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    Why wife sharing/hotwifing?

    Wife sharing has definitely been a process for me. A process that has lead to a lot of self discovery and personal growth. It has been one of the most unique and powerful experiences of my life. Its very unusual to me that letting my wife sleep with other men could impact our lives in such a positive way. I would go as far as to say that it has impacted my life to a greater magnitude than hers. The sheer thought of what most would consider betrayal, being not only a positive experience, but an experience that would create a culture inside of our marriage of trust and communication that would lead to a greater sense of closeness and love. It is a bit of a mind fuck, but none the less very true.

    However, I feel as though, I have many questions that need to be answered. Questions about myself that I want answered. I mean, am I just a hormone driven man that is into some freaky shit, or is my desire derived of my gentleman nature, or maybe something in between. Why do I like wife sharing and what has it done for me? Why does my wife like the lifestyle, and what has it done for her? What has it done for my marriage? There are just some questions that are obviously going to be multi-layered and are probably going to evolve in the coming years. From what we have seen thus far, we have seen positive growth in both of our personal lives as well as in our marriage.

    It is up to us to create a marriage that we both love. It is our responsibility to each other to create a marriage that enriches both our lives. Happiness takes many forms, and there are many ways to achieve happiness. The most important part of our wife sharing lifestyle, is that it is not something we need to be happy. There are plenty of other ways for us to be happy. Our marriage doesn’t lack anything, so as far as the marriage goes, we don’t need to add anything to it to make it satisfying. Things were really good before we got into the lifestyle, and we couldn’t imagine our relationship going to another level, everything felt really good. So why mess with a good thing, right.

    It wasn’t easy for me to ask my wife if she would like to sleep with other men. I mean the notion of asking your wife to sleep with other men just seemed crazy. Crazy enough that I often felt broken. I knew my wife was an open minded person, but still I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it or if she was ready for it or if our marriage was ready for it. I also at this time didn’t know that there was a wifesharing or hotwife lifestyle out there. I seriously thought I was all by myself and that I just had a really strange kink. I grew up super conservative, so I had my own conscience working against me for over a decade. I just kept burying it deeper inside of me.

    It wasn’t very long after we started dating that I had a dream about her being with another man. That dream had really turned me on, though I never brought it up to her. Then I started occasionally fantasizing about it, but always felt guilty about the fantasy. I know I dropped hints about wanting her to be with another man sexually, but I never pushed them. I at this time was not ready for it, that was for sure. It wasn’t for about 12 – 13 years into our relationship that I realized I was finally ready for it. We were at a point that things were more natural. No more toxic friends. We figured out what kind of people we wanted to have in our lives, we had all the children that we wanted, we had grown passed all the immature growing pains, and we were just in a really content place in our lives. Most importantly our marriage was bullet proof.

    So I was trying to tell her for months, it may have been over half a year that I just finally blurted it out in the car on our way back from a weekend get away in the mountains. I was probably a bit awkward about it, but I said “I think I want to see another man fuck you”. She only said “okay” in a quiet not so sure what to say kind of way, I could tell she was short of breath and at a loss for words. I continued on to explain to her that I think it’ll be just a one time thing. Just something I thought I needed to get out of my system. Well that conversation started a lot more conversations. Over about a years worth of conversations to be exact. We talked about rules, and boundaries, we talked about each others fantasies. We saw sides of each other we had never seen before. This broke down nearly any wall left in our lives. We trusted each other like we never trusted before. The communication was amazing. It spilled over into all parts of our lives. We were living some sort of dream marriage.

    This started as a kink of mine. One that I was embarrassed of, but my wife was very accepting of it. Not ever judgmental of me in any way. One may say, well she is the beneficiary of the true benefit here, and that being she gets to play with other men sexually, so of course she was accepting. While this is true, she never just jumped on board and took the fantasy and ran away with it. She considered it carefully, and she also considered and suggested that I find women to sleep with. So that door is open for me, and I do consider my options, believe you me. So even though this was born of a kinky pleasure, it has grown into something so special. It has increased the frequency of sex and flirting. It has made us emotionally closer. “She loved me enough to be faithful to me, but I loved her enough to want something more for her” - anonymous.

