Your wife, my slut.
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2020-10-26 13:08:45

    HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT!!  She did it!  My sexy wife took the HotWife plunge over the weekend and it was absolutely amazing!  We had been up late, drinking and playing strip poker.  Everyone was naked, but headed off to bed.  Our friend went to sleep in the room next to ours.  As my wife and I started to fool around, I told her that she should go wake him up…. 

    Now, we’ve role-played this before.  But the night was just the right amount of sex-fueled fun that she got up and went to him.  She told me later that she climbed on top of him, started kissing him.  He asked about me, and she told him that I had sent her to him.  GOD.  I know this sounds like a fantasy, like so many of the images and captions on here.  But wow; it was real.  It happened!!!!! 

    They came back to the room I was in, and we took turns with her.  She was so loud, that friends staying the night upstairs teased us the next morning about it!  (They, of course, thought that just me and the wife had sex…not that our other friend had joined us).

    I couldn’t wait to tell all of you, all +27K of my followers, that my years of waiting and fantasizing and never thinking it would really happen PAID OFF!!!!  I am a real-life stag to the sexiest vixen ever!!!!  

    She had some regrets the next day, of course…. the old fears settled in and she felt self-conscious.  She appears to be over that, and has already joked about how it wasn’t her best performance because she was a tittle too drunk and she might have to do it again with him soon….


    I have to keep reblogging this.  The experience is still blowing my mind, getting my cock rock hard, and more.  Hopefully, we’ll get another fun session in this weekend!!!  

    It was a humid, stuffy night, and your girlfriend was wearing a short purple dress made out of a thin fabric that hugged her tight waist and made her ass stick out. Her skin felt so good through the fabric of her dress, you had your hands on her ass all night. The moisture in the air and the sweat of the club made the outline of her tiny thong visible through her dress. 

    She was getting a lot of looks and a few guys tried to talk to her when you went to the bathroom. She saw you come out and you both walked to the dancefloor and started to dance. She knew about your fantasy and although you never acted on it, she was just waiting for you to give her the ok. 

    One of the guys who was talking to her got on the dancefloor. He was a little taller and more muscular than you and you could see him approach your gf from behind as you danced. She turned back and saw him, then looked into your eyes and smiled. She started to grind on you as you put your hands on her waist, feeling her soft form through the fabric of her dress. 

    She looked back at him and smiled, and he danced closer and closer until you could tell he was rubbing against her ass. She grinded back against him, working her soft ass up and down his crotch while she looked into your eyes. You got hard and started poking her hard through the front of her skirt while he thrust into her from the back. 

    As the song was ending she stuck her tongue into your mouth and softly moaned, then pushed the guy backward with one hand. She looked back and smiled, and he smiled at her and walked away, with a giant bulge in his pants. 

    She whispered in your ear to take her home, she needed you now. On the way up the stairs to your apartment, she told you what had happened. 

    You had been hard since you started dancing with her and this knowledge took you over the edge. You pull up her dress, move her wet panties to the side and fuck her right there on the stairs, cumming a huge nut deep inside her within 30 seconds.