Velvet’s Visit

    "Most of the time, if an actual demon shows up in your dreams, you'd probably expect to die. With me, said demon was a cute girl who was crushing on me."

    Based on Chapter 8 of A Nerd in Hell. And yes, I based this scene on Alastor arriving at the hotel

    Commissioned artwork by Bramhistory on deviantart

    Due a misunderstanding, Danmakuman originally had the pool scene take place in Hell. And, well, I didn’t want it to go to waste. So, here we go.

    Kinda considering whether I should post A Nerd in Hell chapters here too. Not sure if tumblr would have it kept up, though.

    Commissioned artwork by Danmakuman

    A pair of demon girls who deserve more attention from the Hazbin Hotel fandom, Velvet and Helsa von Eldritch.

    I’m curious, what do you guys head canon as their voices? I picture Nui from Kill la Kill for Velvet, and Fubuki from OPM for Helsa

    Maybe I should make a commission for Rosie next, she could use more fanart.

    Artwork by Danmakuman on deviantart


    I got the attention of some demon girl, says that her name's Velvet. She's pretty cute and friendly, and thankfully didn't realize that my "disguise" is just a cheap plastic headband, but there's something...unnerving about her.

    Any advice?

    "How in the- What the- How the fuck did you catch the attention of Velvet?? Look, I've never met her.. don't really want to, but I can say she's bad news. I mean, she's an overlord and I'm pretty sure she's all buddy buddy with Vox and Valentino, that alone is enough reason not to be around her. Either she's stupid or.. yeah, she's gotta be stupid, to not recognize the fact that you're literally human.. I can't say much else. Just.. be careful and try not to get killed or whatever."


    “Well... That part about her being an overlord and being friends with two more isn’t good... 

    As for how I got her attention; she was on her phone and bumped into me, and I helped her back onto her feet. I couldn’t help having good manners, and something tells me that I would’ve been dead if I didn’t. I wouldn’t say that she’s stupid, though; more like this headband’s just like Clark Kent’s glasses, incredibly stupid, yet effective at what they do. Because nobody’s realized that I’m human, and I’m not going to question that insanity.

    And I’ll try to be careful, but I can only guarantee that I won’t do something to make her angry. But just in case things go wrong, can I hide out at the hotel?”

    "I didn't like how I awkward and terrified I looked in my first photo with Velvet, so we decided to take a new one together. To celebrate the day we started dating."

    I couldn’t help it, I just love this doll. I hope that when Hazbin Hotel comes out, Velvet doesn’t turn out to be super evil. She’s just too adorable.

    I’ll be doing a commission of myself with Loona and Verosika in the future, plus one with Helsa since she’s technically a romantic interest in my fanfic too. 

    My story if anyone’s interested:

    Artwork by Gunshad on deviantart