    So the question, why do I like wife sharing? Or better stated more specifically. Why do I want my wife to fuck other men? A decade ago up to about a couple years ago, it was about a very specific kink that I wanted fulfilled. One that I thought if I saw it, I could move past it and go onto having a more stereotypical male fantasy. Well the accepting and non-judgmental nature of my wife is actually what turned it into something I (we) want to do long term for now. It became so much more than just getting off for me. It became another way to tell my wife I loved her. Another way to tell her I trusted her. Another way for me to spoil her. While it still turns me on, it also takes us to a level beyond other marriages around us. I see people suspicious of infidelity in their marriages. I see marriages dealing with insecurities and immaturaties. Marriages that lack trust and communication. I see that wife sharing would likely break these other marriages as well. It make me realize that my wife and I have something very special. We are dedicated to making our marriage work. No part of this lifestyle should ever effect our marriage negatively as long as we communicate honestly and openly.

    So therefor I want my wife to fuck other men because it allows her to experience her sexuality in a variety of different ways. A woman’s sexual capacity is enormous, and no one man can peel back every layer of her sexuality. It takes many different personalities to peel back different layers. She deserves to experience that. I also want her to fuck other men, because I believe she deserves it. To give her a break from being a spouse, mother, and successful professional in the work place. I believe she has earned a good dicking and some time where she doesn’t have to think about anything other than just getting dicked really hard. Just letting her stress and inhibitions go. I also want her to fuck other men for my own selfish reasons. She comes home horny and I want to reclaim her. She is my personal pornstar and takes videos and pictures for me. I really enjoy helping plan her dates, give her some in-site as to what he may want, as well as helping her choose outfits and under garments.

    In return, after the heat has died down and normal life takes its reigns again. We go through our day to day routines with a refreshed mind set. A refreshed closeness and love that helps keep things in perspective. Some people have different ways of achieving this same result, as do we, but for now I am only talking about the one peculiar thing we added to our marriage that made such a profound and uplifting shift in our relationship with each other that it is worth discussing and exploring.

    As far as what this does for my wife and how it effects her. I think it effects her in a very similar fashion as it does me. Some of the differences are that she can flirt and play with other men with my full knowledge and support and not worry about judgment. She doesn’t have to worry about competing with other women, because honestly she is my fantasy. So I don’t really pursue other women, but when I do, I also do it with her knowledge. She also sees the genuine trust that has been magnified by this lifestyle. She has told me that she wants to add more men to her variety, but for now things are good the way they are. She can have as many lovers as she wants to as long as it doesn’t disrupt our marriage or our lives. She has my full support in exploring her sexuality. We live a very monogamous existence with each other, with the exception that sexual infidelity is allowed with the full knowledge of each other. Some would say that, that would automatically define our marriage as that of an open marriage or some sort of non-monogamous relationship. I simply don’t don’t see it that way and don’t really try to gravitate to defining it to particular words or groups. As far as we are concerned, we are monogamous in nature and we consider our marriage monogamous with benefits.

    For anyone that would be skeptical of the lifestyle choice or of anything that I have had to say. I would applaud their skepticism. The choices we made were made cautiously and with much deliberation. We did not rush into anything and met the lifestyle choice with our own skepticism. The lifestyle is not for the many, it is for the few. I only hope it is viewed with an open heart and open mind. Just know that elevating your marriage can be found in the oddest places. There is no specific formula that works for everyone. Just be aware that it is through trusting each other and communicating with each other that anything may be possible. Even in this specific lifestyle we have made compromises with each other to make it work for us.

    “My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small. You never need to carry more than you can hold, and while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to. I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too. Yeah, this is my wish’. ~ Rascal Flatts

    The Artful Throbber


    What a Stag is not

    A stag enjoys watching his vixen get pleasure from a variety of sexual expressions. He coordinates for her pleasure and his. Ultimately, he is in charge even though his vixen can always say no if she feels any discomfort.

    A stag is not a cuck. A stag doesn’t want to lick the cum from her pussy, her tits or anywhere else. Hell, most stags wouldn’t want any playdate to cum IN his vixen. Cum ON her all you want but cumming in her is the stags realm.

    The stag doesn’t look for a bull. The stag looks for a playdate or paramour. A bull dominates and that doesn’t work for a real stag because the stag is the dominant in the room.

    The stag is looking for his vixen to enjoy herself and in watching and participating, he enjoys himself. He is not to be humiliated. He is to be respected at all times. Remember, you’re fucking HIS vixen only because he’s letting you.


    Perfectly said!!

    First threesome and sharing experience!

