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    “Ahh…we’re so sorry…it seems there’s been a mix-up of sorts…”
    “You see, well…you don’t actua
    lly belong up here-”

    The girl growled, snapping the object she held in her hands before forcefully shoving the shards into the sides of her head.

    Despite the pain and the sudden concern from the others, she shouts:


    Name: “Perse” (pronounced “Percy”)
    Age: 15 (at death)
    Gender: Female
    Class: Angel Reject

    Formerly a young human girl who died of mysterious causes, her soul was brought to Celestia, only to find out it had been a mistake.

    Frustrated with too many things, Perse took it upon herself to find herself a place to stay, and now refuses to leave Hades.

    She’s obsessed with death and how others die, as well as how the Prinny system works. Frequently gets chased out and around Hades for being a weird wanderer.

    Really, she means no harm though; she’s just looking for a place to finally belong.