunderstanding, Danmakuman originally had the pool scene take place in Hell. And, well, I didn’t want it to go to waste. So, here we go.

    Kinda considering whether I should post A Nerd in Hell chapters here too. Not sure if tumblr would have it kept up, though.

    Commissioned artwork by Danmakuman

    Hell’s (least) favorite news anchor, in a genuinely friendly mood and actually looking pleasant to be around.

    I don’t have any illusions about Katie, tbh. Stella and Verosika’s onscreen behavior could at least be explained by them being around people they have legitimate reasons to hate, while Katie was horrible right off the bat. She was so mean to Charlie, and completely unprovoked too.

    Commissioned artwork by Danmakuman

    Stella seems like the type of person who might actually be pleasant to be around, as long as Stolas isn’t around. It’s just like with Verosika, we only see her when she’s around the person she has every reason to hate

    Why’s she wearing human shoes when it’s been shown that she has bird feet? Same reason Octavia wears her boots

    Commissioned by me, artwork by Danmakuman

    My alien OC Alex Jenkins alongside her girlfriend Verosika Mayday in demon form.

    I’d just love to write a story of them one day. No idea what to with it, though


    Artwork by Danmakuman