    So this is how our first threesome went, and how my fiancé really got into the idea of sharing me. I’m not entirely sure how it came up, but it was his idea to try a threesome. He said he was kind of nervous about whether I should have sex with the other guy as well, or what, but I said we could just go with the flow. I was craving some new action and it was his idea in the first place, so I said sure! We both agreed It should be someone we trust, so he let me pick one of his friends who we knew would be down for it. He was tall and muscular, very hot. It kind of got me excited just thinking about him. So my fiancé talked to him about it and we set up a date. Well the day arrived and when his friend showed up, we all had a couple drinks and talked for a while to break the ice. After a while, we decided it was time. We went into the bedroom and they both sat on the bed. I sat in my fiances lap and started to kiss him, making out as I rubbed him through his jeans. We stopped kissing and I locked eyes with him, a sort of silent “go ahead” from him. I turned towards his friend and I started to kiss him too, his hand held my cheek. I started to rub up his thigh and found his cock through the jeans, I could feel he was half hard but still quite large. I started to rub them both as I alternated kissing them, I could feel already his friend was gonna be bigger than him. It really turned me on. I told them each to stand and I got on my knees between them. I unzipped my fiances jeans and pulled them down, then pulled his boxers down, his hard cock sticking straight at me. He’s about 6" when he’s hard, and not very thick, but not pencil thin either. Just sort of average. I rubbed his cock with my hand for a second and then took it into my mouth, deep throating him entirely to the base. I looked up at him as I did this, saw he was enjoying it. Then I took him out of my mouth. I turned now and looked up at his friend. I’m not sure if he could see in my eyes how excited I was, but I was extremely excited. I did the same for him, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. His cock was pushing against his boxers and when I pulled them down, I think my jaw dropped a little. He was so big, he was only about 80% hard and it was bigger than my fiances. Thick and long. I immediately wrapped my hand around it and stroked it for a moment before holding it up and licking up his shaft, then taking the head into my mouth. I reached behind me and took my fiancé in my hand, rubbing him as I sucked more and more of his friends big cock. He was still rock hard in my hand so I knew he was enjoying it. I tried to deep throat his friends cock but couldn’t take it all in like I could with him, it actually hurt my jaw a little just to fit it in there in the first place. Then I switched and sucked my fiances cock again, and rubbed his friend. I alternated back and forth like this for 5 or 10 minutes, my pussy now quite wet from being so turned on. I stood and they removed my shirt, then my bra. My fiancé kissed me while his friend was feeling my tits, pinching my nipples which made me moan into my fiances mouth. My fiancé stopped and started to undo my belt as his friend kissed my neck, then kissed down to my boobs and started sucking on my nipples. I grabbed his head and held it there as my fiancé pushed my pants down, then my panties. I was already pretty wet but my fiancé wanted to eat me out first, so I laid on the bed. He started to lick my pussy, so I was sucking his friends cock again, massaging his balls as I did. Then my fiancé told me to get on my hands and knees so I did. I kept sucking his friend while he got behind me and slipped his bare cock into me. (I was on good birth control now so we ditched condoms). My fiancé grabbed my hips and started fucking me, the motion pushing his friends cock further into my mouth each time. His friend grabbed my hair in one hand and my head in the other hand and started pushing my mouth further onto his dick. Now, my fiancé has never lasted long in bed, and this was no exception. He fucked me for about 3 or so minutes, before I felt him pull out quickly and shoot his load onto my back, just 2 little strings of cum or so. I looked back at him as he finished and he let out a sigh of satisfaction. He got off the bed, clearly done and his friend and I sort of just looked at him. I said “baby I know you weren’t sure if you’d be able to let him fuck me, but…can i? We didn’t cum yet..” my fiancé looked back at me and said “yeah, it’s okay.” I instantly smiled and turned back towards his friend, sucking him deep again. I noticed my fiancé watching intently, his cock actually getting hard again, and I knew he thought it was hot. After another minute, his friend looked at him and said “Ya know, I’m gonna fuck her how I fuck every girl, I’m not gonna take it easy.” My eyes shot open because I thought it would piss off my fiancé, but he just stood there, not saying anything and nodded. Then his friend picked me up easily into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We made out, sucking on each others tongues and biting lips as my fiancé watched. Then he got onto the bed and laid me down on my back. He grabbed my tits again, then situated himself between my legs. He laid his big cock against my stomach so his balls were by my pussy. “See how deep it’s gonna be?” He asked me, then looked at my fiancé as if he was asking him too. His tip was just under my belly button. I bit my lip and pinched my nipples, my eyes closing as he pulled back. He began rubbing my clit with his tip, then rubbed it between my pussy lips, teasing me and getting his tip wet. I kept my eyes closed as I felt him push one of my legs up to my chest, and the head of his cock found the entrance to my pussy. His head rested comfortably inside me