"Nope. I did not just see myself having a threesome with Charlie and Vaggie. Nopenopenopenope." I couldn't resist commissioning this. :3 In all seriousness, though, when I first started writing A Nerd in Hell, I promised myself that I'd never insert my self-sona into existing relationships. Even though Charlie and Vaggie are my absolute favorite characters in Hazbin Hotel and I'd love to be a part of their relationship. But, you know, emotions can be a tricky thing, and even though story-Andrew has accepted that the two are in a monogamous relationship and Vaggie’s a lesbian, the desires can still linger.

    Based on A Nerd in Hell chapter 8

    Commissioned artwork by Gunshad on deviantart

    "One thing I learned during my time in Hell is that a lot of the demons down here fall for the dumbest disguises. My horns are one thing, since sinners can apparently look like anything, but those eggs should've been able to tell that my friends were literally wearing their own dead egg friends as hats to sneak into Pentious's airbase. ... You know, I probably shouldn't question things..." Scene based on Chapter 6 of A Nerd in Hell Commissioned artwork by Herenzuki on deviantart

    A pilot chapter for a Hazbin Hotel x Helltaker fanfic

    Feel free to provide feedback. Hope you enjoy :)

    I currently don’t have any plans for it atm, most of my attention is currently on ANiH, but I just couldn’t resist since there’s barely anything regarding this crossover

    If I was to visit the Hazbin Hotel, I think I’d be great friends with Charlie and Vaggie

    All credit goes to Gunshad on deviantart


    Feel free to read and review. I’m having fun writing it

    Other pics: 

    Meeting Vaggie:https://godzillamaster1.tumblr.com/post/651670982121177088/piece-of-artwork-i-commissioned-for-a-fanfic-ive

    Meeting Velvet:https://godzillamaster1.tumblr.com/post/652394927276326912/meeting-velvet

    Potential Romances:https://godzillamaster1.tumblr.com/post/656913818301153280/all-three-potential-romances-in-my-fic-loona

    Meeting Velvet


    (Commissioned artwork based off of a scene of Chapter 4 of my story)

    "I’m at the grocery store with Charlie and Vaggie, and wearing the worst possible disguise ever. They basically told me not to talk to anybody, not to get too close to anybody, and not to do anything that’d draw any attention to myself.

    I unintentionally forgot everything when Velvet bumped into me and I helped her back onto her feet. And her response was a “new friend selfie” with me. It was a very awkward first meeting because I was worried she realized that I was a human; thankfully that wasn’t the case.”

    Piece of artwork I commissioned for a fanfic I’ve been writing. A human finding himself in Hell, dropping in on Vaggie (Haha, not sorry), and eventually befriending the cast of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss I wouldn’t say that it’s good, but I’m having fun writing it.