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2022-06-24 18:24:10

    Ok so it came in today and burnfist23 was right, it's not a manga but it's seems to be either a novel(it looks scarily similar to the pocket monster the animation novels), or maybe a interview? I'm still gonna scan it and hopefully find someone who can translate

    i don’t think disgaea 4 has a novel but next time look up resources of official books or web translate what the book is(if it’s from a japanese site) also i don’t know anything about pokemon novels sorry i can’t help

    but here’s an official store that sells OFFICIAL books


    Would it happen to be this one?


    If you so, then I’m not surprised you mistook it for another volume of the manga. Chou Niku, the artist of the manga, also illustrated all the Disgaea light novels written by Sow Kamishiro.

    I do have all the illustrations scanned already. Unless you want to post better quality scans or even scan the whole novel, I don’t mind sharing what I’ve scanned.


    thanks for helping out burnfist!

    Does anyone here understand Japanese and like disgaea? Recently I got a bunch of disgaea audio dramas but I can't find any translations to them and I really want to know what's going on.. If someone could briefly summarize some of these that would be so awesome!!

    Here's a link with all of the dramas I have if anyone wants to take a listen by the way!