as he started to push his weight into me. I felt his cock pushing it’s way inside me, he pushed in firmly until he was balls deep. My eyes shot open with pleasure, I felt so filled. His cock filled me so much better than my fiances. “Fuck you’re tight!” He exclaimed as he held himself there. Then he put my feet up over his shoulders, put his hands on the bed by my shoulders, leaning down into me as he started to thrust. I looked over at my fiancé and was shocked to see him rubbing his cock to me getting fucked! We exchanged eye contact, until his friend started fucking me faster, making my eyes roll back into my head. I wrapped my arms around him, my nails digging into his back. I screamed out that I was going to cum and I heard my fiancé say “cum baby, cum on his cock”. It was so sexy, and his friend was so big inside me I instantly exploded into an orgasm, my nails digging into his back more and my jaw dropping. His friend said “oohhh I can feel her clenching around me” and he was right, the waves of my orgasm were making my pussy squeeze around him and then loosen, over and over until I started to come back down. He grunted and fucked me for another minute before pulling out, picking me up and flipping me onto my hands and knees. He slapped my ass really hard, then again. I could feel the mark his hand left. Then he squeezed my ass hard and stuffed himself back inside me. My eyes rolled back again as I was quickly filled back up. He grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled back on it to pull me against him as he continued fucking me. I watched my fiancé from this position as he was still slowly rubbing his cock to me being fucked. I moved my arms out from under me so my face and shoulders were against the bed, ass up in the air. I reached between my legs to rub my clit, and after another minute I was cumming again. I slapped my hand over my mouth and closed my eyes as I came. “Fuck, I love that!” I heard his friend exclaim before spanking me again, long deep, slow strokes as I came so he could really feel me. My fiancé sat on the bed beside me and said “does that feel good baby? Does he fuck you good?” I knew he wasn’t being self conscious, I knew he actually really loved this, so I answered honestly. “Fuck baby, he fucks me so good, he’s so big, I feel so full of cock.” My fiancé bit his lip to my response, still rubbing his cock. He looked to his friend and said “Ya know, she rides really well”. His friend said “Oh yeah? Why don’t you show me?” And spanked me again. He pulled out and I moaned as I felt empty. I got on my knees and kissed his friend, then pushed him down onto his back. I straddled his waist and grabbed his cock, it felt all slimy from fucking me so long. I put the tip in me and placed my hands in his chest for balance. I noticed my fiancé watching his cock in my pussy, so I started riding up and down, just the first half of his cock at first, teasing his tip and not giving the whole thing. Then I sat down hard, his cock disappearing into me as both him and I let out a satisfied moan. He squeezed my ass and started bouncing me up and down, sliding up then letting gravity pull me back down hard. He started thrusting upwards as I came down, pushing it in even harder. My fiancé stood beside the bed now, leaned over to kiss me for a second as I kept riding. He kissed me and went back to playing with himself so I looked back at his friend and we locked eyes as I continued riding. He liked his thumb and started rubbing my clit with it and it made me weak, I collapsed down onto his chest. He wrapped his muscular arms around my body and held me there as he thrusted up into me. I felt my body begin to shake as I started cumming a third time. He fucked me until I finished cumming, then when I regained my breath he let go and I started riding again. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them as I kept riding. He started to grunt and he said that he was getting close to cumming. I started riding up and down faster, then sat down completely and moved my hips around in circles, pushing his cock into every corner of my pussy. I saw he loved it so I alternated between circling a few times then bouncing a few times, then back to circles. He grabbed onto my hips and I felt his grip getting stronger. I looked at my fiancé and he was rubbing himself really quickly now, so I just let his friend use me how he wanted. His friend said “fuck…fuck..clench your pussy like when you cum!” And slammed me down onto him and held my body there. Once he did that, I started to clench my muscles around him like he asked me to. I did it once and felt his already big cock tense up deep inside me. I tightened my muscles again and I felt him release. I clenched my pussy around him, as if milking him into me. I timed it to the pulsing of his cock, tightening up as his cock tensed, then loosening to feel another shot of cum enter me. I could feel his cum shooting deep into me. He must have really liked me squeezing around him because he came for at least 15 seconds or so, shooting rope after rope of cum into my pussy. He groaned loudly as he finished and I climbed off him. To my surprise, my fiancé immediately told me to lay on my back and I did. He spread my legs to find some of his friends cum dripping out of me. Then, he grabbed his cock and pushed his friends cum back into me! I almost laughed because I felt so stretched after fucking a big cock for so long, that my fiances cock felt tiny inside me. But he loved it. He must have been close already because he thrusted wildly for about 20 seconds and then he too came inside me, albeit a much smaller amount. He emptied his load into me, mixing with his friends. And so that’s about it, I hope you enjoyed the story of our first threesome and sharing experience, more to come :)


