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    The many design considerations for Klonoa in Lunatea’s Veil.

    From: Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil Official Guide Book (Published by Famitsu/Enterbrain - 2001) (Pg. 186)

    “While the theme color of the previous game was red, this game’s design is based on the color blue. A variety of outfits were considered, but the Pac-Man hat was the only element that could not be left out!

    After careful selection from many ideas, this one [the zipper shirt design] was chosen. In addition to the clothes, Klonoa himself has been reborn with a sleeker, more mature look than in the previous game.

    The zipper of the shirt and the overall form of the design were then brushed up in detail. At this time, the 3D modeling work based on this design began.”