With infinite parallel universes, there are infinite possibilities


    A Nerd in Hell: What If?
    What if the human wound up in the Wrath Ring?

    "You guys all know the main guy's story, right? Nerd goes to MegaCon, gets knocked into a portal to Hell, winds up at the Hazbin Hotel, befriends the princess, gets three demon girlfriends, defeats an overlord, and so on. That didn't happen to me, I didn't end up at the hotel.
    Hell, I didn't even land in Pride. I somehow wound up in the Wrath Ring, landed in the Rough n' Tumbleweed Ranch. The first people I met were Sallie May and the ranch hand her family hired, some guy named Striker. I think.
    Interdimensional portals, Hell, actual demons, I kinda freaked out at first. Though thankfully Sallie managed to snap me out of it.
    Since I had nowhere to go, Sallie offered to let me stay at the ranch until her sister and the freelance company she works at arrived to send me back to Earth, and in exchange, I help out with some chores to get the place ready for the Harvest Moon Festival. The few days we had together, it was enough for me and Sallie to fall in love. Real surprising too, figured that she'd be more interested in someone like that Striker prick, not someone as soft like I am. I mean, she's so pretty, so cool, so sassy, and I'm just some, you know, just some nerd who likes playing video games.
    (Sighs happily) I love that imp woman..."


    One of the various "What if?" scenarios I thought of for A Nerd in Hell, this path having me end up at Millie's family's ranch in Wrath. These are non-canon to the story, and probably won't go anywhere beyond a commissioned picture of story-me with who I'd end up with

    Commissioned artwork by Danmakuman


    Stella seems like the type of person who might actually be pleasant to be around, as long as Stolas isn’t around. It’s just like with Verosika, we only see her when she’s around the person she has every reason to hate

    Why’s she wearing human shoes when it’s been shown that she has bird feet? Same reason Octavia wears her boots

    Commissioned by me, artwork by Danmakuman


    Okay, so this aged rather poorly...

    I knew that Stella was a bitch, but I hoped that she still had some sympathetic qualities. Honestly, I can’t help but feel that this makes her less interesting as a character.

    Loveless arranged marriage, Stolas having an affair with Blitzo because that allowed him to be happy, and Stella lashing out angrily in the worst possible way. That’s a more interesting story: both characters are sympathetic but also in the wrong.

    Here, with Stella going out of her way to insult Stolas and make him miserable, that's just to make Stolas look better as he commits adultery.

    Hell’s (least) favorite news anchor, in a genuinely friendly mood and actually looking pleasant to be around.

    I don’t have any illusions about Katie, tbh. Stella and Verosika’s onscreen behavior could at least be explained by them being around people they have legitimate reasons to hate, while Katie was horrible right off the bat. She was so mean to Charlie, and completely unprovoked too.

    Commissioned artwork by Danmakuman

    Stella seems like the type of person who might actually be pleasant to be around, as long as Stolas isn’t around. It’s just like with Verosika, we only see her when she’s around the person she has every reason to hate

    Why’s she wearing human shoes when it’s been shown that she has bird feet? Same reason Octavia wears her boots

    Commissioned by me, artwork by Danmakuman

    My alien OC Alex Jenkins alongside her girlfriend Verosika Mayday in demon form.

    I’d just love to write a story of them one day. No idea what to with it, though


    Artwork by Danmakuman

    A pair of demon girls who deserve more attention from the Hazbin Hotel fandom, Velvet and Helsa von Eldritch.

    I’m curious, what do you guys head canon as their voices? I picture Nui from Kill la Kill for Velvet, and Fubuki from OPM for Helsa

    Maybe I should make a commission for Rosie next, she could use more fanart.

    Artwork by Danmakuman on deviantart

    So, about Charlie’s new design. Yes, I think it lacks that adorableness she had in the pilot and yes, I think it looks like Alastor replaced her entire wardrobe. Though after chatting with a friend about it, who agreed with what I said, he also brought up how Charlie’s new outfit is more appropriate for her to wear after some major character development.

    Look at her compared to how she is to the pilot. This design makes her look more like a matured, responsible woman who knows what she’s doing, while the pilot design just screams “naïve girl who thinks she can take on the world with optimism and cute musical numbers”

    Personally, I think it’d be nice if the show starts has Charlie out with her pilot design, but changes to the current one after a major, and hopefully positive, event in the story

    "I don't know how it happened. All I said was 'I'm honored that you want to bed me, but I want my first time to be while I'm in a meaningful relationship'. I didn’t think that a succubus would interpret it as ‘Would you be my girlfriend?’ And I definitely didn’t think that Verosika would say yes."

    Some fanart for my fic, specifically meeting romantic interest Verosika. I plan on doing Helsa next

    A pilot chapter for a Hazbin Hotel x Helltaker fanfic

    Feel free to provide feedback. Hope you enjoy :)

    I currently don’t have any plans for it atm, most of my attention is currently on ANiH, but I just couldn’t resist since there’s barely anything regarding this crossover

    “How was I able to beat Valentino? I mostly had to take him by surprise... (Chuckles nervously) Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be able to beat him a second time if we ever met again...”

    I couldn’t help myself, this specific scene was the first one that came to mind when I started planning ANiH. And the Helsa story already spoiled what’d happen when I got around to meeting Valentino

    It’s probably not realistic, but I was having too much fun to care. :)

    Thanks to Gunshad for drawing this

    “Loona's just an awesome girlfriend. It can be a little annoying to have to spit fur out of my mouth every now and then, but it's worth it."

    You know, when I was originally planning ANiH, I wasn’t even considering Loona as a romantic interest. I never really saw the appeal with fur, and she’s mean.

    Then Spring Broken happened, and it gave Loona a cute human form, as well as a super adorable side to her when she’s not interacting with a coworker or a client.

    Artwork featuring Verosika and Helsa coming sometime in the future

    Link to fic:https://archiveofourown.org/works/30130509/chapters/74222136

    Input always appreciated. :)

    Artwork by Gunshad on deviantart

    Helluva Boss episode 8

    With episode 7 airing just a few days ago, there’s just one more episode left for the season. It can honestly go any way, and it will undoubtedly focus on Stolas and Blitzo’s relationship, but there are two major plot points that are still open:

    Striker is still out there, with a holy revolver, and is still after Stolas.

    The D.H.O.R.K.S. have their proof about demons, which of course, will come back to bite I.M.P. and Stolas when that’s made public.

    "I didn't like how I awkward and terrified I looked in my first photo with Velvet, so we decided to take a new one together. To celebrate the day we started dating."

    I couldn’t help it, I just love this doll. I hope that when Hazbin Hotel comes out, Velvet doesn’t turn out to be super evil. She’s just too adorable.

    I’ll be doing a commission of myself with Loona and Verosika in the future, plus one with Helsa since she’s technically a romantic interest in my fanfic too. 

    My story if anyone’s interested: https://archiveofourown.org/works/30130509/chapters/74222136

    Artwork by Gunshad on deviantart