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    LIFE IS SHORT…………If this is YOUR FANTASY …….. Make IT Happen……LOVE IT!


    Reading is important.


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    Suggestive Dirty Talk Options

    I find that the biggest obstacle in dirty talking is how to start it. That first thing you break the ice with. It can feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. I’m a big fan of something I call the and then what technique. Basically you just start with a rather innocent question or statement and then evolve into the next natural thing that would happen. So you say something, and then pretend someone asks you “and then what” and then you answer that question.

    So let’s pretend for a second you’re on top of your man, riding him cowgirl style and you want to spice it up a little.

    Simply starting with a “you like the way I fuck you?” Is enough to break that awkward ice. He’ll answer yes of course. And then what? “then imagine how Mark (using names of actual guys you know works amazingly) would feel if I fucked him like this”

    And then what?

    “I would bounce up and down his cock just like this. He’ll get to feel how tight your wife’s pussy is”

    And then what?

    “then I want him to….”

    You get it.

    Reliving the past

    My husband is very much into hearing stories about guys I used to fuck so this one is his favorite type of dirty talk. The way it goes is when I give him a handjob, blowjob or even ride him, I would say something like “you like the way I stroke your dick?” (asking if he likes it is always a great way to break the ice and initiate dirty talk without feeling awkward). This always gets me a very enthustiastic “YES!” to which I answer something like “this is exactly how I used to stroke [name of guy I used to fuck]’s cock…” (pause for dramatic effect) “except… His was a lot bigger than yours”. This line alone is usually enough to almost bring him over the edge, and if not it’s a great way to go into more details - how did it feel to stroke a much bigger dick, would you do it again, perhaps the guy used to get so horny that he would fuck you before you could finish the handjob, etc. Details, details, details, I can’t stress it enough.

    Fair warning: not everyone is into hearing about your past! Make sure your husband is into that before springing this on him.

    The commentator

    This one is super easy because you don’t feel like you’re talking dirty, you’re just saying what’s on your mind. So the way it works is to watch porn with your man and simply make comments about the movie playing. Particularly about the guy and what you like about him. Compliment his dick, go into details about what you like about him, think out loud like “I really wish I could get fucked like that one day” / “look how big his dick is. He would make me cum so fast with that”

    If you’ve fucked someone who reminds you of the guy, by all means tell your husband about it. Watching a porn with a guy who’s fucking some girl senseless and hearing your wife drop the bomb that the guy is the exact same size as some dude she dated in college is a sure way to make your husband look at the porn and all he will see is you being fucked right there on the screen. Very hot for both of you.

    The yes ladder

    This is a really simple but very effective technique that is easy for new dirty talkers and is guarantueed to drive him crazy.

    In a nutshell what you do is ask him some questions that all leads to a yes. With each question the intensity in what you’re asking increases. There’s something crazy hot about this almost confessional way of talking dirty and being “forced to admit” your deepest fantasies. This is a great way to get yourself going, and to test out boundaries.

    Optional: let him know ahead of time that you’re going to ask him questions and if he says no just once, he don’t get to cum. See what he’s willing to say yes to - just remember these are forced and horny yesses expressing what he likes in the heat of the moment. They don’t necessarily count in real life.

    Example of a yes ladder.

    “you like this huh”

    “would you like it if i did this to another guy?”

    “would you let me pick any guy i want?”

    “what if i want a guy who’s bigger than you, would you allow that?”

    “do you want him to fuck me hard?”

    “what if he makes me cum really hard, can you handle that?”

    “what if he makes me scream out his name, can you still handle it?”

    “can I fuck him right here in our bed?”

    “would you allow me to fuck someone I’ve dated before?”

    “even if he really knows how to fuck me good?”

    “what if I want him to fuck me while you wait in the other room, will you do that?”

    You get it, just continue like this. Make the questions increasingly more provocative and test his boundaries, maybe even cross them if you know he can handle it.

    The O-bomb

    This method works extremely well if you’ve been teasing and playing with him for a while, keeping him right on the edge and he’s SO close now that you can make him cum any second.

    All there is to it is asking him “do you want to cum?” he’ll answer yes almost pleading. And that’s when you drop the O-bomb. The O-bomb is some of the blue thought you put into his head and force him to cum to before he can even react.

    For example: he just said yes he wants to cum. You then say “good. I want you to cum while you think of me cumming all over (name)’s big dick” and then you simply force him to cum before he even gets a chance to react. As he’s cumming you keep feeding him the thought over and over until he’s done. “yes, cum while you imagine how he makes me scream” etc.

    The story

    My personal favorite. One thing is to talk about imaginary stuff that could maybe some day happen. Another is to talk about stuff that actually already happened simply by telling him a story about some incredible hot sex you’ve had, either because the circumstances where hot, because the guy knew what he was doing and fucked your brains out or the guy happened to be seriously hung.

    This is also super simple for you because you dont have to make anything up, you simply just tell what happened and describe the situation.

    Don’t worry about elaborate descriptions or anything. Trust me he’ll ask you to elaborate when he hears something he likes. Just describe what happened and how it felt for you. Especially the “how it felt” part is very important.

    The talk

    Now in the safety rules i told you to talk about what he likes and dislikes without touching him so his arousal won’t reflect his answers. This time you do the exact opposite. Simply have a conversation about what he likes while slowly touching his dick. There’s something really hot about just talking while casually stroking him. And you’ll be able to measure his response simply by the way his dick throbs, which is incredibly hot.

    How to start it: just casually ask him a question about his likes and as he answers you slowly start touching him while asking him more questions.

    The close your eyes and imagine

    Sometimes it can be a lot easier if your husband can’t see you when you talk dirty.


    “close your eyes. Do you like my hands on. Your dick? Now imagine i was doing this to another guy. Stroking his big dick just like this. I would be so turned on knowing it isn’t you. My pussy would want to feel him inside me. Imagine how he would push me down and fuck me. Imagine how i would gasp when he starts to stretch me. How I would scream when he goes deeper than you.”

    Do you see how the above also make use of the and then what technique to tell the next part of the story?

    Putting it all together

    Now, I know reading about it and actually doing it is two very different things. When you’re first starting out I actually advice you to plan out your dirty talking. This might not be as sexy and spontaneous, but while you’re still getting the hang of it it’s nice to be a little prepared so you don’t run out of things to say. I would also advice you to start off doing it while giving a handjob, as you will have a much easier time focusing on what to say than if you were giving a blowjob or having sex.

    Let’s break the ice with an innocent “do you like the way it feels when I stroke your cock?”

    When he says yes I would then say something like “good…. Now close your eyes” wait for him to do it.

    Then: “would you like it if I did this to another man?” - “yes”

    Then: “you know, [name of ex / bull / fantasy guy] used to love when I stroked his dick. Of course his was a lot bigger than yours, I could barely close my hand around it”

    Then: “do you like that, thinking about how I used to stroke his big cock?” - “yes”

    Then: “having that big cock in my hands always made me feel so tiny and horny”

    Then: “do you want me to show you how I used to suck him?” - “yes”. Then put all your effort into giving the best head you have ever given.

    Then: “mmh… Can you imagine how good his cock must have felt in my mouth? I used to suck him just like that until he came in my mouth”.

    By now he should be getting pretty close, so it’s time put on the finale. Ask him “do you want to cum?” - “yes”. Start stroking him faster.

    “tell me…” - make him say that he wants to cum.

    “I want you to cum while you think of me getting fucked by [name]. He would always make me cum so hard. Imagine how I used to scream his name” - if you really want to go all out you could start moaning the name of this other guy, whether that’s your bull, an old fling, your husband’s friend or who ever you like to fantasize about.

    Do you see how easy it flows from do you like it, to imagine it’s someone else, to describing how you used to do or would do it on someone else?

    With time it will come naturally and you won’t have to plan ahead, but to begin with it’s nice to have an idea of how you want to start it, how you want to end it and how you bridge that gap.

    There you have it. My secrets to driving your husband wild. Now go… Make him lose it.


    I always love reading this

    A guide to entering the Hotwife lifestyle for prospective Hotwives

    This guide to entering the Hotwife lifestyle oieced from various sources on the net; thanks to their assistance here!      

    Probably, you were quite unaware that a large percentage of men, your husband being one of them, even had these desires. He wants to share you with other men and women and see you enjoy sex with them!

    If you are the adventurous open minded type, and you likely are, you are now contemplating doing what he fantasises about; being able to enjoy the company of other men; their different personalities and conversations, touch, kisses, bodies, their cocks and ways of fucking which will all enhance the wonderful experience that is your marriage and your life! 

    If you are brave and naughty enough and you embark down this path, you will find yourself having more fun, happiness and sexual fulfilment than you ever thought possible. You will be feeling as confident as you did when you were first married and probably find yourself even more in love with your husband and appreciating him more than ever.

     Initially, it might take time before you are completely comfortable describing your fantasies to your hubby, having sex in front of him and enjoying dates with other men without him. To begin with, it is important to go slowly and not rush things, you need to check and nurture your relationship first and foremost. Your husband’s approval and peace of mind is fundamental as most men are unaccustomed to actually sharing their wives even if they have fantasied about it. After all, it is against all that society has groomed him to be; he’ll therefore take some time to overcome his instinctive jealousy and become accustomed to watching or knowing you are being intimate with other men without him.

     You must help his mind accept and be happy for you being with other men; make the thoughts as pleasurable for him as they are for you. You should regularly and casually talk sexually about men, women too if you are that way inclined, like I am. Talk about your past sexperiences, thoughts and lovers in detail whilst in bed together; never be at all reserved about this, thinking you are protecting his feelings in one way or another. Tell him in detail about your best times and your favourite men; whilst you both are being intimate have him imagine you with them as well as being with men you actually know.

     Once your husband is completely comfortable and happy with this, you can gradually move on to actually dating and fucking other men. This really will become quite natural for you both and providing he never feels neglected, he will let you do anything sexually and will get great sexual satisfaction from your encounters with other men, he will be pleased that you are happy and enjoying life. You will discover it will also turn you both on like nothing you’ve ever done before and most importantly, he will be drawn to your womanly sexiness like never before and be more in love with you than at any time in your marriage as your bond strengthens further.

     To find your playmates, look at men everywhere, young and old, enjoy looking at them, but don’t always go on looks. Next time you are out shopping or out and about, see if you can find one guy you fancy in some way. If you do, initiate some form of basic conversation. It may be a little nerve wracking, but do it, you will be happier for it and who knows where it may lead? Visit an adult dating website or a swinger’s club and start interacting with men. Be upfront about your newbie-status and that you’re only dipping your toes at this stage. Get to know some experienced “bulls”, most will be more than happy to answer questions and respect your need to explore at your own pace. You may want to discreetly indicate to those in the know that you are a Hotwife by wearing an anklet; either ankle will do. It is a discreet sign that you are available to date other men with her husband’s permission and approval. For most people who are not aware of the lifestyle, an anklet is simply an anklet and has no other meaning. Maybe wear one and see how you get along?

    Try to find men you have a sexual chemistry with, it’s so important. Sexual chemistry isn’t dependent on physical attractiveness. I’ve had sex with many good looking men but felt little to no chemistry with them. The sex was good but it never left me wanting more. In fact, I didn’t care if I never saw them again. Conversely, I’ve played with men who were more or less average in attractiveness but months later, I find myself daydreaming about them, it’s either there or it isn’t.

    The Hotwife lifestyle takes you away from the routine, like a weekend break or vacation does. You will be intimate with and share another person’s sexuality, looking at a different face and body, hearing a different voice and doing different things with your new lovers that you may not normally do. It will empower you and make you feel different about yourself in a great way. For me, I developed better emotional and physical intimacy with all men, especially my husband, enjoying sex more than ever, making me feel more confident than I ever had done previously.

    Remember that open communication is important to establish your goals and boundaries and make this lifestyle work for you and your husband. The idea that you are sexy enough to go to another man for your sexual pleasures will drive him crazy with lust for you, trust me! Husbands of Hotwives want to be immersed into their wives’ sexual being completely as they are totally besotted by their wives; they relish the excitement of watching their partner and exploring her sexuality. A husband’s involvement can vary a lot, some Hotwives play completely on their own with no interaction with her hubby, others enjoy their man watching or participating, some do both. All variations on this lifestyle are appropriate, as all couples are unique in what they like, it is up to you. This includes how often the Hotwife dates and or fucks her new male friends, this may be weekly, monthly or just a few times a year, it’s up to you.

    After your liaisons with other men, tell your husband all the intimate details whilst relaxing together, have him stroke himself and imagine you being with your lover whilst you tell him about the event. Don’t hide anything at all, if your lover made you cum with his big cock, say so, hold nothing back at all, even if you did stuff with your lover that you haven’t done with your husband. This creates a sexually charged closeness for you both on a continual basis; this is truly special part of the relationship for many couples.

    A key point when embarking on this lifestyle is that you take control of your sexuality, it revolves around you, the Hotwife, empower yourself within the confines of your happy marriage. So, when you decide you’re going to go out and meet someone, or have someone over, just tell your husband, in a very matter of fact way whether he is to be involved or not. If you are having a man over, discuss with your husband him the things he can do to set the tone and create a special night for you both and your lover.  When your lover arrives, things then change; you are his, think about and look after his needs as well as yours. Don’t be timid and make small talk for an hour, everyone knows he’s there for a sexy time. Unashamedly show your desire for the other man, initiate intimacy and even drool over him and make compliments while your husband watches. Pay attention to your lover exactly like you would if you were totally alone with him, if you are not alone that is. Treat him like you treated your husband when you first started fucking. Let your naughty slut come out to play with plenty of dirty talk, give him all he wants and experiment a little. Don’t be shy or act inhibited, do anything you want and don’t be afraid to moan and scream and cry out with passion. Be sure to let your husband know when you orgasm with your new lover. Continue to pamper your lover exactly as you would your husband, right up until the goodnight kiss at the door. It’s always up to you, you’re the Hotwife, do what turns you on; you are in charge. The excitement of experiencing a new man sexually, while at the same time turning on the man I love, is difficult to explain but incredibly exciting.

    Emotional attachment with your play dates can and will happen, so be watchful that lines are not crossed. Until you’ve got a better handle on things you should only contact a guy to arrange a date for sexual play. I’ve crossed the line in the past so I’m wary of repeating mistakes, common sense prevails here. . If a guy insists on more contact in between dates because he otherwise feels ‘used’, then I recommend moving on. 

     It doesn’t have to be all clinical either, a little contact and “closeness” between a Hotwife and her playfriends is more than appropriate and in many cases quite essential to build up some excitement before a meet. Even if I haven’t had contact with an out-of-town playmate for months, in the lead up to a date, we’ll exchange quite a few flirty and dirty text messages. There’s nothing like anticipation right? In fact, I would feel a bit weird jumping straight into bed with a guy without stoking the fire first. My husband actually likes building up some excitement and energy before a date so he thinks it’s more than fine to communicate or even see him for a drink or two first.

     This lifestyle is about living life to the full, however, you will be unsure at times. What is needed is for you both to take time to acclimatise to this new sexual way of living, so, pause and reflect. Ask yourselves some pertinent questions and then continue living the lifestyle or move on from it, maybe it’s just a little adjustment that is required. 

    You must also remember that all women have phases of feeling unsexy and it occasionally takes time and a little effort to lure the sex goddess within you out to play, this is normal. Do not give up or cancel a playdate unless really necessary, persevere and stay on course. Hotwifing in itself is very good for a woman’s self-esteem but unless you feel confident about yourself, you won’t enjoy the experience as much as you should. Pamper and treat yourself to sexy underwear or something that makes you feel good. Men are definitely turned on by happy women. Remember that you are probably your harshest critic so take it easy on yourself.

    On occasions when you have been with other men, with your hubby or without him, the next step is very important if you want to keep doing this and ensure your husband is happy supporting your Hotwife lifestyle. Turn all your attention to him, become his again, letting him reclaim you. You must be right back in your husband’s arms and become his wife and lover again, making sure he receives the love and pleasure so that he very much desires to watch you do it again and again. Over the next few days, reassure him that you’re his wife forever and remind him that you love the fact that he lets you enjoy this lifestyle. Tell him how much you enjoyed the time with your lover; replay the night over and over, tell him you can’t wait to do it again and how you appreciate the freedom he gives you. 

    A word sometimes used to describe husbands in this alternative lifestyle, including mine, is “Stag”. This is a man who shares his woman, but without accepting being treated as a subordinate in any way by his wife and lover. Those who do enjoy this are known as Cuckolds and their activities cross over into the Sado-Masochism (S&M) lifestyle, different to what I’m talking about here. The men who entertain Hotwives (also known as Vixens) are called Bulls or perhaps more realistically, her lovers, playfriends or playdates.

     Chances are you’ll be having great sex with your Stag for weeks after he watches or hears about you fucking other men, he will naturally be more attentive and loving than he was before you started being his Hotwife for real, not just in his fantasies. 

    The lifestyle will become an important part of your sexual relationship and it will grow into the most exciting sex life you’ve ever imagined together, there is so much to experience in this lifestyle that you’ll never be bored. One life, be happy together!